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Two More Instances of Dick the Dullard’s Grande Ignorance

September 21, 2013 by Still Mill

Two More Instances of Dick the Dullard’s Grande Ignorance

This past week the local Pittsburgh  media provided two more instances of Dick LeBeau’s increasing ignorance, and dare we say, senility. 

The first, which highlights the Quarter Package of 6 DBs, 3 LBS, and 2 DLs, as per the Trib Review ( --

Some excerpts :

"I feel that it is one of best packages we have,” Clark said. “It makes us faster and it makes us quicker and it has a lot of people from the same room communicating."  

(from the article) And most importantly, the Steelers put their best defensive player in position to make plays with his athletic ability – Troy Polamalu. Polamalu is no longer hampered with the responsibilities of protecting the deep part of the field.

 “If you look back to the success we had here, the quarter package has been the best package we had,” Clark said. “The touchdown Troy scores to win the AFC championship was that package. Deshea Townsend interception against Dallas the same year was that package.   (end of exceprts)

Imagine that -- TURNOVERS !    Ballhawking.   Creating havoc.    "The Quarter package has been the best package we had", said the defensive captain.    

YUP.   That’s Senile Dick for ya.    Best package he's had, and he MOTHBALLS it for THREE-plus years.  Why ?   Because he's a senile old fool, that's why.  He'd rather have an immobile, pooped out 350-pound nose tackle on the field on 3d & 9, rather than the Quarter Package.   

The 2nd instance relates to the green-dot helmet, which I had initially written about last week when Dick The Dullard hap-hazardly gave the lone speaker helmet to Kion Wilson, a guy playing in his first ever NFL game in this defense.

Here is the TR link to this latest article:

Key excerpts from this article --

Wilson will start. Williams will play a lot.  And both will be required to wear the green-dotted helmet and relay the defensive calls to a bunch of veterans who barely know their names.

“It is really tough to come in and do something like that, and that's why you don't have a lot of guys who come in as rookies and play that position,” safety Ryan Clark said. “You are young, you are just coming in and you have to do the physical things … and now you have to know all the checks and know the defenses. They weren't perfect.”

Both were taking a defensive snap for the first time in their careers, Wilson played 21 snaps and, because Wilson played more than two dozen special teams plays, Williams was on the field for nearly half of the Steelers' 84 defensive plays.

But a few key communication mistakes overshadowed their otherwise good all-around play.

“We had a couple of breakdowns that were very costly,” LeBeau said.

The most costly one came in the third quarter on Giovani Bernard's go-ahead touchdown that was a result of a missed call by Wilson.

Wilson was supposed to change the strength of the formation that would've made right outside linebacker Jason Worilds drop into coverage instead of rushing the quarterback.

“We had some breakdowns,” Clark said. “I did my best to get them information to give to the front and make sure he checks to the coverages. Sometimes they heard me and sometimes they didn't, but I was trying to be as vocal as possible.”

Lawrence Timmons was supposed to be the one calling the plays (in the Cinci game) before LeBeau switched that up late in the week and allowed the two young guys to do it.

“It can be difficult at times because we don't really have a simple defense,” Williams said. “Our defense does a great job of communicating, so it is just not me by myself. Now, the majority of that responsibility does fall on the buck linebacker, and I want to pride myself on being able to accomplish that job to free up the other guys and focus on their responsibilities.”    (end of excerpts)

So, let's recap this fuking stupidity.   You have a pro-Bowl caliber starting ILB who has been with the team SIX prior seasons and has been a starter the FOUR previous seasons.   Yet Dick -- the supposed Supreme Lord & Deity of Defensive Coaching -- INSISTS on giving the green dot helmet to a pair greenhorns who have never played a single down in THIS defense.   Then, Dick ADMITS there were assaholic BREAKDOWNS, including on the GAME-WINNING TOUCHDOWN (to a division rival, no less), but undaunted, Dick staunchly refuses to take the speaker-helmet and give it to his BEST, MOST EXPERIENCED  linebacker.   So, when the Stillers face Chicago on Sunday nite, either of the ignorant greenhorns will wear the only speaker helmet permitted on the field. 

Fuking stupid.  Literally fuking insane.   Stupid is as stupid does.  

And  of course, through all of this absurd stupidity, the sheep-like Pittsburgh media has literally been asleep at the wheel, with none of their columnists or commentators questioning the incredibly brainless, careless acts of the God-like defensive coordinator.   Unbelievable.   But hardly unexpected. 


(Still Mill and -- when it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close….)

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