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Dick the Dullard Again Shows Grande Ignorance

September 10, 2013 by Still Mill



Dick the Dullard Again Shows Grande’ Ignorance

Today we learned of yet another occurrence of blind ignorance and negligence of The Papal Deity Himself, Dick LeBeau.

Per the PG, when Larry Slow-A-Foote was injured in the 2H, backup scrub Kion Wilson was given the speaker helmet to receive defensive alignment calls from the sideline. 

“I was making all the calls," Wilson said about his Sunday play. "In the beginning I was a little nervous, I didn't want to be wrong, I didn't want to mess up. But you quickly get over that and you know you have guys depending on you and you don't want to let them down."

Wilson, 26, came out of nowhere to make the roster after not playing anywhere in 2012.  He has been cut or signed to a roster, practice squad or injured reserve 10 times.  So new to the team, Wilson was a player defensive captain Ryan Clark said he just learned his name last week,
So let's see here.   You had a TWO down, at best,  LB, Larry Foote, assigned to wear the ONLY helmet equipped with a speaker, while a THREE DOWN 'backer, and the best all-around LB on the team, Larry Timmons, did not have such a  helmet.    

That, right away, shows acute ignorance.   Foote serves no purpose on the field in obvious passing downs.   Lacking height, brawn, athleticism, and frame length, he’s completely useless as a blitzer, as he won’t bullrush anyone, nor speed by anyone, nor deflect a pass or even disrupt a QBs vision, unless the QB happens to be about 5-8”.   In pass coverage, due to his complete lack of speed, athleticism, and reach, he’s as useless as tits on a boarhog. 

Thus, you see the folly of a 1 or 2 down ‘backer like Foote even having the only speaker helmet.  Then, you consider the alternatives.

 Timmons, of course, has been with the team since 2007...yet he still cannot be entrusted to "call the signals" because, hey, he's got only SIX prior seasons of experience in this defense.   He still hasn’t quite mastered all the lingo and intricacies of the vaunted defense.

So Foote gets hurt, and instead of SWAPPING the speaker helmet to Timmons (a starter for the past FOUR seasons ) they allow some stiff whom Ryan Clark -- the Defensive CAPTAIN, mind you -- didn't even know his first name; a guy who has never played a SINGLE regular season game with this defense, to call the signals.   Go figure.  

It would almost be comical if it wasn’t so completely asinine.   It’s proof positive of what a senile hindrance Dick has become, and how careless he is at ATTENTION TO DETAIL, which is the #1 priority of a coordinator.   Head coaches lead and motivate, while coordinators are paid to manage the minute details.  Granted, an entire game is typically not won or lost based on who receives the playcalls, but it’s a fine line, as Billy Cowher often said, between winning and losing.   You have a $100M payroll, with a $400M stadium and primary coaches who make 7 figures, and players putting their livelihood and health on the line each and every snap of the ball.   (Just ask Mo Pouncey, who was wiped out by his own teammate.)   Doesn’t this operation warrant just a bit more attention to detail than what Dick The Dullard is providing....?


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