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Stillers-Browns Postgame Analysis and Grades

December 09, 2011 by Still Mill

Stillers 14, Browns 3 ���Dec. 8 , 2011
Stillers 14, Browns 3 ��. Dec. 8, 2011 ����Game #13


Stillers-Browns Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers appeared to be in complete control of the 4-8 Brownies early in the 2Q, with a 7-3 lead and a 2d & 1 on the Clev 21. But Ward fumbled on the play.�� A few moments later, after a Pola INT, Heath Miller fumbled away the ball on the Clev 8.�� And later in the 2Q, Big Ben ran a designed rollout, had eons of time to literally eat a sandwich and toss the ball away, but instead took a sack and was injured to boot.��� The Stiller limped - literally and figuratively -- into the locker room at halftime clinging to a 7-3 lead.�� They ended up scratching and clawing with the Browns most of the 2H, and held on for dear life for a nail-biting 14-3 win.��


Due to the late-night nature of this game, this report will be a bit abbreviated.��




QB:Ben had a decent evening, especially in the 2H when he came back from the gruesome-looking ankle injury.��


Good pocket-shuffle, and strike to Cotch for TD, 1st series.�� Eluded sack near the 5-yard line, 2nd drive, and then hit Brown for 18 yards.�� On a designed rollout right in the 2Q, Ben had literally ALL DAY -- literally 5 seconds --and then flat-out refused to throw the ball, even a throw-away.�� Pressure finally caught up to him, and he was sacked.Worse, he was injured on the play when a D-lineman rolled on his ankle.���� It�s just flabbergasting how in the living hell a veteran QB doesn�t get rid of this ball on a rollout that had such EONS of time.�� Late in the game, Ben hit Brown on a back-shoulder out, and Brownie took it to the house for a 79-yard TD to seal the deal.��


Batch relieved Ben and went 0-2 in the 2Q, with a drop by Miller.����


Ben started the 2H, limping on a heavily taped ankle.EARly in the 4Q, Ben shuffled in the pocket, and then threw slightly on the run to Brown for a huge, clutch 25-yard passing play.��� In the 4Q, again with EONS of time in a comfy pocket, Ben badly underthrew a seam route to Miller for an INT.�� I understanding his leg hurt.So should he, and floating a deepish seamer like was just plain foolish in these circumstance.���� Ben: A���� Batch:C��


RB:Mendy :Ran upright, first carry, and blasted by Gocar after 3-yard gain.�� Too high !!��� Good spinning, churning run from his own 2, good for 11 yards.��� In the 2nd half, with Ben hobbling like Willis Reed, Mendy ran like a man possessed, showing the kind of urgency, tenacity, and energy that has rarely been seen this season.�� But Mendy reverted to his old self, and again ran too upright on a 1st & goal and again got drilled -- and nearly legally decapitated -- by Gocong.He then followed this with 3 more giraffe-like plunges, all of which were stopped well short of the goal line against a shit run defense that gave up 300 yards on the ground last week by Balt,���


Redman had a nice 9-yard run early in the 2Q around right end.�� Nice burst.��� Superb plowing run early in the 3Q, good for 11 yards.�� Red finished with 6 rushes for 35 yards, indicating superb production.�� We can only guess why Redman wasn�t fed the ball at least 8 more times, including near the GL.���


Moore had a nifty RAC on 3& 11 for 13 yards, but it was negated by a Foster holding flag.���������� Redman:A������ Mendy:B-���


FB: Johnson saw some work at FB.�� Not great, but he blocked ok.��� Lined up as a RB, Redman ran a plunge on 3d & 1 for 2 yards in the 4Q.�� This was negated by Kemo�s needless hold.������� Inc


WR:�� Wally had a good burst on a short dumpoff early in the 4Q, and then plowed likea fullback near the GL.The play was initially ruled a TD, but was ruled down at the 2 due to Wally�s knee scraping down, even though it his FOOT, not his knee, that scratched up large bits of gras.�� .


Brown - Nice RAC, bubble screen, 12 yards, opening series.�� Brilliant �cup-cradle� catch of low throw, late 1Q, good for 17 yards.(Somehow, this CATCH was over-ruled by the replay challenge official, which was abhorrently wrong.)�� But Brown came back the next play and snared a deep crosser for 20 yards.�� Dropped a perfect pass on 3d & 13 on the first drive of the 3Q, which would have netted 15 yards and the 1st down.�� Very poor.�� But Brown made a clutch snare on a 3d & 20 crosser, good for 25 yards.�� Late in the game, with the Stillers clinging to a thin 3-point lead, Brown snared a back-shoulder out, and then took off down the sideline.A few moves later, Brown crossed the goal line for a game-clinching 79-yard TD.��


Ward grabbed a bubble screen early in the 2Q, but coughed it up on the RAC for a foolish turnover at the Clev 15.�� This was his lone reception of the evening and he was never even thrown another pass thereafter.��


Cotch:TD grab, opening series.Also had a key grab early in the 3Q.���


Sanders did not dress due to injury.������ Brown:�� A��� Wally and Cotch: B+��� Ward: C+


TE:�� Miller coughed up the ball on the Clev 8-yard line like a complete dumbass in the 2Q�� He then dropped an out late in the 2Q.


Saunders:Good block on Mendy�s 11-yard run.��


Johnson : good block on end-around by Wally for 21 yards.�� On the play Ben was injured, ShitBag Johsnon initially had DE Jabaal Sherad on the ground, but instead of jumping atop Sheard and keeping him there, Johnson just stood there and allowed Sheard to get up.Worse, Johnson was standing on the wrong side of Sheard, so he was entirely unable to slow Sheard.Sheard missed Ben, but it was his pressure that forced Ben to the inside and ultimately to take the sack and the injury.���� Johnson had a lil� nifty RAC late in the 2Q, good for 16 yards, and on the next play snared a pop-pass over the middle for 6 yards.������� C+


OL:��� The line struggled for far too much of the game in running the ball against a pitiful run defense that had been savagely gouged last week by Balt to the tune of 300 yards.To their credit, when Ben returned in the 2H, they stepped up their pass pro and kept an immobile Ben clean and neat, although Clev helped a bit by not running any jailhouse blitzes.��


Starks did a solid job of keeping Ben�s blind side from harm.Leggo moved to center when Pounce injured an ankle late in the 2Q.���� Foster returned to the starting lineup and did ok, although he had a hold on 3d & 11 that negated Moore�s 13-yard play.��


Gilbert had a long nite.����� On a 3d down play deep in PIT territory, he foolishly blocked the outside man rather than the more-inside rusher, Jackson, who stormed in for an easy sack of Batch.�� Gil also had two false starts.��


Pis Kemo came in at LG when Leggo had to go to Center.�� He quickly was flagged for a hold on pass play to diffuse the very-promising drive.�� He then went on to commit 2 more penalties, both of which were crushing, drive-killing kind of flags and both of which wiped out converted 3rd downs.�� This included:He was called for a needless hands to the face on a pass play in the 4Q, wping out Miller�s catch for a first down.He then committed a jackassed holdon a 3d &1plunge that Redman gained 2 yards.The next play, Ben tossed the INT.This is exactly what dumfuk penalties do to an offense.


Overall, the line was just adequate against a weak defense.��� C+


DL:��� Keiselgood stop with Timmy on draw play, 1Q.Tipped a pass, 2Q.��


Hood wasn�t dominated, but he finished with a whopping 1 solo and was to quiet.�� Hampton did a solid job of clogging and tackling.


McClendon saw a lot of PT at NT.�� Had a half-sack of McCoy in the 2Q.����� Overall, the line got gashed on too many ground plays.���� B-


LB:����� Harrison dove and stopped McCoy a foot from the GL on the opening series.On the next play, he totally blew up the TE, Moore, and blasted him onto his back on the key 3d & G plunge from the 1-yard line on the 1st drive, which the D stopped.�� In the 4Q, Harry lowered the boom on Dolt McCoy with a brutal hit just as Dolt dumped the ball off, which was flagged for a roughing-the-passer penalty.�� I can�t fault Harrison, as McCoy had the ball TUCKED and was running well out of the pocket, and nearly over the LOS, just a split-second before the hit occurred.�� Late in the game, Harry relentless pursued McCoy across the field, and then got an ankle-nip sack just before McCoy tried a throw-away, good for a 10-yard loss.�� A huge play by a huge player.��


Farrior had an immensely quiet evening.�� I mean,r eally, how does a starting INSIDE LB in a 3-4 defense, who rarely comes off the field, finish a game with ZERO solos ??���� He got a Dong INT late in the game, which was correctly over-turned as an inc pass because Taunto made a �Basket� catch and allowed the ball to hit the turf.�� Taunto, who picked up his nickname versus these same Brownies when he got a needless, asinine taunting penalty late in the 4Q a few years ago, againg got a stupid-fuk personal foul penalty.This one occurred in the 3Q, when he assaholicly ran into McCoy after the QB was a good 8 feet OOB after a scramble.��


Timmons was abused by TE (Moore), 33-yards, 1st series.��� Good stop of Hillis on draw play, late 1Q.�� Good hole-fill and wrap on ground play, 2Q.�� He had a solid game, with 5 solos and 3 As, but it would be much nice to see this man make a big play -- just one -- this season.


Worilds had yet another stellar game starting in place of Big LaMarr.�� He stuffed a run in the 2Q for a meager 1 yard.Never stopping his motor, he chased down and then drilled McCoy on the final play of the 1H, forcing a fumble that Clev recovered.��� Worilds had a good stuff on a Clev run at 5:30 4Q.On the game�s final play, he ended the game by dropping the QB.�� With his non-stop pursuit, Worilds finished with an impressive 8 solos and 2 sacks.��� Quick, someone call Colbert and see if this guy will accept a $32M extension !!


Foote:�� Foolishly tackled Hillis HIGH on the early 3d & G plunge; luckily the bruising FB had already been tripped up some, and was stopped short of the GL.


Woodley did not dress, due to his hamstring injury.�������� Harrison and Worilds:A+������ Timmons:B+��� Farrior:C���


DB:��� Ike beaten by a double-move by Massaquoi, 2nd series, 25 yards.���


Gay stumbled himself out of a deep ball to Massaquoi in the 1Q, but Mass failed to haul in what should have been a fairly routine TD catch.�� Gay had a nice bustup in the 2Q.He was beaten deep late in the 2Q, but the rush caused McCoy to delay a second, and by the time Dolt threw the deep ball, Gay was able to close and then bust up the pass in the EZ.��� Gay somehow INTd the late 3rd down pass in the EZ, when he LOW-pointed the ball at nearly its lowest point.�� This was a play where the receiver (Massaquoi) sucks worse than the CB.�� Gay had a good hustle play late in the game, tripping up Little before he could get OOB.�� He made a similar tackle still later in the 4Q to keep the clock running.


Polahad a good read and big INT in the 2Q.�� Troy slashed in on a draw play on 1 & G at the 5 late I the 4Q for no gain.�� On the next play, Pola blized and took a foolish, too-inside angle at McCoy, who easily skirted Troy and nearly got off a legal throw-away.Luckily, Harrison tripped up McCoy for a 10-yard loss.��


Clark made a tackle on a 3Q draw play.�� He also had numerous hits on ground plays, and finished with 9 solos.������ Gay:�� A-������ All others:B+��


Spec teams:��� No bad boners, and solid coverage.��


Cromartie-Smith had a solo on Cribbs, opening KO.�� Curt Brown had a big lick and stop in punt coverage late in the 2Q.�� Will Allen had a good solo in KO cover late in the game.��


Kapinos:��� boomed a 54-yard punt, although not really good hang time, and it was returned 14 yards.


Suisham:Good KO, 9 yards deep for TB, on KO after first TD.����� He was not called upon to boot any FGs.������� B


OC:�� Arians was facing a defense that had been ravaged on the ground last week, and really, all season.�� Still, Arians was unable to exploit.��� He was victimized by the 2 poor fumbles


With Ben hobbling around like Willis Reed, Arians actually went EB (empty backfield) a few times in the 2H.�� Why ??�� Stone stupid !!�����


We�ll never know why Redman wasn�t given at least 1 carry on the pitiful 4-plunge sequence from the Clev 2 yard line in the 4Q. Mendy had taken a crushing hit on the 1st down plunge, and Redman is the far superior short-yardage runner, based on his ability to get LOW and BURROW.��� But alas, Redman remained planted on the bench, and Mendy was stopped stone cold on 4 consecutive plunges.��


Bubble screen to Wally, 2d & 3, 8:20 4Q -- before the snap, you can hear the Clev players yell �Screen!���������� B-


DC: ��Dick, as usual, once again got enormously lucky.��� He again got to face a greenhorn QB.��� Beyond that, Clev was tied with ATL and PHIL for most amount of drops in the NFL this season, and they kindly added to that total last nite.��


Dick allowed the lowly, wheezing, pathetic Brownie offense to take the opening KO and march 80 yards right down the field like they owned it for a casual, cake-easy FG.�� .Dolt McCoy went 4 for 4 on this march.


3d & 9 on Clev 10, mid 2Q, and McCoy gets an easy 17-yard completion to Little.�� Instead of forcing a punt out of the Cleve EZ, Dick allows Clev to push the ball out and totally change FP.�� Then, 2 plays later, after a dead-ball Clev personal foul flag set up a 3d & 20 at theClev 17, Dick allows a MAMMOTH hole up LG-LT for a draw play, which gained 28 yards.�� But remember, Dick is such agenius, and he�s in the Hall of Fame, you know.As it was, Clev punted and downed the ball at the PIT 5.�� So, ya went from 3d & LONG (9 yards) from the Clev 10, to a pooch punt downed at the PIT 5.That�s called FLIPPING THE FIELD, thanks to the dull stupidity of one Dick LeBeau.��


In the 3Q, the Stillers punted to the Clev 10.�� With a hobbled QB, this was the perfect time for the defense to force a punt from the EZ and give the offense a short field.Nope, not Dick.�� On 3d & 8, easy completion for 11 yards to Smith.�� Clev ended up performing an 11-play march, and their pooch punt pinned the Stillers on their own 10-yard line.Yet another FLIP of the field.���


In the 4Q, the Stillers turned the ball over on down on the Clev 1.�� Yet another chance for Dick to close the door on Clev.�� Clev faced a 3d & 6 from their own 5, and took a timeout.After the TO, McCoy hit Little on an easy slant for an easy 1st down, but Little dropped the cake-easy pass.��


Seneca Wallace came in stone cold, and on his 2nd pass of the year, easily completed a 13-yard pass to the PIT 5.����� C+��


HC:Tommy claimed his team was focused coming in, but I didn�t see it.�� The slop, the fumbles, the dumbassed penalties....all indications of sloth and poor focus.��


Sloppy, stupidfuk reverse on opening KO of the 2H, stopped at the PIT 7.�� Why even play into the hands of Clev with such a dumbfuk call, and why put a hobbling Ben into such a situation?����� The constant squall of penalty flags was unacceptable for veteran team playing at home.�� Very poor discipline and focus.������ B-


Synopsis:Yet another tight, nailbiter of a win against a weak, lowly opponent, more or less mirroring the weak wins over Indy and KC.This one, however, was at home.�� Yes, Ben was injured, but there is more than enough depth, skill and experience to overwhelm a lowly Clev team.�� The Stillers now have 10 days to rest before a MNF at San Fran, and hopefully some key regulars -- particularly Ben and Pouncey-- will be ready to go in that tilt.




(Still Mill and -- when it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close�.)



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