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Stillers 2000 Schedule Announced !!

April 04, 2000 by Still Mill


Here is the 2000 schedule:

Week 1: Baltimore 1 pm

Week 2: OFF......

Week 3: @ Cleveland 1 pm

Week 4: Tennessee 1 pm

Week 5: @ Jacksonville 1 pm

Week 6: @ N.Y. Jets 1 pm

Week 7: Cincinnati 1 pm

Week 8: Cleveland 1 pm

Week 9: @ Baltimore 1 pm

Week 10: @ Tennessee 1 pm

Week 11: Philadelphia 1 pm

Week 12: Jacksonville 8:20 pm (ESPN)

Week 13: @ Cincinnati 1 pm

Week 14: Oakland 1 pm

Week 15: @ N.Y. Giants 1 pm

Week 16: Washington 12:30 (CBS) (Saturday)

Week 17: @ San Diego 4 pm

The article is found at:


Obviously, a miserable 6-10 team doesn't get to play on MNF.

I guess this schedule is as good as any. Having the bye week in Week 2 is actually pretty helpful, since Bill Cowher PERENNIALLY wastes the ENTIRE preseason doing nothing constructive, thus allowing his team to slop and slather its way thru the season opener. The bye week can thereby allow Cowher to fix what SHOULD HAVE been remedied at camp, so that we can hopefully get it in gear for immensely critical divisional games against Cleve, Tenn, and Jax.

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