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Stillers-Bears Postgame Analysis and Grades

November 09, 2021 by Still Mill

Stillers 29, Bears 27..... Nov 8, 2021 …………Game # 8


Stillers-Bears Postgame Analysis and Grades


The 4-3 Stillers hosted the 3-5 Bears on MNF.  The Stillers jumped out to a 14-0 lead, and held a 14-3 lead at the half.  The Stillers had a comfy 10 point lead in the 4Q, but then GayRay Mccloud coughed up a punt return and Chico returned it for a TD.   Chico went ahead with less than 2:00 in the game, but Ben directed a FG march for the winning points. 


Due to the late-nite nature of this game, this report will be abbreviated.   




QB:   Ben was spotty and tentative, taking 4 sacks when I felt at least 2 could have bene throw-aways.  


Good semi-scramble and short strike to FryBoy for a TD, early 2Q. 


Hideous, off target pass to a WIDE open Dionte, on 3rd down, mid 4Q.   This wouldn’t have moved the chains, but it would have set up Bos for a rather easy FG try, rather than a punt.    Overall, this was mediocre.  Rather said when a veteran QB gets out-played by a greenhorned rookie, who threw only one INT, which was a fluke batted pass secured by the same D-lineman.      B-  



Harris  –  10-yard TD run, first series.    Stellar plunge on 4th & 1, last play of 1Q, to move the chains. 

Stellar, patient run of 13 yards, 4Q.  Held to only 2.8 YPC as the O-line got savagely eaten alive.    Stellar 2nd effort on several plays.     B


McFarl – Was inactive, which is puzzling.  


Snell –  had a couple token carries.  


Ballage – sat the bench, but then somehow was thrown a high risk pass late in the 4Q.  


FB:    Watt saw a couple token snaps, and grabbed a shovel pass for 3 yards. 



Wash -   snared a poorly underthrown deep ball for 42 yards, 3Q.  This was his only grab.    Had 2 rushes.   B


Dionte -  quiet most of the nite, but had a big gainer to set up the GW FG.   Had 5 grabs for 56.   B


Claypool –  dropped an easy curl pass, first snap on offense.     Made a stellar combat catch a few plays later on 3rd down, good for 26.     Failed to corral a tough, but somewhat catchable, pass in the EZ, late 3Q.  Had 3 grabs for 30.    B


GayRay McCloud – Had one grab, late in the game. 



Ebron – inactive due to a ham. 


Pat FryBoy – Snared a TD in the 1Q, and then made a stellar play in the EZ late in the 3Q for another TD.  Stellar grab of a low pass, good for 13 yards late in the game.  Dude’s a baller.     A   


Gentry – never targeted. 


Rader – grabbed a pass on 3d & 2, two yards behind the LOS, and gained 1 yard.  


OL:  Overall, the line got eaten alive by Chico the entire game, save for a couple of runs.    The short yardage blocking was complete puke.    Good blocking on the early 10-yard TD run by Harris. 


Moore got whipped for a sack, 1Q.   Late in the game, Moore not only got whipped for a sack, but also flagged for a hold on the same play.  Committed a false start late in the game. 


Dotson was flagged for a hold, negating a 7 yard run by Harris.


Kendick Green TWICE, in successive plays, got shoved backwards on 3rd and 4th down plunges, late 3Q.  He got whipped again on a 3d & 1, 4Q, which forced a FG.   Got whipped all too often tonite.     


Fat Trai Truner blocked a man who was ALREADY being blocked, which caused a sack, mid 4Q.


     Overall line Grade: D  



Heyward – The $65M Man got a batted pass, which graciously fell into his lap for an INT.   Got injured at 2:35 4Q.  Had a whopping 2 solos.   B   


Tuitt – another vaunted DE who again sat out.  Maybe he’ll play a few games in 2023.  


Wormley – didn’t do much. 


Mondeaux, Buggs, Loudermilk – chipped in a little bit. 



Bush –  Another shit play by Devin Bush, allowing a 21-yard run by Montgomery, 1Q.  At the half, the Devin Bush stat line: Zero solos, zeros assists, zero nothing.    Didn't do jack shoit.


On the Bears TD run, early 4Q, Bush FLOATED into No Man’s Land, AWAY from the ballcarrier, getting completely bamboozled.   Made a rare adequate tackle, stopping Fields on a scramble just before the 2MW in the 4Q.  Had 2 solos and 1 A, which ain’t nearly enough.   Not by a mile.     D  


Schobert – Had an acceptable game.     B


Watt –  Late 1Q, another DONG sack for Sitter Watt.  Wormley clearly created it....and Sitter Watt made the Dong sack.  In the 2Q, another DONG Sack for Sitter Watt, who was completely unblocked on the naked boot play. Got a sack in the 4Q when the QB tried to run with the ball.  Batted a pass, late 4Q.    A


Highsmith – should have been whistled for a late hit on the QB, 2Q.  Zero solos, 3 assists…..not nearly enough.   Now that Ingram is gone, he has no one to push him, and he’ll continue to loaf and lag.     C 


Burrito Charlton – had a couple tackles, but didn’t do much.  




Haden – barely busted up a TD pass in the EZ, late 1H. 


Cam Button -   Played ok.     Was beaten a couple times, but poor passes caused incompletions.  


Edmunds – Got abused by Graham for a deep seamer, early 4Q. 


Minkah -  stellar lick on the scrambling QB, mid 2Q.  THAT is how you punish a QB.  Very active, with 8 solos.  Not sure why he wasn’t providing deep help late in the 4Q.       B


Maulette – Got beaten deep, late 4Q, but the pass was just overthrown.   A few plays later, got abused by Robinson for 40-plus yard to set Chico up deep in PIT territory, and then, on the next play, gave up the go-ahead TD.    C-


Spec teams:  

Harvin– punted so-so.  Shanked a vomity 32-yard punt, 2Q.  Later boomed a punt of 38 yards.  Boomed a punt, mid 4Q, into the EZ for a TB.   Needs to be much more consistent.    C+   


Boswell – 3 for 3 on FGs   Nailed a 54-yard FG and then a late 52-yard FG. Then booted the GW 40-yard FG with 30 seconds left.  Clumsily missed a PAT, late 3Q.  Also bravely recovered a fumble, 4Q.    A



GayRay McCloud - had a ACRE of open room upon fielding the punt midway thru the 4Q....and then ;literally avoided daylight and instead RAN INTO his OWN BLOCKERS, and then coughed up the ball like a complete fuktard.   Cut this fuk, TOMORROW.  Please.    F-


Pierre forced a fumble in KO coverage, 4Q. 


OC:  Matt Canada oversaw a lot of wasted opportunity with an offense that was gifted golden field positions and numerous cheezy flags on Chico.   


Facing a shorthanded Bera defense -- no Mack, no Ogletree, and no Eddie Jackson for the Chico D -- Canada continually flailed around with no-brained jackassery on most drives.  


3d & 2, 2Q, and Canada calls a pass two yards BEHIND the LOS, and not to a fleet RAC guy, but rather to the slowfooted 3rd TE, Kevin Fuking Rader, of all people.  The play gained one yard.   


The short yardage offense was complete puke, barely eking out 1st downs on plays where A FOOT is all that was needed and often getting stuffed short of the sticks.   And very, very little was thrown down the field.   Eeking out such minimal point production despite golden FP all nite long ain’t nearly good enough.   C 



Keith Assler had the luxury of facing a greenhorned rookie QB and the worst offense in the league. 

Sure as shit, the D got gashed late in the 2Q, and allowed a long FG march.  From there, Assler held on for dear life, getting carved and gashed continually. 


In the 3Q, after a decent Harvey pooch punt, Buttler had the lowly Bear offense on its own 9, 3rd and 8.   And sure as shoit, Buttler goes SOFT, with a passive 4-man rush, and Fields made the cake-easy completion to move the sticks.  A couple plays later, a deep bomb set Chico up deep in PIT territory.    Chico then scored a TD, but a botched illegal chop block flag (the block was entirely legal) on Chico wiped out the TD, and the Bears had to settle for a FG.  Still, all in all, it was a LOSER drive by Assler that allowed Chico to march from its own 7 and go the entire length of the field.  


After Pat FryBoy’s 2nd TD made it 20-6, Keith Assler immediately and promptly allowed the moribund Chico offense to MARCH 82 yards in only 6 plays for a CAKEWALK touchdown, making a near-rout into a nailbiter.


Late in the game, Assler decided to get cute, using an IN THE BOX backup corner, Maulette, OUTSIDE in SOLO coverage on deep balls.   Not once….but twice.  Fuking brilliant !!    Maulette, of course, got tooled deep, twice no less….the first being a pass that was 5 inches too long, and the 2nd a deep completion that set up Chico around the PIT 20 yard line.   Maulette then allowed the go-ahead TD pass the next play.  You’re trying to PROTECT a lead, and, let’s see……”Let’s use Maulette in SOLO coverage, with no deep help, on the outside against legit WRs….”       Utterly brilliant !    


Keith Buttler – a total retard.       D- 


HC:  Mike Asslin oversaw an epic 4Q collapse, with numerous, silly assed mistakes and shoddy tactical decisions.   He was GIFTED dozens of penalty flags on the foe, yet barely won the game by the skin of his dick.  A complete goatrope.      D- 


Referees – a poorly officiated game in which Mike Stoogelin got the benefit of call after call after call after call.  The illegal chop block flag wiped out a TD, when the block was perfectly legal.   And the taunting flag on Marsh was absurd.   On the other side of the ball, Chico’s OTs seemed to be getting a head start on about 30% of the snaps, with false starts rarely called.   Atrocious officiating at its worst.      F   



That was dogshit football on both sides of the ball by the Stillers tonite.   Complete barf.    Once up 14-0, at HOME, on MNF, they should have been kicking dirt in the faces of Chicago and trotted out the backups for the entirety of the 4Q.  Instead, they SETTLED, and played grabass against a weak, injury-ravaged team, and won by the length of Stoogelin's pecker.  I’d hardly be proud of this cheezy, flimsy win.  


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