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Hard Hat Award (Game #2, vs. NYJ)

September 22, 2012 by Still Mill



Hard Hat Award (Game #2, vs. NYJ)

Hard Hat

Stiller WR Antonio Brown is the winner of the weekly Hard Hat Award, given to the Stiller player who best embodies the iron-tough, hard-as-steel attitude of the steel workers inside the blast furnace of a still mill.

Brownie led all Stiller receivers with 7 grabs for 79 yards, none more important than a 4Q 3d & 3 in which he climbed the ladder and plucked a high pass for a mega-clutch grab, and then holding on after a big hit from the safety.    That is Hard Hat football.    A few other players merited some consideration, including RB Jon Dwyer, FS Ryan Clark, and even SS Ryan Mundy, who leveled starting RB Shonn Green with a legal hit that left Green woozy and wobbly as he staggered first to his huddle and then to the sideline.  

Kudos to Brown for winning the Hard Hat Award.  Wear the Hard Hat proudly, Antonio!


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