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"Best" Bet (plus two)

November 21, 2012 by Steel Haven

My road favorites all came through.... I'm not starting to climb out of my hole. It's too deep. I have perhaps strengthened the walls of my hole so it won't collapse on me. Everyone has to start somewhere. 

The lines so far have been a cruel mistress. One week on top doesn't mean I won't be pushed back onto the floor with the stiletto heel of fate once again pressed up against my neck. Wait, what the hell was I talking about again? This week is brutal. I don't want to touch any of the Thanksgiving games. Travelling on Thanksgiving is tough, yet all the home teams are notoriously unreliable. Uncertainty over injuries makes at least four Sunday/Monday games near impossible to handicap. The pickings are slim so I'll go on the road again.

home team in bold

Best Bet

Tennessee Titans (-3.0) over Jacksonville Jaguars

When in doubt go with what you know. The Jaguars have been kind to me with half of my best bet wins coming against them. They looked better with Chad Henne behind center, yet still found a way to lose so I'll go back to the well.


Baltimore Ravens (-1.0) over San Diego Chargers

I want the Rat Birds to lose this game with every fiber of my being. This seems like a trap travelling to the west coast after a huge divisional victory over a hated rival despite not playing particularly well. It's just too hard not to bet with a Harbaugh against Norv.

Oakland Raiders (+8.5) over Cincinnati Bengals

Throwing a Hail Mary. Hoping for a back door cover. This pick goes against everything I believe in. Road dogs have never been my style. Is that a good sign? I told you this was a tough week.

Last Week

Cincinnati Bengals (-3.5) over Kansas City Chiefs WIN

New Orleans Saints (-5.5) over Oakland Raiders WIN

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-1.5) over Carolina Panthers WIN

Year to Date: 13-20  Best Bets: 4-7

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