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Steeler-Browns, Same Questions

October 19, 2000 by Steel Tank

Steelers-Browns II

The Steelers host the Browns in their second meeting of the first half of the season.

It seems like the same questions need to answered every week:

How good is Pittsburgh?

How far have we come?

Who will play quarterback?

Which team will show up?

Not this week, well, maybe not...

It is time for the Steelers to realize that they are on the outskirts of a playoff birth and desperately need this win. They should pound Cleveland Sunday with no uncertainty as they did Cinci.

Then why do I have an uneasy feeling about this game � it�s only the Browns after all.

Two reasons:

Inability to score

Inability to score

If you can�t score a lot, then any team your playing has an opportunity to win. A couple of big plays at the wrong time can cost teams that don�t score � just ask the Buff Bills, a very similar team to the Steelers this year as it turns out. That doesn�t leave much room for error on the defensive side of the ball.

The Steeler defense has been pretty awesome over the last few weeks, but will need to continue this if Pittsburgh is to get their fourth win in a row. Gildon and Porter both need to keep up their level of play as do Dwayne and Scott. If these four players fail to meet expectations, the defense will fail.

The Steeler offense can not afford any turnovers either � Graham has been fairly good in this area thus far, but more inaccurate throws could prove fatal.

Don�t get me wrong � the Steelers should win this easily, but those nagging questions keep hanging around week after week.

How much longer can they keep this up...

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