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Stillers-Rams Postgame Analysis and Grades

November 10, 2019 by Still Mill

Stillers 17, Rams 12 …..Nov 10, 2019………Game # 9
Stillers-Rams Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers overcame a 1st-miunte 7-0 deficit and took control of the game, and then held on for dear life late in the 4Q.




QB:   Undoubtedly Rudy’s best game as a Stiller.    Sure, there was the safety, his 2nd in just a few weeks, which highly annoyed me.    But Mason was cool under pressure, and on the long, methodical FG drive in the 4Q, made multiple clutch completions.   He had a stellar TD pass to Wash earlier in the game, and was working the ball down the field far, far more than the lil’ baby steps he was taking some 6 weeks ago.     B+




Conner – did not play; had injured shoulder.  Starting to lose my patience with his softness and brittleness.


Samuels - adequate game.    Didn’t do a ton on the ground, with 14 rushes for 29 yards.   Had 3 grabs for 11.   B-


Snell - did not play (knee).


Trey Edmunds - had 4 runs for 1 yard, which begs the question on why he was fuking getting the ball at all.   Had 2 grabs for 14.       C+  


Brooks-James - Impressed me some with his decent burst.    Had 6 rushes for 11. 



Nix did not play.  



Switzer – Didn’t see any WR PT and mercifully bowed out with a bad back in the 4Q.


JuJu – had an early pass CLANG off his hands for an inc  pass.  Finished with 3 grabs for 44, which is ok but doesn’t quite cut the mustard for a supposed #1 WR.    B-


Wash - again, finally started to look useable, stunning me with a couple of combat-like grabs.   Had a big TD brab with nice hands and good footwork, and finished with a career high 6 grabs for 90.   Had a fumble in the 4Q, which enraged me, but overall, he’s starting to look like a legit NFL WR and some some sorry-assed pansie.    B


D. Johnson - had 4 grabs for 64.   Had a bad drop, but otherwise a solid day.     B


Holton - no grabs, as usual.



McDonald - had 3 grabs for 11, and a hideous drop.   B-


Vannett - Had 1 grab for 8, and also a costly holding flag.   B-


OL:  Overall, the line played decently in pass pro, and average in the ground game.   Of course, they had their usual allotment of piss, slop, and weak-assed blocking.   Leading the way (sic) was David DeAsstro, the supposed “All Pro guard”, who was savagely humiliated by Aaron Donald for a sack in the EZ for a safety in the 4Q.   Sure, Donald is, unlike DeAsstro, a true STUD.   That said, all DeAsstro had to do on this play was simply get a PINKIE FINGER on Donald and slow him down for at least one half-second.   Instead, DeAsstro LUNGES like a stupid fuk and gets swimmed and humiliated.    Then, with about 1:20 left in the game and the Stillers trying to run out the clock, this fuking Mensa genius commits a false start, like a human jackass.   F


Fat Ramon Foster sat out with the concussion from two weeks ago.    Pukes Okafor got abused throughout the game, and also had a holding flag.   F    Villa got flagged twice for holding.   D+     Pouncey, yet another over-rated pilo shoit, sent a SG snap over the QB’s head for an easy LA TD, and on the next series, clumsily tripped up his own RB on a sweep that had ACRES of open room.    D



Heyward – had a rare, dominant game, with 2 batted passes and plenty of QB harassment.     A-


Hargrave - good bullrushed and some run stuffing as well.   Perhaps his best game in years.   B+


Alu - did a little bit.      C



Vinnie – helped set the tone early with some punishing hits.   


Barron - somehow was credited with 10 solos, which I didn’t quite see.  He at least was more active than his usual pedestrian performance.     B


Bush - had just 2 solos in a quiet game. 


Chickillo - played some snaps here and there.


Watt – another beast of a game with 2 sacks, 1 strip, and a couple of flags drawn.    He’s a beast.   A


Crud Dupree – after being anointed last week as the next Lawrence Taylor, Crud returned to earth with an average effort.   Had a couple slop stops, and a couple semi-pressures on the QB.    B-




Haden – stellar game.  Had an INT, a couple PDs, and the late pass deflection that Minkah picked off.   Well done.    A


Nelson - played much better than last week.   Solid effort.    B


Hilton – got flagged for what I eflt was an absurd PI flag late in the game.  


Edmunds - was correctly flagged for a PI in the 4Q, and then, late in the game, could have easily been flagged for PI in the EZ that would’ve set up a 1st & goal at the 1.    On both play, the imbecile failed to simply CRANE his neck and look for the fuking ball.    C


Minkah - All this dude does…is make big fuking plays and score TDs !     Scooped up a loose ball in the 1H and took it to the house, and then late in the game, had a game-sealing INT.    Also busted up a couple passes.     Dude just makes big plays and he causes turnovers, someone NO ONE else in this secondary in the past 8 years has been able to do.    A+


Spec teams:  

Jordan Berry –  Had 9 punts; never pinned LA down deep, and his late 4Q punt went all of 39 yards.    C


Boswell - 1 for 1 on FGs, and good on all PATs.  A


Switzer set up the 4Q safety. First, Shitzer caught the punt at the 6, which ya do NOT do.    That said, when he caught it, he had an ACRE of room to run AHEAD, FORWARD, for about 7 yards.   Instead, he fuking diddle-fuked and ran LATERALLY, and got nabbed at the 5.   If the dumbass had simply TAKEN the 5 or 7 yards that were THERE, the safety doesn't occur.   What a fukstick.    F 


OC:  Randy Sphincter had a better game than the prior 7 or 8.    That said, I fuking despised the late-game playcalling that managed to chew all of 10 seconds off the clock before punting.   It had all the creativity of a toddler with a fuking crayon.     C+



Keith Assler had perhaps 1 of his best days as a DC, amid what has been like 49 other miserable games.    B



HC:  Mike Asslin deserves whatever credit there is for the 4Q decision to go for it on 4th & 1, which sprung a long, clock-chewing FG drive that forced LA to have to rush for a TD.     Stoogelin seemed to be a bit of an observer, so I’m not sure what influenced he had on the call.     B


Synopsis:  Amazingly, this laggardly, slop-happy club is now 5-4. Up next, a tough game on the road in Clev, which treats THIS game as their Super Bowl. 


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