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Hard Hat Award (Game #2, vs. Seattle)

September 22, 2011 by Still Mill


Hard Hat Award (Game #2, vs. Seattle)

Stillers WR Mike Wallace and SS Troy Polamalu are the co-winners of the weekly Hard Hat Award, given to the Stiller player who best embodies the iron-tough, hard-as-steel attitude of the steel workers inside the blast furnace of a still mill.


After a complete egg-lay in game 1, the team came out with much more fire, intensity, and focus.   


Wally had a strong effort against the Hawks, beating their secondary short, intermediate, and deep.   He finished with 8 grabs for 126 yards and 1 TD, that on a fade-lob pattern in which he astutely ran the fade as an unspoken audible with the QB.   In true Hard Hat spirit, Wally made a spectacular grab on a deep ball in the 3Q, catching an ´┐Żupside down snow cone´┐Ż just a few inches off the ground on a deep lob.  


Troy looked like the Troy of old, making plays all over the field with quickness and guile.  Pola was all over the field.....flashing up when needed and reading and anticipating with superb command.   The first 3 plays the Hawks ran, Pola thwarted all of them.....a tackle on a pass catch, and then 2 run stops.   He also nearly made an INT that woulda been a pick 6 in the 3Q. 


Several other players warranted attention by The Committee.   Isaac Redman churned out some tough yardage, gaining 49 yards on 10 carries, including a nifty 20-yard TD run off a routine plunge.  Ike Taylor had another stellar game in coverage.  Ward had a good game.  Benji shook off a brutal hit to the knee, and 2 plays after limping off the field, he came back to play. 


Kudos to Wally and Pola for winning the Hard Hat Award.  Wear the Hard Hat proudly, fellas !  



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