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Vrabel to Move Back to OLB

April 17, 2000 by Still Mill

Vrabel to Move to OLB

Vrabel to Move Back to OLB

The PG is reporting Vrabel will work at OLB exclusively and will no longer be a dime package DT. This seems to imply rookie Kendrick Clancy will be handed that role....It's also likely that Fat Joel Steed, with all these draft picks and FA signings, will be sent packing on June 1st, which is the "magic date" to wait for to reduce the hit on the sal-cap.

Moving Vrabel to OLB is fine, though it makes it at least the 3rd time we've moved the guy around in 4 years. Then again, Vrabel might well be on the bubble at camp. In 3 seasons, he's done little more than share space in the hot tub with Holan Harrison. Yeah, yeah, Vrabel had the great strip of Bledsoe in the 1998 divisional playoff game versus New England, but that's ancient history. He has little speed to make an impact on special teams, and he was unable to beat out Carla Emmons when the job was WIDE OPEN in August '98. I like Vrabel, but unless he comes to camp breathing fire and kicking tail, he's gonna be sent to the unemployment office on the South Side, over by the Giant Iggle.

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