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Steelers will beat Titans

November 03, 2000 by Steel Tank

Steelers-Titans II

Steelers-Titans II

This Sunday�s game against the Titans is the biggest game the Steelers have had in quite some time. Many � including ESPN � are putting the Titans on top of the NFL right now. The Steelers meanwhile are still being doubted by many. Hmmm�

The mighty will fall at Tennessee this weekend!

I correctly predicted the rise of the Steelers at New York 5 weeks ago and was scoffed at for doing so. Well, I am saying now that the rise will not end on Sunday but continue.

Here�s why:

Though the Steelers will have to stop Wycheck(the Gildon factor) and George � the difference in this game will be the Steeler offense. They have not exploded since opening day last year against Cleveland when they scored 43 points, but the offense will come full circle in this game.

The Titans, on the other hand, have been very fortunate in a number of games this year � KC, Pittsburgh and even Washington where they had two very unlikely returns for TDs. As far back as the Music City Miracle, the Titans have been living on borrowed time � this team can be beaten with solid defense and a sound mistake-free offense.


Let�s look at their other victories � none are very impressive. The Giants, Cinci, Baltimore and Jacksonville. The Titans are due for some bad luck. They simply are not an 8-1 team. In fact, their record very easily could be 5-3 right now, which is good, but does not mean they are world beaters.

Let�s look at there only loss. The Buff Bills beat this team with good defense and a conservative mistake-free offense. The Steelers, as I have said before, are very similar to the Buffalo Bills in ability and team make-up.

Still, the main reasons the Steelers will win this weekend are Kordell Stewart and Joey Porter.

Stewart should have a rather large game Sunday. Kordell must now realize that he has won is starting job back. This nod of confidence from Cowher should have amazing benefits for Stewart who�s psyche is more fragile than Yancey Pigpen. Since he has become more comfortable in recent weeks, he was actually able to throw a deep pass for a TD to Hienze Ward. Look for him to play almost as good as he did when he took us to the AFC championship against Denver a few years back.

Joey Porter is finally playing like he should - he is at times on the verge of super-stardom. Porter will get plenty of pressure on McNair or Oddonell and cause the all-important turnovers that the Steelers will need to win this game. His time has come.

Too optimistic?

Perhaps, but�

Don�t count this team out - there is a very thin line between winning and losing in this league and the Steelers know that better than anyone. They have learned how to do something that they�ve not known how to do for the past season and a half at least.

They now know how to win.

This will be the difference.


Steel Tank

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