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2018 NFL Draft Day 1 Review

April 27, 2018 by Steel Haven

Round 1

1. Cleveland Browns

QB Baker Mayfield - Oklahoma

Mary Kay Cabot and the Plain Dealer were right. Browns continue to amaze no matter who they hire as GM and coach. Unfairly to Mayfield this has a Johnny Manziel sort of vibe. Incredibly productive cocky college player that lacks top NFL measurables, skills. Mayfield is not a freak athlete like Michael Vick and will no longer be facing Big 12 defenses. Cleveland, where QBs go to die. The rest of the QB class can't be too disappointed.
  • Needs: QB, OT, DE, M/OLB, DT, WR
  • My Projection: QB Sam Darnold - USC

2. New York Giants

RB Saquon Barkley - Penn St

Great player. Incredible physical specimen. Is this too high for a RB? Especially for a team with an aging QB in steep decline. Barkley's ability as a receiver, pass protector and kick returner does set him apart from the usual dominant college feature back.
  • Needs: QB, G/C/RT, OLB, CB/S, RB, DE
  • My Projection: RB Saquon Barkley - Penn St

3. New York Jets (from Indianapolis)

QB Sam Darnold - USC

Swung for the fences moving up from 6 to 3. Hit the lottery. Every QB in this and every draft is a gamble. Darnold has all the attributes to succeed. Could even get some time to develop behind Josh McCown and Ted Bridgewater.
  • Needs: QB, OLB, RT/G, TE, DE, RB
  • My Projection: QB Baker Mayfield - Oklahoma

4. Cleveland Browns (from Houston)

CB Denzel Ward - Ohio St

Undersized corner over dynamic edge rusher. Excellent player, just not in Chubb's class as a future difference maker. A very Browns sort of move. Hiring of John Dorsey doesn't seem to have changed anything. Steelers (and Bengals and Ravens) fans can breath easier.
  • My Projection: DE/OLB Bradley Chubb - North Carolina St

5. Denver Broncos

OLB Bradley Chubb - North Carolina St

Were reportedly going to trade down with Bills before Chubb was surprisingly available. The best player at a premium position (arguably first or second best to Barkley in entire draft) fell into their laps. They pulled the trigger. Hard to argue. Pairing Chubb with Von Miller a scary proposition.
  • Needs: QB, CB, WR/TE, RB, DE, T/G
  • My Projection: QB Josh Allen - Wyoming

6. Indianapolis Colts (from NY Jets)

OG Quentin Nelson - Notre Dame

High for an interior offensive lineman. No matter. The safest player in the draft to help protect Andrew Luck. Makes a ton of sense.
  • Needs: CB, DE, M/OLB, RT/G, WR, RB
  • My Projection: M/OLB Roquan Smith - Georgia

7. Buffalo Bills (from Tampa Bay)

QB Josh Allen - Wyoming

Use a pair of second rounders to move up for their QB of the future, probably present. Not a surprise. Size, mobility, arm strength and big hands should work well on the banks of Lake Erie.
  • Needs: QB, WR, CB, M/OLB, DE, T/G
  • My Projection: QB Lamar Jackson - Louisville (at 12)

8. Chicago Bears

ILB Roquan Smith - Georgia

The newest Monster of the Midway. Originally I had Nelson penciled in to the Colts and Smith to the Bears. Switched at the last minute. Obviously a mistake on my part.
  • Needs: OG, OT, OLB, ILB, WR, CB
  • My Projection: OG Quentin Nelson - Notre Dame

9. San Francisco 49ers

OT Mike McGlinchey - Notre Dame

Beat the cross-bay (at least before the move to Santa Clara) Raiders to McGlinchey. This surprised me a little with a bigger needs in the interior line, on the defensive side of the ball. Not sure McGlinchey is an upgrade over Trent Brown on the right side or if either can move inside in the short term. Probably means Joe Staley will be moving on after this coming season.
  • Needs: OLB, MLB, CB, OG, WR, RB
  • My Projection: O/ILB Tremaine Edmunds - Virginia Tech

10. Arizona Cardinals (from Oakland)

QB Josh Rosen - UCLA

First time in the modern era (whatever that means) that four QBs are taken in the first ten picks. No brainer move for the Cards. Only had to trade a third and a fifth to swap the fifteenth pick for the tenth. Obviously neither injury prone Sam Bradford nor Mike Glennon were the QB of the future. For some reason teams that sign Mike Glennon keep trading up for QBs.
  • Needs: QB, OT, CB, G/C, WR, S
  • My Projection: S/CB Minkah Fitzpatrick - Alabama (at 15)

11. Miami Dolphins

S/CB Minkah Fitzpatrick - Alabama

Reportedly didn't want to take a QB. Thanks to Cards didn't have to consider Rosen.
  • Needs: QB, DT, TE, RB, RT/G, O/MLB
  • My Projection: QB Josh Rosen - UCLA

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Buffalo/Cincinnati)

DT Vita Vea - Washington

Been looking for a partner inside for Gerald McCoy for years. Added Jason Pierre Paul and Vinnie Curry on the edge. Defensive line is now extremely scary. Still surprised like Mel Kiper and Louis Riddick on ESPN that they passed on James.
  • Needs: LT, RT/G, CB, SS, RB, DT
  • My Projection: SS/CB Derwin James - Florida St (at 7)

13. Washington Redskins

NT Da'Ron Payne - Alabama

Needed to address interior run defense. Miss out on Vea, settle for Payne.
  • Needs: NT, WR, G/C, CB, RB, S
  • My Projection: NT Vita Vea - Washington

14. New Orleans Saints (from Green Bay)

DE Marcus Davenport - Texas San Antonio

Had to part with next year's first rounder to move up this high. Edge rushers are always at premium, but this is a huge gamble on a raw prospect.
  • Needs: DE, TE, WR, OLB, DT, CB
  • My Projection: DE/OLB Sam Hubbard - Ohio St (at 27)

15. Oakland Raiders (from Arizona)

OT Kolton Miller - UCLA

Said to have been enamored with Miller. Trading down with McGlinchey gone and still getting Miller was a nice move.
  • Needs: ILB, OLB/DE, CB, OT, DT, WR
  • My Projection: OT Mike McGlinchey - Notre Dame (at 10)

16. Buffalo Bills (from Baltimore)

OLb Tremaine Edmunds - Virginia Tech

Wheeling and dealing. Having a nice night. High upside athletic LB for Sean McDermott.
  • My Projection: WR Calvin Ridley - Alabama (at 22)

17. Los Angeles Chargers

S/CB Derwin James - Florida St

Best player available. Value over immediate need. Like this pick a lot.
  • Needs: OT, NT, M/SLB, QB, WR, RB
  • My Projection: LB Rashaan Evans - Alabama

18. Green Bay Packers (from New Orleans)

CB Jaire Alexander - Louisville

Loved the trade down to 27 for a 2019 first rounder. Not sure they needed to move back up for Alexander. At least they only needed to part with a third rounder to make this move.
  • Needs: OLB, CB, G/C, S, OT, WR
  • My Projection: CB Denzel Ward - Florida St (at 14)

19. Dallas Cowboys

OLB Leighton Vander Esch - Boise St

Jerry Jones milks the clock, savors the moment. Wastes my time. Said to be high on Vander Esch, it was not a smoke screen.
  • Needs: WR, M/SLB, S, DE, DT, RB
  • My Projection: DE Harold Landry - Boston College

20. Detroit Lions

C Frank Ragnow - Arkansas

Fast riser. This is high. News breaks that Martavis Bryant was traded to Raiders for a third rounder. Nice value for a player that was never going to resign after this season. Now receiver is a definite Steelers need.
  • Needs: TE, RB, DT, OLB, DE, CB
  • My Projection: DT Da'Ron Payne - Alabama

21. Cincinnati Bengals (from Buffalo)

C Billy Price - Ohio St

Back-to-back centers, can't believe that has ever happened before in the first round. Reach for need. Actually thought there were a couple of better centers available than Ragnow and Price.
  • Needs: C, RT/G, S, OLB, WR, QB
  • My Projection: G/C Isaiah Wynn - Georgia

22. Tennessee Titans (from Baltimore/Buffalo/Kansas City)

ILB Rashaun Evans - Alabama

Mike Vrabel jumps Bill Belichick for the immediate replacement for free agent loss Avery Williamson. Wish the Steelers would have made this move, although trading with Ravens may not have been possible.
  • Needs: OLB, RT/G, ILB, C, DT/E, WR
  • My Projection: OLB Marcus Davenport - Texas San Antonio (at 25)

23. New England Patriots (from LA Rams)

T/G Isaiah Wynn - Georgia

Has five position versatility. Lacks length, but has the athleticism to stick at left tackle.
  • Needs: OT, LB, CB, DE, OG, QB
  • My Projection: T/G Connor Williams - Texas

24. Carolina Panthers

WR DJ Moore - Maryland

First receiver taken. Advisory board told Moore he should stay in school. They were obviously clueless.
  • Needs: OT, G/C, WR/TE, DE, CB/S, RB
  • My Projection: WR DJ Moore - Maryland

25. Baltimore Ravens (from Tennessee)

TE Hayden Hurst - South Carolina

Traded down twice. Took a former Pirates 17th round pick that developed Steve Blass disease. Overaged prospect. A rare complete three down TE.
  • Needs: QB, OT, G/C, WR/TE, I/OLB, DT
  • My Projection: OT Kolton Wong - UCLA (at 16)

26. Atlanta Falcons

WR Calvin Ridley - Alabama

Nice value. Had nothing behind Julio Jones, Mohammad Sanu.
  • Needs: DT, DE, WR, G/C, CB, M/OLB
  • My Projection: DT Taven Bryan - Florida

27. Seattle Seahawks (from Green Bay/New Orleans)

RB Rashaad Penny - San Diego St

Joins Marshall Faulk as only Aztec RBs taken in the first round in the modern draft era. Damn. Biggest reach so far. Need a RB. Plenty of better available. Desperate for offensive line and defensive backs. Could have used the day two pick they got for trading down on a back, likely Penny.
  • Needs: RT/G, CB, DE, DT, RB, WR/TE
  • My Projection: CB Josh Jackson - Iowa (at 18)

28. Pittsburgh Steelers

S Terrell Edmunds - Virginia Tech

First round brothers for the first time. Huge reach. Massive letdown. Fast riser after jumping through the roof at the combine. Should win the Steelers the broad jump and verticle leap gold medals. Wait, that isn't part of a foothall game? Damn it. Could versatility push him to inside linebacker like his brother? Probably in sub-packages at least. At least the Penguins eased my pain by erasing a 2 goal third period deficit and coming back to beat the C(r)apitals.
  • Needs: ILB, FS, OLB, CB, WR, NT/DE
  • My Projection: I/OLB Leighton Vander Esch - Boise St

29. Jacksonville Jaguars

DT Taven Bryan - Florida

Value over immediate need. Would have been thrilled if the Steelers had followed this course and taken Bryan or a corner.
  • Needs: LT, CB, M/OLB, RT/G, WR, QB
  • My Projection: CB Mike Hughes - Central Florida

30. Minnesota Vikings

CB Mike Hughes - Central Florida

Another player I would have been thrilled if the Steelers selected over Edmunds. Short, but has the build to hold up outside. Might be even better in the slot. Return ability a bonus.
  • Needs: RT/G, DE, CB, OLB, DT, WR
  • My Projection: G Will Hernandez - UTEP

31. New England Patriots

RB Sony Michel - Georgia

Most versatile of the backs sans Barkley. Rumors of a knee condition causing him to fall proved unfounded. Of course Belichick doesn't care if his knee can't hold up through a second contract. If Michel succeeds Belichick wouldn't pay him what it would take to sign him to a second contract anyway.
  • My Projection: CB Jaire Alexander - Louisville

32. Baltimore Ravens (from Philadelphia)

QB Lamar Jackson - Louisville

Give Ozzie Newsome an "A" for effort in his last year running the draft room. I am just not a fan of Jackson. Had to do something to try to eventually replace Joe Flacco. I just don't think this move is going to work. So Mayfield and Jackson were the QBs added to the AFC North. I am not impressed.
  • My Projection: RB Derius Guice (by Eagles)
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