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Power Rankings (week 2)

September 14, 2011 by Steel Haven

1.1.Green Bay Packers1-0Kiper talked about them going undefeated on Mike and Mike in the morning on Friday. While that might be premature at this early stage they did pick up right where they left off last season.
2.2.New England Patriots1-0Speaking about picking up where you left off.... Brady picked up where he left off in his unanimous MVP season by throwing for 517 yards to set a franchise and MNF record.
4.7.Philadelphia Eagles1-0Vick, McCoy and Jackson performed up to dream team expectations for the 1st game at least.
3.6.New York Jets1-0Rex won the battle of the Ryans, although Rob didn't get much help from Romo or special teams.
5.4.New Orleans Saints0-1Explosive Sproles and errorless Bressus not enough to overcome the defending champs. Going on the road for the opening Thursday night game is a thankless job.
6.9.Baltimore Ravens1-0Flacco finally beat Roethlisberger for the first time (with help from the defense of course).
7.8.San Diego Chargers1-0Rebounded after starting off in eerily similar fashion to 2010 by giving up a touchdown return on the opening kickoff.
8.16.Chicago Bears1-0I need to quit underestimating last year's NFC runner up.
9.11.Houston Texans1-0Tate helped them forget about Foster at least for a week.
10.5.Atlanta Falcons0-1Matty Ice did not look cool under pressure in Chicago.
11.3.Pittsburgh Steelers0-1Not too many teams win when they commit as many turnovers as they score points. Need young corners to step up sooner rather than later. McFadden and Gay are awful. Bringing them back plus the resigning of Colon look like major mistakes.
12.13.Detriot Lions1-0Stafford showed why it is imperative that he stays healthy.
13.18.Arizona Cardinals1-0The good news.... Kolb looked comfortable spreading the ball around while throwing for over 300 yards in victory. The bad news.... The defense was shredded through the air by rookie Cam Newton.
14.20.Oakland Raiders1-0Won their 8th straight divisional matchup.
15.15.Tampa Bay Buccaneers0-1Didn't lose any ground with entire division going down to defeat.
16.26.Buffalo Bills1-0Scored 40 point in the opener for the first time since 1992.
17.31.Washington Redskins1-0Could be better than expected with a rejuvenated Sex Cannon and newcomers like Hightower, Gaffney, Davis (close enough), Kerrigan and Nield.
18.10.Dallas Cowboys0-1Blew a 14 point 4th quarter lead for the 1st time in franchise history.
19.14.New York Giants0-1Manning the younger took over the active iron man streak among quarterbacks from Manning the elder with his 111th consecutive start. The result was not much better than that of Manning the elder's team with the defense looking like they will be unable to overcome spate of injuries.
20.17.St. Louis Rams0-1Lost Jackson to a pulled quad on his 2nd carry, his 1st was a 47 yard TD. He is unlikely to return next week. Can still breathe a sigh of relief with Bradford not expected to miss any more time after leaving the game for X-rays of his finger in the 4th quarter.
21.19.Kansas City Chiefs0-1Look primed to go from worst to first to worst in 3 season span.
22.27.San Fransisco 49ers1-0Ginn iced the opener in exciting fashion by returning a kickoff and punt for TDs in the final quarter after the Seahawks pulled to within 2.
23.28.Jacksonville Jaguars1-0Overcame money driven decision to release Garrard the Tuesday before the opener.
24.23.Minnesota Vikings0-1McNabb threw for only 39 yards passing while playing the entire game in his debut in purple. Ponder time may come sooner rather than later.
25.25.Miami Dolphins0-1New offensive scheme managed to help Henne and company combine with the Patriots to gain the second most yards in NFL history.
26.12.Indianapolis Colts0-1Legitimately in the Luck sweepstakes if Manning misses the season. Can Caldwell survive?
27.32.Cincinnati Bengals1-0Won the first round of the battle of Ohio for whatever that is worth (not much).
28.21.Tennessee Titans0-1Unsurprisingly couldn't overcome Johnson being rusty and gaining only 49 total yards.
29.22.Cleveland Browns0-1Preseason optimism proved unfounded as they lost the 12th of their last 13 openers.
30.24.Denver Broncos0-1Orton became the 14th QB of the week to throw for 300 yards illustrating why statistics can lie. His pair of turnovers including dropping the ball while preparing to throw without being touched tells the real story.
31.30.Carolina Panthers0-1Newton gives them hope for the future after throwing for a rookie opening week record 422 yards.
32.29.Seattle Seahawks0-1Carroll lost the battle of former PAC-10 coaches to Harbaugh. He appears to be biding his time waiting for Luck or Barkley despite last year's surprise playoff appearance.

*Last week's ranking
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