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Power Rankings (final regular season)

January 06, 2011 by Steel Haven

1.1.New England Patriots14-2Only Ditka has bested Gronkowski's 10 TD receptions as a rookie TE.
2.2.Pittsburgh Steelers12-4Their 20th division title since the '70 merger is the most in the league.
3.3.Baltimore Ravens12-4Loss in Cincinnati in week 2 means they need to win 3 road games to get to the Super Bowl. My heart bleeds.
4.5.Atlanta Falcons13-3Ryan's 33 wins as a starter in his first 3 seasons ties Marino for the most since the AFL/NFL merger.
5.4.New Orleans Saints11-5Loss of Thomas and Ivory makes Super Bowl run as a wild card that much more difficult.
6.8.New York Jets11-5Ryan needs to shut up. Perhaps I am over sensitive living in Central Jersey. Nah. Ryan needs to shut up.
7.6.Chicago Bears11-5Can Cutler come up big? Or at least not fall flat on his face. Defense is championship caliber.
8.9.Indianapolis Colts10-6Manning gives them a punchers chance despite injuries.
9.11.Green Bay Packers10-6Capers has the defense firing on all cylinders.
10.7.Philadelphia Eagles10-6Are defenses catching up with Vick?
11.10.Kansas City Chiefs10-6Hard to fault them for coming out flat against the Raiders, there is little difference between the 3 and 4 seed.
12.12.Tampa Bay Buccaneers10-6Future seems bright with Freeman and Morris.
13.13.San Diego Chargers9-7Is their window of opportunity closing even with Rivers in his prime?
14.14.New York Giants10-6Manning to Manningham for 92 yards was the franchise's longest TD pass in 39 years. Didn't matter because of the Packers' win.
15.17.Oakland Raiders8-8First team to go undefeated in their division since the '70 merger and miss the playoffs. Improvement wasn't enough to keep vampire Davis from sucking the blood out of Cable.
16.15.Jacksonville Jaguars8-8Couldn't overcome absence of Garrard and MJD in Houston. Colts win made it a moot point.
17.26.Seattle Seahawks7-9Hasselbeck expected to start against the Saints. Not that it should matter.
18.16.St. Louis Rams7-9Ahead of schedule despite blowing golden opportunity in Seattle.
19.20.Detriot Lions6-10Finish the season riding a 4 game winning streak.
20.22.Dallas Cowboys6-10Removing interim tag from Garrett allows Jones to keep total control. Not a good thing although not an indictment of Garrett.
21.18.Minnesota Vikings6-10Frazier was definitely ready for a head job. Now need to find a QB.
22.19.Miami Dolphins7-9The Parcell's era goes out with a whimper. Owner Ross is now courting fellow Michigan alumnus Harbaugh despite not yet firing Sparano.
23.24.San Fransisco 49ers6-10Obviously had more fun playing for Tomsula than Singletary. Seemingly the frontrunners for Harbaugh although the Dolphins are making a push. There backup plan is said to be McDaniels which would be hilarious.
24.31.Houston Texans6-10Kubiak stays while the defensive staff pays. Officially hired Phillips as defensive coordinator. The rest of the AFC South has to be pleased.
25.21.Washington Redskins6-10Did any coach have a worse year than Shanahan?
26.23.Tennessee Titans6-10Adams somewhat surprisingly chose Fisher over VY.
27.25.Cleveland Browns5-11Can Holmgren resist the temptation to return to the sidelines?
28.27.Cincinnati Bengals4-12Lewis returns after threatening to take his services elsewhere. The AFC North rejoices.
29.28.Arizona Cardinals5-11Will Whisenhunt gamble that McNabb has something left? The QB situation desperately needs to be addressed.
30.29.Denver Broncos4-12Turn to Elway to try to straighten out the mess left by McDaniels.
31.30.Buffalo Bills4-12Do they believe Fitzpatrick is the answer? Will they gamble on Newton or Mallett?
32.32.Carolina Panthers2-14Shit outta Luck.

*Last week's ranking
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