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Power Rankings (week 1)

September 05, 2012 by Steel Haven

1.1.Green Bay Packers15-1The NFL has clearly become a passing league and Rodgers is the top signal caller with the most explosive weapons. Still hard to believe the Giants walked into their building and beat them in the playoffs.
2.3.New England Patriots13-3Brady has the ability to mask offensive line woes. Infusion of youth through the draft can only help the defense.
3.10.Houston Texans10-6Finally took the next step last season despite a string of injuries that resulted in Yates starting a playoff game. Have the talent to go even further.
4.7.New York Giants9-7Rode Manning the younger and pass rush to a title. Repeat is unlikely although a better regular season should be expected.
5.2.New Orleans Saints13-3Can they overcome bounty-gate turmoil, Payton suspension? Having Brees should definitely ease the affects.
6.8.Atlanta Falcons10-6Koetter's spread offense should help get the most out of their skill position talent.
7.6.Pittsburgh Steelers12-4Offensive line and RB woes may waylay their desire to run the ball more. Given the weapons at receiver that is probably a good thing.
8.9.Detriot Lions10-6Stafford to Megatron can hide a lot of warts.
9.5.San Francisco 49ers13-3Harbaugh needs to work his magic for a second straight season with Smith under center. A step back is possible.
10.11.Cincinnati Bengals9-7Can they build on the momentum of last season? Lewis� history suggests the answer is no.
11.4.Baltimore Ravens12-4Need the aging defense to hold up for another season. Rule change allowing one player to be activated off IR could get Suggs on the field late in the season.
12.18.Denver Broncos8-8Everything depends on Peyton.
13.22.Chicago Bears8-8Injury to Cutler derailed last season.
14.12.Philadelphia Eagles8-8What did they learn from dream team debacle?
15.16.Dallas Cowboys8-8Perennial underachievers. Does that mean their talent is overrated?
16.14.San Diego Chargers8-8Can Turner survive his 6th season? Nobody but GM Smith can figure out how he survived his 5th. Window of opportunity seems to have closed as talent level has started to decline.
17.13.Tennessee Titans9-7Need Locker to grow up in a hurry. CJ having a full camp and Britt only being suspended one game are positives.
18.17.Kansas City Chiefs7-9Laid back Crennel should be a breath of fresh air after task master Haley. Will players still work hard or take advantage of the situation?
19.21.New York Jets8-8Dearth of offensive weapons is troubling. Tebow circus unlikely to help.
20.25.Buffalo Bills6-10Addition of Williams and Gilmore solidifies the defense. Need Fitzpatrick to play like he did before signing his extension.
21.24.Carolina Panthers6-10Can the defense catch up with the offense? Obviously can�t afford to have Newton suffer from a sophomore slump.
22.23.Seattle Seahawks7-9Undersized Wilson deserved to win the starting job. Will still need to count on defense and running game.
23.27.Washington Redskins5-11RGIII steps into a better situation than Luck.
24.31.Tampa Bay Buccaneers4-12Remember when they made the playoffs in 2010? Can no nonsense Schiano get them back on track? How quickly?
25.15.Arizona Cardinals8-8Offensive line is in shambles. Drafting Floyd over a lineman is looking like a mistake.
26.19.Oakland Raiders8-8How much does Palmer have left in the tank? Is surprise HC hire Allen ready to run his own program?
27.26.Jacksonville Jaguars5-11Gabbert has looked better this preseason. Unexpected return of MJD from holdout can only help.
28.30.Indianapolis Colts2-14Luck looks like the real deal. Conversion to 3-4 defense will take time.
29.32.St. Louis Rams2-14Can Bradford return to the form of his rookie year? Fisher has his work cut out for him.
30.29.Minnesota Vikings3-13Need Purple Jesus to hit the ground running in his return from ACL surgery. Literally.
31.20.Miami Dolphins6-10Starting over with a rookie QB and HC. No nonsense Philbin showing he won't shy away from getting rid of problem players with the release of the former player formerly known as Ocho Stinko and the trade of first round corner Davis.
32.28.Cleveland Browns4-12Homgren and Shurmur appear to be lame ducks with new ownership in place. If Richardson can stay on the field he should help them at least be mildly interesting.

*Last year's final regular season ranking
+Last year's final regular season record
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