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Big LaMarr Gets Cut...!

March 10, 2014 by Still Mill


As is being reported all over the world, Big LaMarr -- The Wooded Dong -- will be cut on June 2nd.   He is being notified on this date, just so he can find a new job...perhaps some team imbecilic enough to sign this loafing slop sacker.


Let the record show that Still Mill was THE FIRST to expose this loafer as the fraud he was.    Way back in 2009, I'd spotted his loafing, his jogging, and his half-assed play, while the rest of Steeler fandom, and Kevin Colbert, was all ga-ga and mesermerized by LaMarr's Dong Sacks.   Just as I was years ahead of the rest of the pack in calling out Jason GilDong as an over-rated fraud, I was years ahead of the pack in correctly calling out Big LaMarr as the loafing, jogging fraud that he was and is.


Here's the link to the first of what was many WoodenDong Reports:

Bye bye, LaMarr !   You fat-assed pile o' dung !!    Hit the road, you fat, focking, lazy pile o' sh!t !! 


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