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Stillers-Fish Postgame Analysis and Grades

October 23, 2022 by Still Mill

Fish 16, Stillers 10  ..... Oct 23, 2022 ………Game # 7


Stillers-Fish Postgame Analysis and Grades


The 2-4 Stillers mosied down to Fla to face the 3-3 Fish.   The Fish marched easy as pie after the opening KO to score a TD, and the score was 13-0 at the end of 1Q.  The Stillers fought back in the 2Q, scoring 10.   The game turned into a tight tussle, but 2 late Pickett INTs sealed the loss. 


Due to the late nite ending, this’ll be a more succinct report. 




QB:   Pickett got the start.  Threw an INT in the 1Q, when Chase Clumsypool tripped and fell, enabling the DB to collect a Dong INT.   His 2nd INT was a crusher, on a 3d & 16 deep in MIA territory.   Then the 3rd INT was simply gawd-awful, and ruins his grade.   C- 



Harris  –  flagged for a jack-muled illegal block to the back, 2Q.  On akey 3d & 1, early 4Q, he ran like a pansie, and then, rather than putting his head down, tried this foolish leap that did nothing.   He got stonewalled, which forced a punt.  Dropped a short pass, 6:14 4Q.  Had a couple decent runs, but lots of drab ones.   C+


Warren – stellar plunge on 4th & 1, early 2Q, gaining 3 on a no-nonsense plunge.  Had only 2 carries and 2 grabs. 


Bennie Smell –   Didn’t play on O.


FB:    Watt played here and there.   Did little. 



Dionte – was entirely too lazy on an INC 3rd down pass, 1H.    Flagged for OPI, 3Q.  Did very, very little, aside from the late RAC just before the 3rd INT. 


Claypool –  clumsily tripped and fell on the 1Q INT, showing the athleticism of a small toddler.  


Boykin – played little on O.   


Pickens –  good 30 yard grab, 2Q.   Then an outstanding TD grab late in the 2Q, making a great pluck and getting both feet in the EZ. 


Gunner – played in 4WR sets. 



Pat FryBoy –  dropped what would have been a big catch, late 4Q, on a pass that was slightly tipped by a Fish defender. 


Gentry – grabbed a screen pass, 2Q, and then moved slow as a glacier, getting dumped for a 4-yard loss. 


C. Heyward – grabbed a short pass, 1st play 4Q. 


OL:  Overall, the line (Moore, Dotson, Cole, Daniels, Okorafor ) provided solid pass pro, and the run blocking was slightly above average.    


Mason Hole got thrown aside and rag-dolled on the 3Q sack.  Moore was flagged for a hold on the late 3rd & 6 scramble, moving the team back to a 3d & 16. 



Heyward –  flailed like a complete fool on the first MIA TD.   At halftime, Big Scam Heyward, who eats up about $13M per year in cap dollars, has ZERO solos and ONE measly assist. But, he’s just so vaunted and dominant….!     On 3rd and 3, 3Q, Scam made a rare play, making the stop for no gain.  Finished with 4 solos and 1 A, and was a non-factor for 99% of the game.      D+


Ogunjobi – good run stop, 1Q.   Knifed in to blow up the 4th & 3 plunge, 3Q, which was stopped well short of the sticks. 


Adams – did little. 


Alu Alu – did little.  


Wormley – did little.                  


Loudermilk – did little, but was good to get him some reps. 



Bush – actually busted up a downfield pass.   Seems to be making some tiny improvements to his game. 


Jack – led the team in tackles. 


Watt – again sat out, being on IR.  


Highsmith – got bamboozled on an 11-yard wide run by Mostert, 1Q. 


Spillane – did little. 


Malik Reed – did very, very little.   He’s proving to be a pilo dung. 




Wallace – dropped a 1Q INT.   Then, dropped a tough but catchable INT late in the game on a 3rd down misfire by Tua. 


Cam Sutton -  DROPPED  a cake easy INT near his own 9, late in the 2Q.  


Norwood – good nab of Hill on a 3rd down underneath route, 3Q.  Applied a like to Scua on a scramble to force the punt, late 3Q. 


Edmunds – flashed in to nab a running play, first series.  Then busted up a TD pass.  Dropped an easy INT, 3Q.  Adequate coverage on deep ball to Tyreek, mid 4Q. 



Minkah -  big hit delivered, forcing an INC and saving a TD, 1Q. 


‘Spoon – did not play. 


Maulet – stellar grab of Hill on 1st play of game, loss of 4.   Got torched quite a bit after that. 



Spec teams:  

Harvin – dogshoit 23 yard punt after the opening series.  Complete barf n’ vomit.   Decent 47 yard punt in the 3Q.  Barfvin came back down to earth with his next punt, for 36 yards.  The erratic POS booted it 56 yards the next punt.      D+ 


Boswell – Booted one FG. 


Olzewski – didn’t muff or fumble, which is a major improvement. 


OC:  Matt Canada oversaw a drab, moribund offense that had a nice 2Q, but otherwise stunk and sputtered all nite long.   One of the more maddening things, is how this offense runs nearly every pattern INTO the sideline, thereby limiting RAC.    Plus, the inordinate number of passes that are DESIGNED to be caught within 2 feet of the LOS, making the defense’s job all the more easier.     D



Austin was probably all proud after bottling decrepit Tom Brady last week.   His task wasn’t so easy this week.


Sure as shoit  on the opening drive, MIA marched down the field as easy as pie, doing ANYTHING they felt like doing.    9 plays, TD.   Mike Asslin's vaunted defense just got ASSRAPED on that opening TD march.   They got carved up like a Halloween pumpkin.  Quick - cue the bullshoit cries of "The defense was sooooo pooped and tired."    Sure, they tightened things up, but not after MIA had raced to a 13-0 lead.    D


HC:  Mike Asslin oversaw a shoddy, sorry start of the game, which got the team into a 13-0 hole that could have easily been worse.


I despised how the team min-managed the clock late in the 2Q.   After a Harris 12-yard run set up a 1st and goal at the MIA 10, the team actually RUSHED to get a play run before the 2MW.    WHY ???????       Why on earth ??       The ball is at the foe’s TEN FOCKING YARD LINE.    You have much more time than you could ever need to run FOUR plays on 1st and GOAL at the 10.     Sure as shoit, the extra seconds granted to MIA enabled them to cash in on a longgg march for a FG in the final seconds of the 1H.  


Big Mike is a loser, and the losses will continue to mount.    F 


Synopsis:  Yet another loss.  Get used to it, as another 7 (or more) are coming down the pike.  



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