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Best Bet (plus two)

November 13, 2013 by Steel Haven


Saved from a winless weekend by Tony Romo and Jason Garrett on Sunday night. Thanks guys. At least the losses were close. Any port in a storm. Andy Dalton looked lethargic all game until a major defensive screw-up on a Hail Mary gave me life. A bizarre overtime decision by Marvin Lewis and abysmal fourth down play call snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. The victorious Giants ended the game in Raiders territory taking a knee. They actually dominated the game, but an early pick six by Eli Manning helped to keep them from covering. Ce La Vie.

All road favorites this week. Every pick makes me nervous for one reason or another. What can you do?

home team in bold

Best Bet

Arizona Cardinals (-7.0) over Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars won their first game last week. Two in a row seems sort of ridiculous. A touchdown favorite traveling cross country is usually a fools bet. Insert joke here. I have faith in Bruce Arians. He seems to have been the brains behind the success of Mike Tomlin and Ben Roethlisberger. In the last two years he wins when he should, plus quite often when he shouldn't.


San Diego Chargers (-1.5) over Miami Dolphins

Another favorite traveling cross country, this one after a tough loss to the Broncos. Not the best scheduling. I just can't get the Dolphins performance in their Monday night loss to the previously winless Bucs out of my head. I know last week means next to nothing in the NFL. The Dolphins problems just seem bigger and more long lasting than most.

Indianapolis Colts (-3.0) over Tennessee Titans

This seems like a gimme. A guarantee that I'm screwed.

Last Week

New York Giants (-7.0) over Oakland Raiders LOSS

Cincinnati Bengals (-1.5) over Baltimore Ravens LOSS

New Orleans Saints (-7.0) over Dallas Cowboys WIN

Year to Date: 11-20  Best Bets: 2-8

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