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Playoff Bets (conference championships)

January 16, 2013 by Steel Haven

I'm already guaranteed to be over .500 for the playoffs. Playing with house money is fun.

Only three games left. Saturday playoff football has come to an end. Soon I will have no excuse to sit on the couch and drink all weekend, at least until March madness. Life is crap.

home team in bold


Atlanta Falcons (+4.0) over San Francisco 49ers

Points with the home team on Championship weekend doesn't seem normal. The line rising early in the week is even more surprising. The Falcons are the biggest home dog among number one seeds in a conference championship game since 1979. I guess I understand heavy money going on the 49ers after last weekend. I'm betting that Matt Bryant's kick securing the first playoff victory for Mike Smith and Matt Ryan will help loosen their sphincters which were rapidly tightening in the second half against the Seahawks.


New England Patriots (-9.0) over Baltimore Ravens

I've been reduced to rooting for Bill Belichick and Tom Brady to make the Ray Lewis media ball washing stop.

Last Week

Baltimore Ravens (+9.5) over Denver Broncos WIN

Green Bay Packers (+3.0) over San Francisco 49ers LOSS

Seattle Seahawks (+2.5) over Atlanta Falcons WIN

New England Patriots (-9.5) over Houston Texans WIN

Playoffs: 6-2

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