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Cripple Loving Colbert Cripples Stillers Depth, Options

October 27, 2012 by Still Mill

Cripple Loving Colbert Cripples Stillers Depth, Options


I’d already written, prior to the start of the regular season, about Colbert’s Follies and his handling of the PUP and IR lists.   That can be viewed at:

Much of the stupidity started with insisting on keeping DeCastro in the active list, despite a hideous knee injury and the fact that the next regular season snap DeCastro takes will be his first.   This has led to the insanity of dressing only 7 OL for numerous games, and twice the Stillers have been down to ZERO backup O-linemen available midway thru a game due to in-game injuries. 

Then Colbert refused to use the new 6-game PUP list for 3 absolutely perfect opportunities -- Hampton, Harrison, and Mendenhall.  Let’s look at these three --

  - Hampton.  Has played in every game, and has impacted nothing and done nothing.   Has waddled to and fro and is exactly what he looks like -- a fat, out of shape NT who is borderline worthless.   He hasn’t held well at the POA (point of attack) at all and is easily being handled by ONE and only one blocker.   NTs are’t stat compilers, but in 6 games, The Lardass has a whopping 3 solo stops.   Three.   In 6 games.   For a guy who plays constantly and rarely is pulled off the field by his dim-bulbed coordinator.  

  - Harrison.   Missed first 3 games.   Played in the past 3, and has done very, very little.  The 6th game, in fact, he was held off the stat sheet entirely and did next to nothing.  Exactly what value did Colbert gain rushing this man off the 6-game PUP list ??

 - Mendenhall.   Missed first 3 games.  Chipped in nicely in 4th game in win over Philly.   But then injured his leg -- quite typical when a player tries to comes back too fast from injury and placed more stress on previously non-injured muscles and ligaments to compensate for the injured body part -- and has missed the past 1-1/2 games and won’t play versus Wash.   Instead of allowing Mendy to mend during the 6-game PUP layoff, Colbert rushed him back and got 1-1/2 games and wil be missing Mendy for the first, if not more, game after the 6-game PUP period.      

One could argue that this is all generally meaningless to the winning of football game.   Balderdash.   Coach Mike Momlin even admitted to it this past week, when he commented on the numerous boners and penalties committed by his spec teams.   Said Momlin in the Trib Review, ““To be quite honest with you, the multiple offenders and egregious offenders are going to be watching as opposed to playing as soon as we get some options as to who plays and who doesn’t,” Tomlin said. “Right now, with injuries, we have minimal options.”
No shit.   With 8% of the active roster filled with crippled who cannot even practice, much less play on Sundays, the depth is nill and there are few options to replace piles of dung like Dick van Dkyke, who commits 1-2 penalties on spec teams every game.    

This folly rests squarely on Colber’s shoulders, and he should be embarrassed for such assaholic stupidity.  He handcuffed his coaching staff, and worse, forced players to play instead of enabling them to heal up and be fully healthy and fully effective beginning tomorrow versus the Foreskins.  

 (Still Mill and -- when it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close….)

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