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Stillers-Ravens Postgame Analysis and Grades

December 03, 2012 by Still Mill

Stillers 23, PoeBirds 20 ……. Dec 2, 2012 …………Game # 12


Stillers-Ravens Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers took an early 3-0 lead, but then got stormed for 13 points, and with the offense going 3-and-out on several successive series, it looked gloomy.    The Stiller were able to close it to 13-6 before the half, and then tied the game in the 3Q.   Balt went ahead late in the 3Q on a 34-yard TD run by Gay Rice, and it again looked gloomy.  But Harrison got a rare Stiller FF and Batch tied the game with a TD pass to Heeeath.    With 6:00 left, Batch took over at his own 15 and led a long march to the Balt 19, where the Stillers then booted a game-winning FG as time expired. 



Batch - started and led the offense to a solid 11 play FG drive on its first drive.  Threw a nice deep ball, 2d series, to an open Brown, but it was overthrown.  Actually, there were 2 receivers open underneath for easy yardage for the 1D, and its disappointing Batch got so greedy on this play. 

On the first series of the 2Q, on a 3d & 4, Batch held the ball literally for 9 seconds, before getting sacked from behind.   A very greenhorn play by a veteran QB, who could have run with the ball, or at least tried a pass against what has been a terribly mediocre Raven defense.   On 3d & 5, mid 2Q, threw a dogshit low slider to Brown that was uncatchable, which was the 3rd straight 3-and-out.  

Late in the 2Q, on 3d & 3, he had ALL DAY and then had Wally WIDE OPEN in the EZ, but threw the pass literally 14 feet over Wally’s head.  Even Tyler Palko could have completed this pass.  Instead of a TD, the Stillers had to settle for a FG.   Of course, with The Clanger being the intended receiver, we shouldn’t automatically chalk this up as 6 points, as the ball could have easily clanged off Wally’s skillet-like hands.   Batch finished the 1H 9 of 16 for 57 yards.  

Batch looked considerably sharper on the opening drive of the 3Q, completing passes to Sanders (2) and Miller.  He then had the presence of mind to head downfield on a Dwyer plunge, and then made a good shield-block to enable Dwyer to get to the pylon for the tying TD. 

Took too long to throw the pass to Miller in the EZ, and was picked off by Reed in the EZ for a crushing INT in the 4Q.  Clutch pass, under heavy pressure, to Wally for 15 yards on 3d & 8 late in the 4Q, taking a huge shot to the head by Hloti Ngata that was, of course, not penalized.   His leading of the offense in the 4Q for the Miller TD, and then the long, 6-minute FG march, was superb.   Watching Batch hug Ben for 20-some seconds after the winning FG, I almost felt teary-eyed.    Well done.    A


Redman - inserted at RB to begin the first PIT series of the 2Q.  Nifty bit of running on 3d & 3, early 3Q, bouncing it wide and then cutting it up for 8.   Squirted up a tiny hole early in the 4Q and gained 24 yards.  Burrowed and plowed for 1st down yardage on 2nd & 3 late in the 4Q.  Finished with 9 carries for 43 hard-earned yards in a very stellar, rock-solid performance. 

Dwyer - Started, and gashed for some adequate chunks of yardage on the opening drive.   Made a good play & effort to bounce a gut-plunge wide, and scored early in the 3Q on a 16-yard TD run.   Had Fred Reed for an EASY tackle at the BALT 1-yard line after the EZ INT, but like a complete pansie, he feebly pawed and grabbed at Reed as though Reed had open leprosy sores, and Reed spun away and returned the ball to the Balt 34.    Had 16 rushed for 49 yards.   Needs to learn when to burrow and take the 3-yard gain instead of looking to bounce and spin for a 2-yard loss.      B    

Rainey - played only sparingly at RB and served as a effective decoy.   

Socrates Mendenhall:  Deservedly did not dress, which should certainly signal the end of his tenure here, as he’ll be a FA in March.    Good thing he was rushed off PUP (sic).       


Johnson -  clutch grab on 3d & 2, 1st series; hung on after getting hit immediately after the grab.  Missed his block and forced a 2-yard loss of Dwyer at 4:30 3Q.   B


Wally - Mister Holdout stopped running on a deep ball, late 2Q, and the ball fell harmlessly incomplete.   A few plays later, The Clanger was thrown a deepish ball down the sideline, and he ALLIGATOR-ARMED the ball and allowed it to clang off his hands.  Clang !!   A pile o’ shit play by a pile o’ shit receiver.    Grabbed an out pass late in the 4Q on 3d & 8 for 15 yards; it’s a miracle this showboating pussy didn’t drop the ball.   He caught a bubble screen on the next play for 7 yards, and turned his ankle during the tackle.  He did come back a play later.   The dude has skillets for hands...He should be a chef.  Order UP! 

Brown - . threw a Tomczac-ian floater to Dwyer on a gadget play that was picked off at 5:16 2Q.  Caught a deep lob late in the 3Q, and then, like a complete pussy, just slipped onto his ass without being touched.   Was slip-sliding most of the game.    Had some decent RAC on bubble screens late in the game.   Had 5 grabs for 58 and clearly is still hobbled by the ankle sprain.  

Sanders - co-started along with Wally, part of a Momlin motivational effort.  Showed his appreciation of this promotion when he caught a slant on 3d & 11 in the 3Q and literally had an ACRE of open room, and like a complete assfuk simply coughed up the ball with no Raven within 11 yards of him.  Instead of a 40-yard -- or more, or a TD -- Sandy fumbles the ball away like a complete fucking faggott.    This is the case of a showboater getting ready to celebrate a TD long before the TD is gained.  On the next series, Sandy was thrown a perfect slant on 3d & 4, and like the complete fuking pussy he is, dropped what would have been a 14-yard gainer.  He supposedly suffered a shoulder injury on this play, but the truth is that his simply had a sore vagina.    He came back into the game, and on the INT by Reed in the EZ, this gutless pussy actually started walking AWAY, toward the bench, as Reed was getting up in the EZ and returning the ball to the Balt 34.  Grabbed a low slant on the next series for 17 yards; it’s a miracle this showboating pussy didn’t drop the ball.  

Cotch - did not play.

Plex - played only sparingly with Brown back in the lineup.   

Wally, Sandy: F         Brown: C   


Miller - Ignored nearly the entire 1H before a clutch grab sparked the late FG drive.   He then burned the RatBird secondary for 43-yard catch and run early in the 3Q.   Snagged a short pass early in the 4Q and rumbled ahead for 23.   Made an outstanding reach for the pylon to score the tying TD at 7:37 4Q.  Just a stellar game by a true warrior.  

Paulson -  played some; didn’t do much.        A


Starks: held off the blind side quite well.  

Beacham - started at RT.   Good block on Redman’s 24-yard run in the 4Q.  Got sucked too far outside, with help from Redman to his outside no less, which allowed a sack in the 4Q.   Overall, played very adequately for a rookie 7th rounder, and should he progress, he could add depth or even push for starting chores next summer. 

Colon - did not play.  

Foster - played okay at RG.   There were too many blow-up ground plays for negative or zero yards.      

Pouncey - started at LG.   Got blown up by Suggs on ground play that lost 3 yards, opening series.   On the 1st play of the 2H, he did an entirely shit shop of helping Leggo with Cody, and Cody was to bat the pass.   Good block on the LB a couple plays later on a 3d & 3 run that gained 8.  Luck a complete buttfucker, he committed a false start on 1st down at the Balt 19 late in the game, when all the offense had to do was run down the clock and kick a chippie FG.   Overall, he fairly sucked well-water, although it was his first game ever at OG since high school. 

Leggo - started at center, since he’s the only G/C in the NFL who cannot play guard.   Played okay, although he got devoured on a good many ground plays.  

Overall, this crew gave Batch plenty of room and time in the pocket.     B


Keisel - whiffed like a complete jackfuck on a sack of Jacco, although it luckily worked out well as Jacco spun away, and with plenty of time, flung a Tomczac-ian floater that was INTd by Clark.  Got blown 6 yards off the ball on a solo block on the long Rice TD run.  Very piss poor.    

Hood - got a Dong Sack in the 3Q after Jacco had 9 seconds back in the pocket.  Got a Dong fumble recovery when he was pawing around, doing nothing, and the ball bounced basically into his lap.    Actually had 4 solos, which is probably a career high. 

Hampton - got pancaked onto his back by FB Vontae Leach on a Rice run up a GAPING hole, good for 6 yards in the 2Q.    Finished with zero solos, zero assists, and zero impact. 

Heyward - helped bottle a run, early 3Q.  Played like Ray Charles on the long Rice TD run, 3Q, playing patty-cakes with the O-lineman while Rice dashed by just millimeters from Heyward’s pads.  . Is this guy blind, or narcoleptic, or both ?? 

McLendon - chipped in some in limited PT.   No reason whatsoever why this guy isn’t seeing more PT. 



Foote -  got a paw on a hideously poor pass on 3d & G, 2Q.   Meekly whiffed on Leach after a short dump off, early 3Q, flailing and then falling to the ground with his dick in the dirt.   Had Jacco in his grips for an easy sack, yet was entirely unable to bring down Pussy Joe.   The refs blew the call by whistling Jacco down, even though he was totally unfettered by Foote and there no longer is an “in the grasp” rule.  

Timmons - good wrap of Rice after mid-dumpoff, 1Q.  Had only 3 solos, which is unacceptable for an ILB of his caliber who is in the field for every down.

Woodley - as usual, Big LaMarr sat out with another pussyfied injury.  

Worilds - Good pressure and near sack, late 1Q.   Good stop of Rice, 1st play 2Q.  The next play, he blistered Leach OOB after a short dumpoff.  Is giving the Stillers just as good a presence at LOLB as Big LaMarr, for about $6M less this season.  

Harrison - failed to grab Pierce near the LOS on a stretch play in which he was unblocked from the backside, which allowed a 9-yard gain.    Good run stuff, 1st Raven play of 2H.  Continually over-pursed on mis-direction and bootleg throwbacks.   Stripped Jacco for an extremely rare Steeler FF at 9:41 4Q.     B


Pola -  started, but then ended up on the sideline late in the 1Q, but he returned soon later.  Made a rare play with a run-stuff in the BF in the 4Q.  Had very little impact, although his presence may have bothered Joe Choko.   

Ike - injured his ankle on the 1st series; did not return. 

Lewis - got tooled on an out pass, 3d & 10 in the 2Q, allowing a 113-yard completion.   Flagged for a hold on 3d & 3 in Raven territory.  Peeboy busted up a deep ball on 3d & 15 on the first play in the 4Q. 

Cortez Allen - busted up a 3d & 5 pass, 1Q.   His right hand was jerking at the WR’s jersey, and could have been a penalty.  He busted up an out-curl to Boldin, 11:19 2Q.  On the next play, he closed in on Smith on a deep post, and busted up a TD pass, nearly getting an INT in the process.  A few plays later, he was challenged on a deep ball, and flagged for PI, although hit should have been holding.   Failed to get a hand on a lob to Boldin for 31 yards, and then on the ensuing play got beaten on a deep lob for a TD. 

Clark -  got a Dong  INT -- the only kind of INTs he ever gets -- when Flacco just flung the ball high and down the field, and Clark literally could have fair caught the ball as he stood underneath the harmless floater that wasn’t anywhere near a Raven receiver.   On all but 1 of the deep lobs by Jacco, Clark was never to be found anywhere near the football.    Is it too much to ask of a free safety to at least HELP bust up a deep ball, say, once every 3 months ?     B

Spec teams: 

Butler - booted a dogshit 27-yard punt to the Raven 15 late in the 3Q.  That’s a dogshit pooch punt; an acceptable pooch punt would have been to the 5, if not deeper.

Suisham nailed a 46-yarder to give the Stillers an early 3-0 lead.  This was his 22nd of 23 attempts this season.  He also booted his 3rd game-winning FG of the season. 

Curt Brown had a good solo stop on the 2nd KO of the 1Q.  On the ensuing Balt punt, however, Brown failed to even get so much as a pinkie finger on the gunner, who dropped Tonio Brown for no gain on a play that appeared Brown would have had ample room for a nice return. 

Ryan Bundy got run over, and a 2Q punt was tipped, which caused a weak 35-yard punt.  

The blocking on the punt return team was pure vomit, and Brown never had a chance to break anything longer than just a few measly yards.   Brown, of course, slipped around as though he were running on an ice rink.

Good KO return by Rainey, late 2Q, which went to the PIT 42.  Armed with such good FP, the offense drove to the BALT 23 and booted a FG late in the 1H.  

Suisham - A+      All others:  C-  


Todd Galey at least incorporated some plays that played to the strength of his backup QB, much more than the last Balt game. He also had the offense geared to attacking the Ravens’ overpursuit.  The faked outside screen, with the pop pass to Miller in the middle of the field, was a rare bit of brilliance from Galey.   He actually refused to use Miller AT ALL in the passing game until late 1H, which was about 28 minutes too late. 

The gadget pass with Tonio Brown was a solid idea...IF the guy on the pattern was anybody but a lumbering, 245-pound RB whose hands are mediocre and whose vertical leap is about 9 inches.    Miller, Rainey, or even Paulson would have served as a better target.   You’re also asking an awful lot of Brown to throw the pass completely to the other sideline. 

The late-game playcalling was appallingly stupid.    1:46 4Q, no timeouts for Balt, 19-yard line.   Instead of simply KNEELING on the ball 3 times and settling for a 37-yard FG, Haley is actually calling for EXCHANGES and RB plunge plays that not only could result in a fumble, but could actually be whistled for a flag, such a false start (which of course occurred), a hold, a mask, a trip, or even a post-whistle scuffle.   Just fucking stupid.       B-


For once, Dick didn’t gave up a game-opening, cakewalk scoring march, but late in the 1Q, on the RatBird’s 3rd possession, Dick got savagely carved apart by Jacco and the Raven ground game, allowing a 9-play march that culminated in a Raven FG to tie the game at 3.    The march actually would have continued, but Jacco threw 8 feet too high to his open WR on a short curl pattern on 3d & 3.  

On the next drive, Balt took over at its own 42.  They easily marched to the PIT 4 in 9 plays before settling for a chippie FG to go ahead, 6-3.   Dick had a chance to squelch the drive, but on 3d & 10, allowed a cake-easy completion for 13 yards.  

Dick had a 3d & 11 in the 3Q, and allowed a WIDE OPEN Pitta to catch an EASY short pass, with GOBS of open room for a 19-yard gainer.  2 plays later, Rice ran untouched for a 34-yard TD run to essentially seal the game.  

Amid all the glee and praise from the general fan base over this “defensive effort”, it was a shabby, mediocre D-side effort.    They pissed away the lead a 63-yard TD march late in the 3Q, which isn’t indicative at all of a championship defense.   Rice gained 78 yards on only 12 rushes, while Pierce added 34 on 8 carries, which combined made for a gaudy 5.6 yards per rush.   Pitiful.  We can thank Jam Cameron for going pass-happy with a scattershot Joe Jacco, when the PoeBird offense was gaining 5 yards a carry on the ground.   The lone INT was off a high Tomczacian floater that Joe Choko threw to no one on his offense.  Again, keeping things in perspective, this wasn’t quite like stopping Marino, Duper, and Clayton.      C+ 


To his credit, Momlin had his team poised and focused after last week’s slopfested fiasco.   To his discredit, Momlin allowed his idiot OC to play with fire late in the game, when all the offense had to do was simply kneel on the ball and thus avoid any disastrous flags or fumbles. 

Lost in the glee of this win will be the incredible insanity by Tomlin, who is Todd Haley’s boss, late in the game.

The Steelers had a 1st down at the BALT 19, with only 1:46 remaining.  BALT was OUT of timeouts.   ALL you need to do here is simply have the QB dive into the ground 3 times, losing perhaps 12 or 15 inches of "yardage" each time and then booting a 37-yard FG as time expired.    

Instead, Tomlin/Haley tries to plunge the ball against a defense crashing TEN defenders into the line of scrimmage, risking any and all of the following:

   - false start (which, of course, happened)

   - holding flag

   - tripping flag

   - facemasking flag

   - chop block flag

   - post-whistle scuffle, where the retaliatory player is almost always flagged for 15 yards 

   - botched handoff to the RB

   - RB fumbling after being pummeled by 3 and even 4 defenders, which actually occurred but by the grace of the football Gods, the fumble did not happen.

As it was, NONE of the plunges gained ANY more than 1 yard, and in fact 1 lost a yard and 1 was no gain.    The plunges served no productive purpose and served only to potentially abort a game-winning FG, much like a toddler playing with matches and gasoline.  As it was, the FG was 42 yards, and a hook or a slice (remember Pitt vs. ND) could have been 6 inches wide.   Really, really incredibly stupid decision making in this situation.    B-  

Synopsis:  “Nevermore, nevermore,” quoteth the Raven.   Fuk Harbaugh, fuk The Knife Lewis, fuk Jacco, and fuk a team whose primary color is purple.   If this slovenly Stiller team can avoid yet another road collapse (at Dallas in 2 weeks), they could run the table and eek into the playoffs.   If.   


(Still Mill and -- when it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close….)

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