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Palmers Quik-e Game Preview

October 01, 2015 by Palmer Sucks


Palmer’s Quik-e Game Preview

By PalmerSucks

October 1, 2015

Apologies I didn’t have time to put together something more in-depth, but here are a few pre-game observations.


The Ravens list these players out with injury: LT Eugene Monroe (concussion); TE Crocket Gillmore (calf); DE Chris Canty (calf). QB Joe Flacco (mediocrity) is listed as probable.


Gillmore is a big loss, as he’s become something of a go-to guy for the Average One. Into his place steps none other than Maxx Williams, the player Ravens fans crowed was “stolen” from under the Stillers’ noses last Spring. We’ll see if the rookie makes anyone sorry he landed in Baltimore or not.


I had prepared a little theory about this game, but since Roethlisberger is out it’ll have to wait til next time. Obviously the playing field has changed with Vick in the line-up, so much so that the Stillers are 2-point (ahem) ‘dogs on their home turf.


Should they be? I’m not so sure. Baltimore isn’t the same team without Ngata, and Suggs’s absence makes things that much worse. For me, however, the most glaring departure is Jacoby Jones.


We’ve seen this movie before. Prime-time home game, Stillers sending in the backup. Like Leftwich, Vick throws the mean deep ball. Like Leftwich, he may not be so accurate when it comes to the regulation stuff. But here’s where the script differs: this time there will be no Jones to run back a late kick and bail out Flacco should he fade again.


For better or worse, this is now Flacco’s team, and I don’t think he’s cut out to handle the responsibility. Last week the Ravens’ defense even scored for him, and he still couldn’t get the job done. The curse of paying the average QB like a franchise one has kicked in, and the lack of weapons you see around Joe is a product of Ozzie Newsome’s massive jumping of the GM shark.


Special note: Palmer favorite Anthony Chickillo makes his official debut in a Stillers uniform, activated yesterday to the 53-man.

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