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Loose Slag from The Still Mill

October 29, 2013 by Still Mill


Loose Slag from The Still Mill


- You saw with your own eyes how Kelvin Beacham struggled like a banshee at LT versus OAK.  Frankly, I feel sorry for the guy.   He’s in way over his head.  At only 6-3” tall, he’s physically overwhelmed and overmatched in today’s NFL.   I challenge anyone to find another starting OT in the entire NFL who is less than 6-4”.    Just one.     Email me if ya do.   But I’ll save ya some time.....they don’t exist.   And in terms of starting OTs who are less than 6-5” tall, I’ll bet there ain’t but ONE -- if that -- in the entire league.    And there’s a reason for it, and it relates, beyond mere height, to frame length, which includes wingspan.   At only 6-3” and with the commensurate arm length, Beacham has no chance whatsoever to ward off rangy, 6-5” DEs and OLBs; their hands will get to Beacham before his hands can engage them.   At that point, the defender has a massive advantage, as he can slap, swim, or bullrush, and the OT is basically helpless.  

- Quick quiz question -- name the only Def. Coordinator in NFL history to lose to both Timmy Tebow and Terrelle Pryor...??

- Good thing Heath Miller was so rabidly rushed back from the three (3) torn knee ligaments.  He looks so crisp, so stellar, and so dominating. 

- The  FBI is on a manhunt for Big LaMarr Woodley...he's not been seen since pregame warmups of the OAK game.  Please help.   Call if you happen to see him.

- Key task for Haley in practice this week -- show Ben where the playclocks are located inside the stadium, so that Ben isn’t all stunned and surprised when he settles in to take a snap and then suddenly realizes there are only 3 seconds left on the playclock.    The clocks have been installed in every NFL stadium for the past, oh, 25 years.  

- After the game, RB Darren Mcfadden stated, “Man, to see a guy go 93 yards, not many people can do that,” McFadden said. “Being able to see him go 93 yards just makes you very happy, knowing you have a great quarterback right there.  I talked to one of their defensive players, Ryan Clark. He told me that he worked on tackling me in the middle all week. That's what he was trying to do, and Terrelle just stepped around the end.”

        Yup.   That's what the Free Safety WORKED ON ALL WEEK -- tackling the RB "in the middle".   Of course, last season, the Raiders had a bootfooted POCKET QB, Gradkowski.   This season, unbeknownst to the senile defensive coordinator, they have an ATHLETIC Qb who runs the READ OPTION.    But Clark rabidly DASHED UP to stop the RB -- as he had ALL WEEK in practice -- as though McFadden were carrying STACKS of $100 bills.   

        So, there ya have it.    Proof positive of the no-brained, shit preparation by Dick "The Dullard" LeBeau.  


- Guy Whimper didn’t completely embarrass himself before getting injured.  Which begs the question -- why was Puffer Adams left in for so much playing time -- completely embarrassing himself -- while Whimper sat and rotted ? ?

-  Bell has impressed me thus far at RB.   He obviously runs much lower than The Giraffe, Socrates Spindenhall, and he’s much more fluid and much less wooden.   He has much better instincts and much better hands as well.  It’s unfair to grade a guy harshly when the ground game got chucked because of the 18-point deficit, plus the OL had 3 players get injured in that one game.  

- The Stillers signed Punter Mat McBriar.   Zoltan “Bag o’ Shit” Mesko was waived in a corresponding roster move.    McBriar was with the iggles last year and Cryboys for a few years before that.   He ain’t no Ray Guy, but at this point I’m just happy that I don’t have to watch that bag o’ barf Zoltan any longer.  

- Quiz Answer:   The Dullard, Dick St. LeBeau.  

- Maybe some day Dick and Dumblin can explain why a doing-nothing LaMarr Woodley -- who didn’t make a single solo, assist, or pass defended in the OAK game yet played every single snap, wasn’t replaced with Jones for a breather every now and then.  It relates back to the Whimper situation noted above.   Once this coaching announces the starting lineup and the opening kickoff is booted, they fall asleep faster than a well-fed baby in a moving car. 

- I’m debating in the back of my mind....who is quicker and faster -- Kent Graham, or the 2013 version of Ben Slothlisberger ??   Without a stopwatch, it’s a bit too close to call.  


(Still Mill and -- when it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close….)

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