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I TOLD you! I TOLD you!

Postby bigjoespompano » Sun Jan 20, 2013 11:20 pm

LISTEN to me! I know what I'm talking about. I have been saying who will be in the SB since the end of the regular season. I have been called every thing under the sun and then some! Everyone laughed at me. WHO'S laughing now, Hummmm???? All you big, Handsome, Football Jocks can kiss my FEET!!! Laugh at me, will ya??! HA!! And I will say it again, if you would care to listen, this time. The FILTHY< ROTTEN< EVIL Head of the Nazi Football League in Berlin has decreed that it would be a "Brother to Brother SB and The Rat Bastards WILL be victorious (sorry 49er's) And the REASON the Rat Fuc#s will win is wearing #52. It's a simple as that! Der Furher Loves this murdering swine and will make SURE that his striped-shirted thugs see to it that this killer is standing up on the podium amidst a shower of confetti and press flashes proudly raising the Lombardi and saying goodbye to a tearful Raven crowd! For the next two weeks, his face is all you are going to see as the slimy, complicit, ass-kissing sports media follows their marching orders sent directly from the Bunker on Grosse Strase in Berlin. Think I'm crazy? Think I'm off my nut?? Look at the two SB participants and think sadly to yourself "WHO'S YOUR DADDY, BITCH???"

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Re: I TOLD you! I TOLD you!

Postby Geor! » Sun Feb 03, 2013 11:53 pm

The Niners got bent over and assfucked by the refs on their final drive, with both of the blatant penalties that didn't get called coming from the exact same side. Crabtree hit halfway before the ball was to him early, then two plays later, Crabtree held with BOTH FUCKING HANDS. The other Harbaugh has a right to be pissed. That game was stolen in those final minutes. Though, it might not have mattered if they hadn't dug themselves a grave in the first half.

This was a shitty game to watch, as I really didn't want either team to win. Obviously, the Ravens, but I didn't want the Niners to get six so quick after Stillers did.

Joe Flacco is still not elite and Ray Lewis is still a murderer who will, ultimately, be getting pineapples shoved up his ass in hell.

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Re: I TOLD you! I TOLD you!

Postby High5 » Thu Jan 01, 2015 4:49 pm

Flacco will be lookin out his earhole by the end of the first qtr. Now put down the crack pipe. :sufu:

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