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Stillers-Seahags Postgame Analysis and Grades

October 18, 2021 by Still Mill



Stillers 23. Seahags 20 (OT)..... Oct 17, 2021 ………Game # 6


Stillers-Seahags Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers hosted the 2-3 Hawks, playing without star QB Russ Wilson, on Sunday nite.  It was scoreless after the 1Q, with the Stiller offense not doing jack shoit.   The Stilllers took a near-commanding lead into the locker room at halftime, 14-0.    Sure as shit, of course, this smug, pompous defense came out after halftime, and literally had their asses handed back by the SEA QB-less offense, which marched as easy as pie for 2 long TDs to make it a 17-14 game.  SEA had another cake-easy march to tie the game at 17.   The Stillers took a late 3 point lead, but sure a shit, this Softee Defense allowed Geno Smith to casually march into FG range with only 1:30 to work with.  The Stillers got a fumble recovery in OT and Bos nailed a FG to win it. 


Due to the late nite nature of this game, this report will be a bit abbreviated.




QB:   Pumper Ben had an adequate game, mostly on paper.


First drive – 3d & 9, with ALL day in the pocket, and Ben hurriedly dumps the ball off to Harris on a piss-ant 4 yard pattern, which gained 7.


Underthrew the deep ball to Dionte, 2d series, in which Dionte had to practically stop and wait for the ball to arrive.  The SEA DB easily busted it up.  On 1st & G from the 5, 2Q, had a pass batted and nearly INT’d. 


Nice back to back completions to Dionte, 1st drive of 3Q.  Stellar throws.  


Created a disaster, early 4Q, pumping the ball like a fool and fumbling, although the ruling on the field was an inc pass.  SEA challenged the ruling, and the call on the field was correctly reversed, giving SEA the ball on the PIT 35. 


Threw a hideous overthrow beyond Carpool on 3d & 9, mid 4Q.  Should have been a 30- yard gain, if not a TD. 


Was nearly picked off by Adams with 1:48 left in the game, but Adams failed to corral the ball.   On paper, this looks like a decent game, but they continually threw SHORT of the sticks on 3rd down, and produced just 2 TDs, and just 6 points in the entire 2H.   Not good enough.     B-




Harris –  Good catch and short RAC for the TD, early 2Q.  Was split wide, and ran a nice, crisp pattern.  In the 2Q, took a short pass, juked 2 tacklers, and made 6 out of nothing.  Stellar 2nd and 3rd effort on a 1st & goal line plunge, late 2Q….made 4 yards out of what should have been only 1.     Superb 2nd effort on a dumpoff to gain the extra yardage to set up the late 52-yard FG by Bos.    Had 24 rushes for 81, and 6 grabs for 46.   Dude’s a baller.     A


McFarl – did not play.  


Snell –   Got no work at RB. 


Ballage – thrown a screen pass, 1Q, on a play that was blown all to hell.  Nice 4-yard gain on a toss sweep, 2Q.  Stellar 11 yard run, early 4Q, grinding thru 2 tackles.   B


FB:    Watt started the game at FB, then was rarely seen on O again. 



Wash -   Grabbed one pass in the 1Q, and then was never seen again.  Unless he injured his leg again, this was bizarre. 


Dionte - Flagged for OPI on a 2d & 2 WR screen, 1Q.  Solid run on end around, early 2Q, for 25 yards.  Failed to corral a tough ball in the EZ on a play where SEA was offsides, late 2Q.  Was unable to come up with a tough, but catchable low pass, mid 4Q.  Had 9 grabs for 71.     B


Claypool –  Went to the locker room, mid 1Q.   Returned the next series.  Flagged for a block to the back, 3Q.  Good, hustling RAC, 4Q, turning 5 yards into 12.    Clumsily failed to get his feet in bounds on a rather easy catch, late 4Q, and to pour salt into the wound was flagged for OPI to boot.  A completely dogshit play.   Also failed to corral a combat catch earlier in the game, which is now starting to really annoy me.  A guy with his size AND athleticism is continually failing to come down with 60-40 balls against 5-10” DBs.   Not good enough...nor is 2 grabs for 17, esp with Schuster out of the lineup.    C+


GayRay McCloud – Was not PREPARED to look for and catch the pass that Ben pumped and fumbled, 4Q.  Then on a 3d & 4 in OT, grabbed a short pass and showed the elusiveness of a PennDOT barrell, getting grabbed as easy as cake and stymied short of the sticks.    D- 



Ebron – good, clutch grab on 3d & 3, early 2Q, to move the chains.   Took a handoff from the 2 and vaulted into the EZ to make it a 13-0 game.  Had 2 grabs for 10, and more importantly, didn’t have any silly drops.  B


Pat FryBoy – snared a low pass, mid 1Q.  Good block on Dionte’s end around.  Had 7 grabs for 58, and is showing that he has THE best hands on the team.    A


Gentry – saw a fair amount of PT, though was not targeted.  


OL:  Overall, the line blocked solidly, both in the run and the pass. 


Fat Trai Turner committed a false start on the opening drive.  Moore got whipped by Taylor, 1Q, on a 3d & 10, forcing Ben to have to scoot away and throw low to Fryboy. Moore barely got a pinkie on the rusher on a 3d & 10, late 3Q, forcing Ben to release the pass earlier than he intended to.  Moore got injured, mid 4Q, and was replaced by Joe Haeg.     


Okor was flagged for an illegal block, 3Q.    Overall, the line play was more than adequate.    B+



Heyward – The $65M Man beat Fat Damien Lewis for a sack, 2Q.   Got shoved aside by a SOLO block on a Collins 7 yard cruise, early 3Q.    Blasted the RB for a 4 yard loss, early in OT.  Solid game, but he has to share responsibility for the run defense getting gashed the entire 2H.     Nice game, although much of it was against a dreg backup.    A-


Tuitt – another vaunted DE who again sat out.   When’s this fat ass going to finally play this season ?


Wormley – chipped in on the Highsmith sack, early 4Q. 


Buggs – good sniff and stop of early run, for a 1 yard loss.  


Loudermilk – good stop for no gain, mid 3Q. 



Bush – whiffed like a little girl on a dumpoff to Metcal, first play of 2Q.   Looked like a little girl on the Collins 11 yard run, early 3Q.   Totally and blindly over pursued on the SEA run, late 2Q, good for 14 yards.  Grabbed the loose ball in OT, then ran the wrong way, and then nearly fumbled the ball as well.   3 solo tackles during 68 minutes of play, which ain’t good enough.   And all the while in the 2nd half, with SEA gashing this D on the ground, Bush was never to be seen.     D+      


Schobert – pretty much did NOTHING when he was in the game.  Stole oxygen from other players.    D 


Sitter Watt – Hit the QB’s arm on a pass, forcing an inc, mid 1Q.  Batted down a 3rd down pass, early 2Q.  Flagged for a pers foul as he was trying to chop a football loose during a scrum, early 3Q.  On that 26 yard run, that was Sitter Watt, getting knocked on his ass by the blocker, opening up a HUGE hole.  He SAT backwards on his ass like a clumsy fool.   Batted a pass, 10:33 4Q.   Good solo, first play of OT.  Big sack a few plays later on 3d & 4.  Lunged at a scrambling Geno and knocked the ball loose in OT, setting up the GW FG attempt.  Was also completely bamboozled on the 2nd and goal TD pass late in the 3Q.  Watt admitted after the game, being interviewed on Natl TV, that the defense “got gashed” in the 2nd half.  That’s the 2nd week in a row this has occurred, BOTH times against offenses led by inept QBs. Unacceptable.  A 


Highsmith – good pressure on early 3d & 4.   Good stuff of running play for a 1 yard loss, 1Q.  Whipped the LT for a sack, late 1H.  Blew up the 3d & goal play, early 3Q, first by blasting the likely receiver, then having the presence to not get juked by the QB, and then nabbing the QB for the sack to force a FG.   Best game of the season, by far.    A


Spillane – clumsily over-pursued on the Edmunds whiff-play, 1Q, when he should have had an EASY clean-up hit.  


Mel Ingram – harassed the QB into a low inc, late 3Q.  Didn’t get much PT at all; in fact, he barely played.  Inc.




Haden – Quiet, although that can be good for a CB.    B


Cam Button -  tackled like a little faggott on the completion to Everett, getting shrugged off and turning a 20 yard gain into a 41 yard gainer.   Didn’t do much.     C


Norwood – crisp tackle on early 3d & 4, stopping the receiver well short of the sticks.  Busted up a 3d & 5 pass, next series.  Stellar read and wrap on a 3d & 10 WR screen, snaring the receiver and forcing the punt.  


Edmunds – WHIFFED like a jackassed pussy, allowing a 6 yard gain on 3d & 8 to turn into a whopper of a 27 yard gain.  Watch that late game fumble again.....WHY on earth didn't Edmunds, the IDIOT, not create a SCRUM on the ground for the fumbled football, thereby preventing SEA from getting the ball lined up for the spike that stopped the clock ???    Instead, Edmunds JUMPS away from the football as though it was a rabid skunk.  


Minkah -  good, crisp tackle on a 7 yard dash, mid 1Q.  Nowhere to be found on downfield passes.    C+ 


Pierre – didn’t get torched downtown, which was half surprising.  


Spec teams:  

Harvin– punted decently.  Got off a barf-spewing 32 yard punt as the entire team was reeling, late 3Q.   Boomed a 56 yarder in OT to pin SEA deep in their own territory.   B


Boswell – 3 for 3 on FGs, including a late 52-yarder and the 37 yard GW FG.    A+


RayRay – big KO return to open the game.  Did nothing else, and was continually stopped on KO returns at his own 15 or so.         C- 


Shoddy KO coverage, 2Q.  Vomit-inducing KO coverage after the Bos FG, 3Q.  


OC:  Matt Canada oversaw yet another spotty, wheezing offense.    Sure, the O got 2 TDs in the 1H, but then jack squat from that point on in regulation, aside from 2 FGs.  The offense continues to be a rabid grab bag of random, no-schemed playcalls, and few plays, if any, are every set up.   Scoring only 20 points in regulation, at HOME, against a below average SEA defense ain’t nearly good enough.     C-



Keith Assler had the luxury of facing a sub-par backup Geno Smith, due to Russ Wilson’s finger injury.  For most competent DC’s, this would be as easy as shooting fish on a barrel.   For Assler, of course, he struggled in the 2H like the bitch that his is. 


SEA had only 3 first downs, 1H.  Of course, SEA then took the opening KO of the 2H, and marched….and marched….and fuking marched, like a hot knife thru butter.   To wit:


5 yard run

11 yard run

21 yard run

9 yard pass

5 yard run on 2d & 1

7 yard run

7 yard run

5 yards run, plus a pers foul on Sitter Watt (3 yards)

Run, no gain (fuking finally)

2d & G at the 2, TD plunge


10 plays, 75 yards, making a near blowout into a nailbiter…..all because Keith Assler got caught with his pants down, completely unprepared for the 2d half.   


Not satisfied with THAT pilo shit, Assler responded in the next drive to allow SEA to march, easy as pie, for a 60 yard TD march, making it a 3 point game. 


On the next drive, Assler could have gotten off the field on a 3d & 7, but instead got GASHED hideously for a 26-yard gainer off a simple LINE PLUNGE.  SEA soon tied the game on a chippie FG. 


With only 1:30 left in the game and down by 3, Geno Smith took over at his own 25.  As you can expect from an Assler coached defense, Smith marched his team, easy as PIE, into FG range and tied the game as the final seconds ticked off. 


This is TWO WEEKS IN A ROW where Assler’s defense has gotten carved and gashed after halftime, both against weak, inept QBs.    F-



HC:  Mike Asslin was handed what amounted to a BYE WEEK, with SEA forced to fly across the country and play without their star QB, Russ Wilson.   After taking a near—commanding 14-0 lead at half, Asslin and his merry crew came out for the 2d half, with one thumb in their mouth and the other thumb up their asses.


Assler and Stoogelin, having that buttocks handed back by this woeful, QB-less SEA offense. lmao !! Buttler and Asslin apparently did NOTHING during halftime except sip mint julips. They got ravaged and raped for the 2nd week in a row in the ENTIRE 2nd half. 


a. Butler and Stoogelin are supposed to be the defensive GURUS. TWICE in 2 weeks, against woeful, inept, BACKUP Qbs, this defense has been absolutely SHREDDED after halftime. Not just a play here and a play there….they have been dominated and abused in the ENTIRE 2nd half in each of the past 2 games.


b. SEA adjusted after halftime, and it took, what, 23 minutes of game time for Butler to adjust. Then, in the 4th Qtr, Butler goes EXCLUSIVELY with the 4 man rush, which all season has shown to be poorly effective. All the while, Ingram, their 2d best pass rusher, remained STAPLED to the bench.


c. tackling problems? START by cracking some helmets in PRACTICE with some drills. Yes, there are a certain number of padded practices allowed. During this 2 week layoff, when most players will be lounging for a week at Mama’s house gorging themselves with fatty food, I’d highly recommend some tackling drills, and soon after the break.


After the game, regarding the last second TOM\ by the refs to review the catch, Stoogelin stated, ““It was an embarrassment.”  No, the embarrassment was allowing a West coast team to come into his house, with a subpar backup QB at the helm, and come roaring back from a 14-0 halftime deficit and dominate the ENTIRE 2d half.  THAT was an embarrassment.     F 


Synopsis:  A thin, flimsy win over a foe saddled by an inept backup QB.  We saw this same movie multiple times last season, esp in the thin win over Dallas (Ben Dinucci, lmao) and the win over the covid—ravaged Ravens.  And also the losses to the Skins and Bungals.    This was shit effort in the 2nd half, plain and simple, and not anywhere good enough, 6 games into the season.   Although Mike Stoogelin will be all proud, I myself wouldn’t be all proud, given the outrageously advantageous circumstances.  Now, off to a bye, followed by a huge road game at Clev.



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