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Steelers -- Overcoming Their Phobias

February 09, 2000 by Guest

The Stillers � Overcoming Phobias

The Stillers � Overcoming Their Phobias

The Steelers as an organization are obviously in need of group therapy. This is obvious to anyone who observes this organization. A degree in Psychology is not necessary... The afflictions and phobias are so obvious.

Most notably is the EXTREME, UNENDING fear of CHANGE! This organization as a whole could be diagnosed with a form of mental sclerosis. Never have I seen people so stubborn, deluded and unwilling to make adjustments to improve their situation...except maybe the homeless!

Here are some examples:

1. GAME STRATEGY. Apparently the Dead Sea Scrolls mandated that the Steelers always have to play a slow moving, time consuming, ball control offense and try to win close games using a 3-4 defense. It must be written in stone, because there is a total unwillingness to ever change and a never ending case of denial if told it's not working. What would be wrong with a high scoring pass offense at least sometimes? I know, you'll say the weather is too cold! See Green Bay (even colder), Brett Favre, 39 TD passes in consecutive seasons. Why not a 4-3 defense if the personnel warrant it? I don't know, I think Confucious' teachings precluded the Steelers from trying new things and being innovative and creative. Hey, play the rookies who can play!

2. PLAYER PROCUREMENT. It must be that the MAGNA CARTA denied the Steelers the right to be creative in finding players and managing the salary cap. Otherwise, what would explain their total refusal to attempt to be creative and improve their team. Like many say, they're at the cap limit. True but who says they can't play the game, even a little bit? Occasionally, wouldn't it be to their benefit to sign the big time player at an impact position, even if it took some manipulation? Even if it meant restructuring a contract or cutting an unworthy player? Bottom line it's not just the money, it's the lack of even trying to manage the money they do spend. The Steeler organization is simply disturbed, in denial and full of phobias. The problem with this withering team is plain and simply, THE INABILITY TO CHANGE. This team is TOTALLY PETRIFIED to change even the smallest part of their philosophy... and it's totally irrational! Their favorite attitude is "If it ain't broke, don't fix it...", but they're too delusional to realize that it is broke! It's almost as if they're EMBARRASSED, to admit they where wrong and make even a small change.

The response from this team is always, "We've always done it this way, and there's no reason to change now", I'm sorry but 7-9, 6-10 and ZERO players in the Pro Bowl seems like reason to embrace change, not fear it.

I didn't mention a single name in this column, it's not about any of the individuals, it's about an entire organization that needs therapy so that they won't be petrified of something that would do them good...CHANGE.


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