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Stillers-Browns Postgame Analysis and Grades

January 02, 2012 by Still Mill

Stillers 31 ��� Jan. 1, 2012
Stillers 13, Browns 9 ��. Jan. 1, 2012 ����Game #16


Stillers-Browns Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers ventured to 4-11 Cleveland, amidst 40 degree weather and severe wind gusts.�� As has happened all season long, the Stillers played fiddle-faddle and grabass against a severely out-manned team, and then had to hold on for dear life in a weak, totally uninspiring 13-9 win.��




QB:Ben started after sitting out last week with the bad ankle.He was immobile and too timid to run the ball, leading to a host of problems.�� He made a shit play on 3d & 3, 1st drive, in which he had an ACRE of room to run to is right, but with the bad ankle, he chose to pass, and threw a barf-laden pass to Cotch that had no chance.Ben followed this up on 4th and 3 with a piss-licking lob -- painfully similar to a Tino Sunseri lob -- that was way out of the reach of Redman.�� Shit pass on 3d & 22 late in the 1Q, which was nearly INT�d.


Another shit lob -- with ZERO loft -- on a 2Q lob to Brown in the EZ, which was easily busted up.Like a complete assfuck, Ben took at sack on 3d & 5 at the Clev 14, losing 13 yards on a play where he could have very easily FLUNG the ball away.Instead of a chippie 31-yard FG, Suisham, kicking into the wind, missed a 45-yard FG.A really sophomoric, stupidfuk play by a veteran starting QB.�� When you�re that close to the EZ, you can easily fire a ball 18 feet off the ground, into the bleachers, and intentional grounding is never, ever called in that situation.��


Horrible lob to Brown in the back of the EZ late in the 2Q from the Clev 1.He then followed that up with another shit lob to Ward on the ensuing play, with both passes being well overthrown.��� Horrendously under-thrown pass into the wind early in the 3Q, but the Clev DB simply dropped the ball.��


Coming off the 2MW in the 4Q, Ben diddle-fuked around at the LOS, and then had to burn a TO as the playclock had run down.���� He completed some solid passes for some clutch 3D conversions in the 2H, but overall, a really shoddy, weak performance.���� C+




Mendy: Tiptoe, 1st carry, no gain.Very weak and very poor.�� Got his jocked rocked on 2d & 3 run at 6:55 1Q, and got stopped for 2.Good run and good laying of wood on 8-yard run up RT a short while later.�� Injured his knee at end of a wide 5-yard run late in the 1Q, when he tip-toed -- rather than powering with the 15+ yards worth of steam he had -- near the end of a run and then his cleat seemed to get caught in the grass turf. He did not return.��


Redman - superb read and cut on early 3d & 1, gaining 12 yards.Superb plunge on 3d & 1 later in 1Q, tiny hole, plowed for 2 yards.�� Good grab and RAC for 9 yards on a 3rd & 3 a short while later, and then had a good- hard-charging plunge on the ensuing 2d & 12, good for 5 yards.Superb corkscrew spinning run on 4th & 1, eluding a DT in the backfield and then eluding another defender before the 1D mark.�� Superb 5 and then 15-yard runs to open the 2H.�� (His helmet was ripped off during the 15-yarder, but amazingly enough, no flag was thrown despite the facemask penalty, by rule, including the grabbing of any part of the helmet.)�� Superb spinning run on 2d & 1 in the 3Q, gaining 10.He then had a strong power-run for a 7-yard TD run in the 3Q.Red coughed up the ball on a plunge at 12:45 4Q, giving the Browns the ball at their 42.Red was benched on the ensuing series, but re-entered and ripped off a nice22-yard run, only to cough up the ball yet again at the end of the run and committing another costly turnover at 5:49 4Q.�� Red finished with a solid 92 yards on 18 carries, but the 2 fumbles are all anyone will remember.�� It�s really a shame with Redman, as these were his first 2 fumbles of the season.��


Clay - gained 5 yards on a plunge early in the 3Q.After Redman fumbled away the ball, Clay was the RB on the ensuing series, carrying 5 times.�� After Red�s 2nd fumble, Clay resumed the RB chores.Good 6-yard plunge late in the 4Q.Clay finished with 9 caries for 31 yards.��


Clay:�� A-���� All others:B-




Johnson - did not play much FB.��


Redman - was stuffed, with no hole at all, on a FB plunge on 3d & 1 on the final play of the 3Q.�� ���Inc. ��




Wally - dropped slant pass, 1st series.�� Good RAC on bubble screen in the 3Q, gaining 11 and the 1D.That was it for his production.��


Brown - Led the way with a stellar effort, and at this point, is clearly the #1 WR on the team.�� Amazing over-the-shoulder catch amidst windy conditions late in the 2Q, good for 40 yards.Became 1st player in NFL history to gain 1,000 yards in receiving and 1,000 yards in kick returns in a single season.Clutch grab on 3d & 5, good for 11, in the 3Q.Superb catch despite being draped by Haden on a slant in the 3Q, gaining 11.�� Made a sterling, sliding catch on a low backshoulder pass in the 4Q, good for 13 yards on 2d & 13.On this play, Brown managed to cradle the ball against his hip, just an inch or 2 off the ground.��


Cotch - nearly grabbed a TD pass on a lob in the 3Q, but he bobbled it and then stumbled OOB.He should have made the initial catch, although he had to fight through very tight but legal coverage.Clutch grab for 10 yards on 3d & 7, mid 4Q.


Ward - dropped simple screen pass, first play of game.�� He managed to grab 5 passes, with the 5th -- and number 1,000 -- being a shovel pass that actually lost 3 yards.�� Would have been much cooler seeing him grab a clutch 5-yarder on 3rd & 4.��


Sanders - superb pluck and RAC on 3d & 14 in the 2Q,gaining 14.This was his only grab.��������� A-




Miller - clutch grab early in the 3Q.Good block on Red�s TD run.Clutch grab on tough pass in blanketed coverage on 3d & 3 late in the 4Q, gaining 11 yards.


Johnson - nice grab on crosser, 6 yards, 1st play of 2Q.Limped off field in the 4Q.


Saunders - committed a dumbassed hold on a running play in the 4Q.


Miller, Johnson:�� A-��� ��Saunders: D


OL: The line opened some good creases in the ground game against a weak rushing defense, but got riddle a bit too often in pass pro.


Starks: solid overall game.�� Didn�t allow Ben to get maimed from the blind side.��


Gilbert- Got eaten alive nearly the entire game.��� Was savagely mauled by a bulrush by DE Jabaal Sheard, resulting in a 13-yard sack in the 2Q.Did a shit job on a 3d & 5 draw play late in the 2Q.Abused on a wide rush by Sheard late in the 2Q, forcing a TA.I won't go into the many other ways that Marcus Gilbert had the most wretched game of his short career, but I want to focus on the second Redman fumble.  Gilbert falls very near this football and has splendid position to get it, and is battling #23 on the Clowns, who is a DB.  Somehow, the weakass pussy Gilbert allows this puny cornerback to take control of the ball underneath Gilbert's 350 lb. slab of fat...?�� Gil sat out last week�s game due to what Momlin referred to as, �We didn�t like how he prepared.��� We�re not sure what Gilbert did to prepare for this game, but it appeared he did little more than squat his ass onto the tip of a pylon and ride it up and down like a pogo stick.���


Foster - good lead block on 8-yard run by Mendy in the 1Q.Limped off in the 4Q, and was replaced by Essex.��


Kemo - started at LG due to a concern that Essex would have to fill in at center for the hobbled Pouncey.Essex came in at LG at 5:00 1Q, but after that series, did not play LG again.Kemo soon reentered, and then blocked no one as Ben was sacked late in the 1Q.


Pouncey - started for the first time in a few weeks.Committed a dumb-assed holding penalty on Redman�s 6-yard draw-play run early in the 2Q.�� ����Gilbert:�� D-����� All others:B-��


DL:The D-line got gashed here and there for nice chunks of yardage by Hillis.The pass rush was fairly weak and marginal.��


Keisel - helped stop Hillis for no gain in the 3Q.Wrapped up Hillis for a 1-yard gain late in the 3Q.He batted a pass in the 4Q.On the very next play, he stopped Hillis on a swing pass in the flat on 3d & 5, and then he ripped the ball loose, although it fell OOB.�� A strong overall game by a DE who most assuredly deserved a spot in the Blo Bowl.��


Hampton - good clog, opening plunge.Blew up plunge in the 2Q, causing a 4-yard loss.


Hood - applied pressure and got a paw on a pass in the 3Q.�� �������B-




Farrior - lumbered like a 58-year old lady on a dumpoff late in the game, allowing the TE to get OOB.�� Did very little the entire game.


Harrison -Missed an easy tackle of Hillis near the LOS in the 2Q, and Hillis rumbled away for 9 yards.�� Rushed too far upfield, and allowed a gaping avenue for Wallace to scamper up LT for a 20-yard gain late in the 3Q.�� Rushing from LOLB, he applied pressure and forced a hasty pass late in the game.


Foote - painfully too slow on 3d & 2 in the 2Q, in which Wallace scrambled for 27 yards.Despite playing in probably 20+ snaps, he was held off the stat sheet.���


Timmons - Dong sack, 2nd play of game, his whopping 2nd sack of season.Went to his knees and weakly flailed at Hillis on an 8 yard run in the 2Q that should have gained only 4.Good downfield coverage on 3d & long in the 3Q.Good, hard tackle of Moore late in the game.Timmy then made a superb play on the TE, Moore, chasing him down and hauling him down in bounds with about 17 seconds remaining.�� The closing-speed plays that Timmy made today have been sorely lacking this season, and must continue in the playoffs.


Worilds - started at LOLB in place of Big LaMarr.Superb rush on 3 & G -- even busting through a hold that wasn�t called -- in the 2Q, forcing a TA.Eluded a cut block and applied the pressure on 3d & 2, in which Pola made the INT on the hurried pass.A much better effort than that shit-laden effort he gave last week.������� B-��




Pola - slashed in between the G/C on 1st play of 2nd series, and hauled down the QB for a 3-yard loss.�� Good bust-up of pass to Hillis late in the 1Q.Superb INT on 3d & 2 in the 3Q.


Ike - nice bust-up on 3d & 10 with only 5 minutes left in the game.


Gay - busted up short pass to Cribbs, 1Q.Abused by Cribbs on crosser late in the 3Q, and then, like a dufgus, failed to �touch� the WR down after he dove.�� Weakly allowed a Clev RB to bust his tackle in the backfield, turning a 4-yard loss into no gain.�� Dropped an easy INT on an out pass at 5:18 4Q.��


Clark - as usual, he made a shit play in the EZ late in the 2Q, mis-timing his jump and nearly allowing a TD catch.Luckily, the Clev receiver (Moore) allowed the ball to slither thru his hands.Clark nearly whiffed, but managed a blindside sack of Wallace late in the 3Q.


Lewis - good stick and wrap, 3d & long on 1st series, held Cribbs short of the 1D.Whiffed on Cribbs late in the 2Q, allowing an extra 4 yards.��


Fadden - totally abused by Massaquoi on deep crosser in the 4Q, but the WR dropped the ball.��


Pola and Ike:A.���� All others:C+


Spec teams:


Brown took a KO out from 8 yards deep, and then got drilled by Cribbs at the PIT 18.�� Good punt catch on a short, high punt in the 4Q, with 4 Browns literally buzzing around him on the FC.��


Cortez Allen nicked up his shoulder/arm in punt coverage late in the 2Q after he chipped in on a tackle of Cribbs.


Cotch had a 19-yard return off a short KO late in the 2Q.��


The KO coverage team forced a fumble by Cribbs after a squib KO in the 3Q, but Clev recovered the ball.�� Of course, Keenan Lewis was offsides on the KO, so the turnover would have been negated.The punt coverage unit forced a fumble by Cribbs laet in the 4Q, but the ball popped OOB.��


Kapinos - lucky bounced just before the GL and spun backwards, pinning the Browns on their own 4 late in the 1Q.Vomit-laden 36-yard punt late in the 2Q, giving Clev the ball at their own 31.Combined with Dick�s softee defense, the Browns were able to parlay that FP into a 45-yard FG late in the half. ��Solid 49-yard punt on the first play of the 4Q.


Suisham -Hooked and missed a 45-yard FG in the 2Q, albeit it was into the wind.��� Still, not good.�� ����B-


OC:Arians, as usual, ran a grab-bag offense that had little purpose and zero set-ups.�� There were the blustering winds that Arians never did seem to account for.��


The offense dominated TOP in the 1H, but came away with just 3 points.���


Wally had zero catches 1H and only one 1 for the game.Brilliant game plan by Arians.���


On 3d & 2 from the PIT 37 at 2:00 4Q, the Browns were out of timeouts.....yet unbelievably, Arians actually tried a PASS here, amidst a snow squall.�� The slant pass was slapped away, and the Browns were able to save about 35 seconds of clock with the freebie clock stoppage. How in the fuking hell do you call a pass play there???���� Sure, Mendy was injured and Redman was on the bench due to the fumbles, so a rookie was at RB. So what ??�� You either run a plunge, or have Ben simply KNEEL down for no gain.�� But that�s Arians for clue on the situation whatsoever.C-


DC:Dick once again had the luxury of facing yet another shitbag QB.�� He faced QB Seneca Qallace, a career shitbag who last week versus Balt threw for all of 147 yards and carried the ball once for 5 yards.�� To make matters even easier, RB Peyton Hillis injured a knee in the 3Q and returned only sparingly.��


On a 3d & 2 in the 2Q, Dick had NO ONE covering for a QB scramble up the gut -- aside from Larry Slow-a-Foote, who shouldn�t have even been on the field -- and Wallace easily scampered up a GAPING hole for 27 yards.This set up a chippie FG to put the Browns in front, 3-0.


On 3d & 7, late in the 2Q, Dick allows Cribbs to be WIDE open for a cake-easy reception of 23-yards.Instead of forcing a punt with 2:00 remaining in the half, Dick allows a mammoth play and allows Clev to retrain the ball and chew more clock, and ultimately Clev was able to tack on a FG late in the half.��

The offense dominated the 1st half TOP (20 minutes to 10), yet Dick allowed 2 Clev drives for easy, wind-at-their-back FGs.��


In the 3Q, the Stillers scored 10 points to take a 13-6 lead.�� After the Redman TD, Clev started at its 23.RIGHT HERE was the spot to take control of the ballgame and shovel dirt in the face of a shitbag QB like Seneca Wallace,�� What does Dick do ?He goes SOFT, and allows Clev to conduct a cake-easy march that resulted in a 49-yard FG.�� Very soft and very feeble. ��


After the first Redman fumble, Dick faced a 3d & 10 at the PIT 43.Of course, there was ZERO pressure and Massaquoi was WIDE open for an easy 11-yard completion.��� Two plays later, Mass was again WIDE OPEN on a crosser, and simply dropped the ball.��


Late in the 4Q, in a blinding snowstorm and the Browns forced to pass INTO the wind with NO TIMEOUTS, Dick had to hold on for dear life in trying to stave off Seneca Wallace.�� The Browns, who took over at their own 24 with only 1:46 remaining, casually and easily marched down the field.�� Clev had a very makeable pass to the EZ from the PIT 24, but luckily the pass was busted up on the game�s final play.��


Facing such an inept, bumbling defense, Dick should have very, very easily pitched a shutout.���� Very underwhelming.���� D+


HC:Mike Momlin, whose in-game decision making is similar to that of a complete drunkard, made a plethora of bizarre decisions during this game.It all started with his decision to play Ben, who stated he was only 60%.�� If that�s all Ben was, why play him ??��� Ben has become Momlin�s security blanket, and Momlin cannot bear even the thought of playing a series -- much less a game -- without his blanket.��


Facing a 4th & 3 on 1st drive, Tomlin eschewed the 49-yard FG -- with the wind at the kicker�s back -- and went for it.�� Ben�s pass was woefully off-target and the ball turned over to Clev.�� Momlin knows Ben is nowhere close to 100%; Ben was scattershotting the ball all over the place early in the game; and Suisham has more than enough leg to hit that FG, especially with a nice breeze at his back.��

Late in the 3Q, Clev was called for holding on an incomplete pas on 3d & 17.�� Rather than accepting the penalty and setting up a 3d & 27, Tomlin, the complete stupid dumbfuk that he is, declined it and allowed Dawson, with the wind at his back, to drill a 49-yard FG to cut the lead to 13-9.�� Remember, Dawson had earlier nailed a 45-yarder with the wind at his back, so it was by no means unreasonable to expect Dawson -- a very reliable, strong-legged kicker -- to have more than enough leg for the 49-yarder.WHY in the sam fuking hell, while facing a shitbag QB like Seneca Wallace, would you not accept this penalty?��� ��


Late in the game, at 1:57 4Q and the LOS at the PIT 37, Momlin actually had Kapinos punt the ball directly to Josh Cribbs, rather than ordering a punt OOB.�� Why ???��� This is really stone-stupid football.Momlin was clinging to a flimsy 4-point lead, and Cribbs -- the best weapon on a team devoid of weapons -- was THE BEST chance the Browns had to score 7, what with Sen Wallace at QB.�� Anyone recall DeSean Jackon�s late punt return for a TD last year??�� Even a 30-yard punt (that lands OOB) puts the Browns, with zero timeouts, at their own 33.��


All in all, a shit day at the office for Momlin.���� D ��


Synopsis:A weak-assed win over a weak-assed opponent, which is about the 10th such win the Stillers have eked out this season.Thanks to Cinci gagging against the Ravens, the Stillers are a wild-card team and will play at Denver this Sunday. ��Denver, of course, is an enormously weak-assed opponent with a putrid offense, and this should be an easy, mop-up win for the Stillers.�� But given how mightily the Stillers have struggled on the road in 2011 and how miserably they have failed to put away pathetic opponents, absolutely nothing can be taken for granted, and you can fully expect a flimsy 4-point, nailbiting score differential in the 4Q of this game.




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