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Stillers-Bungals Postgame Analysis and Grades

November 26, 2023 by Still Mill

Stillers 16, Bungals 10  ...... Nov 26, 2023 ………Game # 11


Stillers-Bungals Postgame Analysis and Grades


The 6-4 Stillers went to the Queen City to face the 5-5 Bungals.  The Stillers fairly dominated the 1H, but went into the locker room down 7-3.   The Stillers finally scored a TD, and nudged out in front just enough to hold off the Bungals for a critical AFC North win.




QB:   KP got the start.   Right from the very 1st play (without The Imbecile, Matt Canada), KP looked like a different QB, firing a seamer to Fryboy for 20 yards.  He nailed 2 of these in the 1H, and also hit Dionte on a skinny slant for a TD, except Dropson dropped the ball.  KP hit Pickens with an absolute dime for a 43 yard gainer to help seal the win.   KP finished 24 of 33 for a career high 278.    This isn’t Danny Marino, but it’s a damn sight better than the results under Canada.     B



Harris  –  Apparently The Big Man heard the screams for more chores for Warren, and responded with, by far, his best effort of the season.   Najee was plowing and carrying defenders, en route to 99 yards on 15 rushes.   Well done.  A


Warren – cooled off a bit, but had a solid 49 yards on 13 carries, plus 3 grabs for 13.   Had a costly fumble that took 3 points off the board, and nearly resulted in a Cinci runback for a TD.   B- 





Dionte –  What a 1st quarter this jackmule had.  First, he grabbed a 0-step hitch, and after eluding 1 defender, he literally RAN BACKWARDS, and lost FIVE yards on a play that should have gained 1 yard.   Soon later, he failed to hold onto a well thrown pass in the EZ, which should have been a TD had Sitter Dionte simply held onto the ball.   The very next play, he was SULKING and MOPING, and literally stood around as the ball was snapped, and stood around as a fumbled football bounced nearby, and he never made a play on the ball.   Just a sickening effort from a guy who is always quick to chirp and whine.      F  


Pickens –  Big time grab in the 4Q.   Had 2 other grabs.      B+


Austin – Had 1 grab for 5 yards, which may be a career high. 


Robinson – Had 1 grab for 11. 



Pat FryBoy –  Wow, the OC gets canned, and Gryboy suddenly gets blisters on his hands from some many passes tossed his way.    9 grabs for 120 !      Amazing, the production that can be had when weapons are USED.   A+


Darnell – Actually ran a designed route (his FIRST of the season), and snared a 10-yard pass.   Had some solid run blocks.     B+


Con Heyward – Grabbed one pass.     Should see increased work now that Canada has been fired. 


OL:  Overall, the line (Moore, Seumalo, Cole, Daniels, Jones) had an adequate game.  Jones was flagged for a ticky-tack hold.    Moore allowed his usual heavy leakage.   The line still has struggles identifying and blocking a blitz.    B-



Heyward –  Scam got his usual ball-washing by the CBS announcers.   He chipped in a little bit…..although hardly dominant.   B


Ogunjobi –  Chipped in a little.


Adams – still out with injury.


Benton – continues to play like a man possessed, chasing down plays all over the field.   B+




Landon Rob – Solid game, with 4 solos.   B  


Myk Walker – chipped in with 5 solos.  


Watt – Had 2 sacks, including a Dong Sack when he was completely unblocked.  Had 5 solos in an active effort.  Was correctly flagged for a needless roughing the passer penalty.  B+


Highsmith – As per the usual, Big Alex stood around and did NOTHING, and proceeded to ROLL THE DONUT with zero solos, and 1 measly assist.  That was IT.   No passes defensed, no legit harassment of the QB….no nothing.    Just a $17M fraud.      D- 


Herbig – Flashed in and belted the QB for a big sack.   For $16M per year LESS, he does more than Big Alex !   



Trent Thompson – nice efforts, including an INT, which is an extreme rarity for a Pgh CB.  


Peterson -   played ok. 


Joey Porter Jr. -  shadowed Jamar Chase and was quite effective.  Good thing this STUD rotten for the 1st 4 weeks of the season.     A-


Kazee – chipped in some. 


Keanu Neal – sat out again. 


Minkah -  sat out again.


Sullivan – enraged me by whiffing on a cake-easy sack, which then allowed the QB to complete a long pass.    D


Spec teams:  

Harvin –   had a solid day, although he rocketed one punt into the EZ.     B-


Boswell – booted 3 of 3 FGs.   His KO’s were rotten.    B 


The KO return team nearly allowed a TD in the 1H.    Myles Boykin had an EASY chance to down a punt at the 1 yard line, but like a jackmule he ran INTO the EZ and then though he could simply jump upwards and tap the ball back.   How long has this daft fool been in the league ???   


OC:  Matt Canada was thankfully FIRED 6 days ago.   Amazing what can occur when someone of moderate competence gets inserted into the job.  Voila, a 400 yard game !!     The very first in THREE seasons !   There are still some warts, but this was 14 times better than the Canadian vomit.      B


DC:   Austin had the luxury, AGAIN, to face a team missing its star, starting QB.   I won’t fawn over this game, in limiting Jake Browning.  As it was, Austin’s defense got gashed late in the 4Q, allowing Cinci to march like 65 yards in scant seconds and boot a FG to make this a very tight 6-point game.      B-


HC:  Mike Asslin had his usual struggles.   Somehow, he refused to challenge the on-field ruling that Dionte’s TD catch was inc.    Asslin is the same stooge who will challenge a 2nd down pass to a fullback that gains 2 yards, but then won’t challenge a TOUCHDOWN play that looked like it had a 75% chance of being overturned and ruled a TD.   Then there were the usual idiotic penalties, and the non-effort by Dionte on the Warren fumble that should have been punished with some bench time.  Then, ya review how decently this offense looked after nearly THREE YEARS worth of the Canadian vomit, and you wonder, “How on earth did Stoogelin allow this abortion to continue this long….??!!!”      C-   




Synopsis:  A big divisional win, one that keeps the team in the pack for a playoff spot.  Next up, a highly likely letdown game against the lowly Cards. 



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