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Best Bet (plus two)

September 12, 2012 by Steel Haven

A disastrous first half by Matt Stafford put the Lions behind the eight ball. They dug their way out of the hole to win in the final minute. It was not enough to cover. So I start where I finished with my best bets last regular season. In the shitter. Being completely wrong about the Niners guaranteed a sub-.500 overall record for the week. Only a bloodied Tom Brady kept me from being winless.

The first week is always tough. I�m not feeling great about the second week either. Last week my only win was with a road favorite. This week I am all in with road favorites. A pair of which actually lost their home opener.

home team in bold

Best Bet

New Orleans Saints (-2.5) over Carolina Panthers

The Saints were shocked at home by the Redskins. Obviously the Sean Payton suspension is going to cause more problems than anyone expected. Losing this game could lead to the season spiraling out of control. I have confidence in Drew Brees and the offense playing well enough to right the ship at least in the short term. The Panthers offense looked terrible in Tampa Bay, especially the running game. They should be better against a bad Saints defense. I just don�t think they can hang with Brees.


Oakland Raiders (-2.5) over Miami Dolphins

The Raiders travel cross country to play in the early game, normally a recipe for disaster. The Dolphins are just so damn bad. Ryan Tannehill should be learning from the bench. To make things worse he has no offensive weapons. This may be the only week of the season where Dennis Allen isn't in over his head with Joe Philbin on the opposing sideline. Hopefully the Raiders can keep their long snapper healthy.

Washington Redskins (-3.0) over St. Louis Rams

RGIII and Alfred Morris were a revelation in New Orleans. A trip to St. Louis should not faze the rookies. Jeff Fisher foiled my best bet last week in large part due to Matt Stafford�s mistakes. He will have his team playing tough. The lack of offensive weapons will make it difficult for them to stick close week in and week out.

Last Week

Detriot Lions (-7.0) over St. Louis Rams LOSS

Green Bay Packers (-5.0) over San Francisco 49ers LOSS

New England Patriots (-6.0) over Tennessee Titans WIN

Year to Date: 1-2  Best Bets: 0-1
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