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Hard Hat Award (Game #13, vs. Miami, and Game 14, @ Balt )

December 19, 2013 by Still Mill




Hard Hat

Hard Hat Award (Game #13, vs. Miami, and Game 14, vs. Cinci)

In the game 13 loss to the Dolphs, Stiller DE Cam Heyward and OLB Jason Worilds were the co-winner of the weekly Hard Hat Award, given to the Stiller player who best embodies the iron-tough, hard-as-steel attitude of the steel workers inside the blast furnace of a still mill.

Heyward played like a man possessed, continually mauling ballcarriers and whipping them to the ground.   On a 3d down in the 2Q, he batted a pass to force a punt.   He finished with 6 solos and 3 assists in a very strong, impressive effort. 

Starting at LOLB in place of Big LaMarr Woodley, Worilds was again mad bull in this game.  He led the team with 8 solos.  On a key 3d & 3 he attacked the pocket and nailed the QB for a key sack.  This, my friends, is what the OLB spot should be doing in this defense, and it’s what Hard Hat football is all about. 

In the game 14 win over Cinci, backup LB Terence Garvin is the winner of the weekly Hard Hat Award.  

On a 1Q punt return in a tight game, Garvin saw punt returner Tonio Brown break free, and instantly sprang to block the first white jersey he saw.  It happened to be the punter, who was in good position to trip up Brownie.   Garvin did what real football players do -- he got a good angle and rocked the jock of the opposing player.   In fact, Garvie busted the punter’s jaw, in a rare display of genuine smashmouth football.   This, my friends, is what Hard Hat football is all about.  A couple days later, Garvin got sodomized by Adolf Goodell, getting slapped with a $25K fine.   We can’t pay his fine, but we can give him this prestigious weekly award. 


Kudos to Heyward & Worilds for winning the Hard Hat Award versus Miami.   Kudos to Garvin for winning the Hard Hat Award versus Cinci.  Wear the Hard Hat proudly, gents  !


Previous 2013 Hard Hatters


Week 12, @ Balt:  Jason Worilds

Week 11, @ Clev:  Jason Worilds

Week 10, vs. Detroit: Ben Roeth & Tonio Brown

Week 9, vs. Bills: Tonio Brown

Week 8, @ N.E.: Jerricho Cotchery

Week 7, @ Oak: No one

Week 6, vs. Ravens:  Larry Timmons

Week 5, @. Jets:  Larry Timmons

Week 4, vs. Vikes (London): No one

Week 3, vs. Bears:  Antonio Brown and Jon Dwyer

Week 2, @ Cinci:   No One

Week 1, vs. Titans:   No One



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