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Power Rankings (week 7)

October 19, 2011 by Steel Haven

1.1.Green Bay Packers6-0Seemed to call off the dogs after leading 24-0 at halftime.
2.3.Baltimore Ravens4-1Lewis is the 1st player in NFL history with 40 sacks and 30 interceptions.
3.4.New England Patriots5-1Brady led his 32nd career 4th quarter or overtime comeback victory.
4.7.San Fransisco 49ers5-1Harbaugh is already developing quite the reputation among his peers as a douche. He can definitely coach.
5.2.New Orleans Saints4-2Payton had to coach from the booth in the 2nd half after getting Paterno'ed by Graham. He had surgery on Monday for torn knee ligaments and a broken leg.
6.6.San Diego Chargers4-1Travel to the east coast off the bye where they have had problems in the past.
7.5.Detriot Lions5-1How will they react to the end of their 9 game regular season winning streak? Schwartz didn't take it too well immediately after the game chasing after a celebrating Harbaugh following a somewhat awkward on field postgame handshake/backslap.
8.12.Pittsburgh Steelers4-2Took a 17 point lead, lost momentum in part due to a Mundy roughing the punter penalty and then hung on for dear life.
9.9.Oakland Raiders4-2Paid a king's ransom to the Bengals for Palmer after losing Campbell to a broken collarbone. Don't have a pick in next year's draft until the 5th round.
10.13.Tampa Bay Buccaneers4-2Impressively held serve in a home divisional matchup against the Saints a week after the debacle in San Francisco.
11.17.New York Giants4-2A turnover differential of +2 against the opportunistic Bills was a recipe for success.
12.8.Buffalo Bills4-2Florence committed 3 costly pass interference penalties, a pair on the final drive.
13.15.Cincinnati Bengals4-2Brown got an offer he could not refuse, trading Palmer at the deadline for a 2012 1st rounder and a conditional 2013 1st rounder (that becomes a 2nd rounder if the Raiders fail to win a playoff game this season).
14.14.Tennessee Titans3-2Spent the bye picking up a half game on the rest of the division and assuming sole possession of 1st place.
15.16.Atlanta Falcons3-3Mughelli paid homage to the franchise's past by doing the dirty bird to celebrate his TD with the team nattily attired in their throwback uniforms.
16.18.Chicago Bears3-3Hester tied Woodson for 2nd most return TDs of any kind at 17. He needs 2 more to catch Sanders.
17.20.New York Jets3-3Revis pick 6 at the goal line as the Dolphins were driving to go up by double digits in the 1st quarter completely changed the complexion of the Monday nighter.
18.10.Houston Texans3-3Hard to overcome Johnson injury when Foster can only manage 49 yards on 15 carries.
19.21.Philadelphia Eagles2-4Dominant while sprinting out to a 20 point lead in the 1st half. Hung on despite trying hard to give the game away in the 2nd half. Same old, same old except for the hanging on part.
20.11.Washington Redskins3-2Beck rally fell short by a TD after the Sex Cannon was pulled for throwing 4 interceptions.
21.19.Dallas Cowboys2-3Ryan's defense kept the game close by pressuring Brady until the final drive when they foolishly backed off. The offense didn't help by playing extremely conservative in their final possession, although Romo's recent blunders make that more understandable.
22.22.Cleveland Browns2-3Madden jinx continued for Hillis with this week's hamstring injury added to his missing a game due to strep throat (at the advice of his agent).
23.23.Carolina Panthers1-5Blew a 4th quarter lead for the 3rd straight week with Newton throwing 3 interceptions.
24.24.Seattle Seahawks2-3Heading back to the eastern time zone where they won for the 1st time in over 3 years before last week's bye.
25.25.Kansas City Chiefs2-3Haley survives the bye probably only because of the 2 game winning streak. His deteriorating relationship with Pioli makes his hold on the job tenuous at best.
26.26.Minnesota Vikings1-5Can't come up with a reason for them not to go to Ponder.
27.27.Jacksonville Jaguars1-5Scobee set a team record by kicking a field goal in his 14h consecutive game.
28.28.Denver Broncos1-4Dump free agent to be Lloyd. Decision had to be made at least partially on the belief that Tebow can't get him the ball consistently.
29.29.Arizona Cardinals1-4Old home week in the desert with the real Steelers heading to town to meet Steelers West in a repeat of Super Bowl XLIII. Expect a majority of the crowd to be rooting for the black and gold.
30.30.St. Louis Rams0-5Is Bradford being set up to be the next Carr? Obviously hoping Lloyd can help him.
31.31.Miami Dolphins0-5Marshall failed to get thrown out on Monday night as he had promised.
32.32.Indianapolis Colts0-6Got back to within 3 thanks to 10 4th quarter points until a Dunlap fumble return for a TD put a stake in their hearts.

*Last week's ranking
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