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Quote of the Week - Week 1

September 07, 2000 by Steel Tank

Bill Cowher on why he pulled Stewart on 4th down�

Bill Cowher on why he pulled Stewart on 4th down�

"It was regular down and distance," says Billy, "Kordell was doing all the short-yardage and goal-line plays, so we went back with Kent for the fourth-down pass."

Gee - thanks for explaining that to me Bill.


I guess this means we have not seen the last of the woeful antics of the Kordell and Cowher show on Sunday afternoon. I know some of you have been writing in about a possible trade to Miami, but don't count on it. Regardless of what McCrary says about Stewart being so dangerous, Kordell will not be playing football next year as a QB.

A reciever? Perhaps, but he must swallow a large amount of pride in order to do so. I don't have anything personally against Kordell, but he needs to get on with his life's work - outside of football.

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