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Stillers Preseason Finale

August 29, 2013 by Still Mill

Stillers Preseason Finale


Brief Slag from the preseason finale --


David Johnson - surprise!    Abused on the first play of the game on an outside speed rush, even though he had help from the RT.    A shit play by a shit player.


Paulson- some nice grabs.   His blocking is nothing to crow about, but he’s more than capable of grabbing 45 passes this season, given some PT.  


Nice inside scoot on 3d & 14 by Larod SH, good for about 17 yards.   Very nice.    He should provide a nice boost on 3rd downs and as a change of pace back.  


Dwyer - some okay running, but then he (cough, cough) puts the ball on the ground.    It’s hard to have much confidence in this guy, given his track record. 


Felix Jones - I worry that he is neither fish nor fowl.    Not overly quick or elusive, yet not brawny enough to bull and punish.   He seems average at both attributes, and thus seems to be little more than a slightly above-average NFL RB.    Not really what is needed to boost what was a lackluster ground game in 2012. 


Cromartie-Smith - a pile o’ dung DB.  Not sure what he’s still doing on the roster.  


How ‘bout Dick’s defense,  shredded by Dogshit Derrick Andersen on the 1st drive for a casual TD march.  Same slop, different year.   Then in the 2Q, Dick, the Great Deity of Defense, allows an 87-yard TD bomb!  He's such a deity of defense...!!



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