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Stillers-Trippers Postgame Analysis and Grades

January 24, 2011 by Still Mill

Stillers 31 Jets ��� Jan. 24, 2011 AFCC
Stillers 24, Jets 19���. Jan. 24, 2011 ����AFCC


Stillers-Trippers Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers roared out to a 24-0 lead with only 1:08 remaining in the 1H, and the only doubt seemed to be if the winning margin would be, say, 20, 24, or even 28 points.�� Then, true to his nature, Dick LeBeau went soft in that final 1:08 of the 2Q, allowing the Jets to rise from the grave and get a FG late in the half.The Jets took the 2H KO and casually marched 90 yards for a TD, and suddenly it was a 14-point game.�� Both the Stiller defense and offense then took turns shitting the bed the rest of the 2nd half, and nearly pissed away the game before holding on by their fingernails for a 5-point win.��




QB:Benji had an utterly putrid game; easily his worst since the win over Seattle in Sup Bowl 40.�� Often slow to start, he never did heat up, and finished with a woeful 10 of 19 for 133 yards and a shitty INT.�� (The other INT was a 0-yard INT on a Mendy 4th down drop.)This, despite a ground game that ate up the Jets in the 1st half, yet Ben was spraying the ball every bit as erratically as a bad day by Mike Tomczak.��


The ghastly mistakes were many --


�� - With Miller WIDE open on a flag for an easy WALK-IN touchdown, Ben led him far too much, forcing Miller to make a stabbing dive of the ball that was ruled inc.�� The Stillers ended up scoring on the drive, but it underscores how poorly Ben threw the ball.


�� - Ben had Wally open -- a full 2 steps behind Revis -- on a deep ball in the 2Q, only to throw a shitty-assed quail that forced Wally to screech on the brakes and CAMP for the ball, which enables Revis to catch up and bust it up.�� This was a play where Wally beat Revis to the INSIDE -- just like I said in my pre-game report -- and it should have been 6 points.��


�� - On 3d & G from the 2 in the 2Q, Ben forced an assaholic slant pass that, fortunately, was batted at the LOS, lest it would have been picked by Revis.�� A shit-laden read and stab.


- 3d & 2, 1st series, 3Q, Ben�s slant pass bounced off the FACE of the DB, narrowly avoiding a hideous INT.


�� - On arguably his worst pass of the game, Ben scooted from pressure and re-set, with an ACRE of room and time to throw downfield.�� He threw a lame-assed lollipop lob that was INT�d around the NY 5, instead of GUNNING a pass to the EZ that could have produced 6.��


�� - On a smartly called PAP on 1st down at the NY 42, Ben held the ball forever and took an assaholic sack.2 plays later, on 3d & 19, he again clutched and held and took yet another sack.��


������ He helped salvage this barf-bag effort with a clutch rollout completion to Miller for 14 yards at 2:50 4Q, and then a somewhat ad-hoc scramble that hit Brown for 14 yards on 3d & 6 to ice the game.���� Ben also, as I�d adamantly highlighted in my pre-game, ran well with the ball when the open acreage was there for the taking.Ben will have to play, oh, about 8 times better if the Stillers have ANY chance of beating the Packers, particularly with how many points the Stillers will need to offset the inevitable Rogers-led carving.���� C-


RB:Mendy had a brilliant 1H, gashing the Jets for 95 yards on 17 rushes.He also chipped in with 2 good RACs in the 1H.�� However, he literally tripped over his own 2 feet on a seemingly easy cake-walk TD, downing himself at the 2-yard line.�� In the 2H, the Jets ganged up on the LOS and Mendy was held to only 26 yards on 10 carries. Mendy also allowed a screen pass on 4th & 1 to clang off his hands for a drop (which was INT�d for 0 yards by the Jets).��


��� Redman chipped in nicely in the 1H, converting a 2d & 2 for 5 yards and ripping off a nice, churning 13-yard run.�� Of course, he was immediately relegated to the bench in the 2H and never touched the ball.��


��� Moore had a clutch grab on 3d & 6 in the 3Q, gaining a rare 2H 1st down.�� ����The overall grade would be stronger were it not for Mendy�s drop and his clumsy trip of himself on a sure TD.�� ���A-


FB: Johnson had a nice lead on Mendy�s 7-yard run in the 2Q.�� He also chipped in on a couple other solid gains.���� B


WR:A rather sub-par day by the WR corps.�� They got jostled quite a bit and out-fought on some balls.Wally dropped a simple bubble screen pass, and finished with 1 grab for 6 yards.Ward had all of 2 grabs for 14.�� Sanders had a clutch grab for 20 yards on a deep out in the 4Q.���


���� Once again saving this team�s bacon was rookie Tonio Brown, who had only 1 grab, but it was on a low, jart-like pass that he snared just above the grass to gain 14 yards on the late 3d & 6 to ice the game.Yes, the QB sucked today, but this crew will need far better production in 2 weeks.��� B-


TE:Miller made a diving catch of the shoddy flag by Ben, only to get fuked by an incompetent review that claimed the ball touched the ground.�� He had 2 grabs for 38, and of course spent a plethora of plays as a side-car blocker in the backfield.��� Spaeth, for no sensible reason, was targeted with a pass (incomplete).��� No one can figure out why.����� Miller had a tremendous seal block of a LB to spring Mendy on a widish run for 9 yards in the 3Q.�� ���A-


OL: The line dominated the LOS in the 1H, which enabled the Stillers to mass an incredible 125-some yards rushing.�� The line also gave Ben decent time in the 1H.The Jets crowded the LOS in the 2H, and naturally the running game grounded to a halt.��� The pass pro had some small breakdowns, but it was pretty darn solid, with the sacks actually the fault of Ben for his clutching.


���� The big blow was Pouncey spraining his ankle in the 1st series, which, oddly enough, occurred on a pass play there Flozell Adams blistered his man to hard that the defender went sprawling into Pouncey�s ankle.�� Legursky replaced him and did ok, until the fateful 1st down snap from their own 1-yard line in the 4Q, which Legursky rifled 5 inches below Ben�s hands and forced a safety.��� Very, very poor.�� �����B+


DL:The line did a much better job than in Jets1 in holding blocks and bottling Tomlinson and Greene.�� FatAss Hampton was surprisingly active, batting a pass on the 1st play and harassing the passer a couple times.��� Keisel dropped into coverage and tipped a 3D pass on 3d & 7 in the 2Q.Hood stuffed Greene for 1 yard in the 1Q and had a good run stop for 2-1/2 yards in the 3Q.The line was very stout on the 4th & goal plunge that came up well short in the 4Q.A


LB:Leading the way was Larry Timmons, who had a gutty effort playing sideline to sideline and doing everything from coverage to pass-rushing.�� Timmy led all Steelers with 9 solos and 1 A.He had a good bust-up on a pass to the TE in the 1Q.he also chipped in on the 4th down goal-line stand.��


���� Taunto Farrior actually chipped in with some modicum of quality.�� He chipped in with Ike to stop a 3d & 14 bubble screen in the 1Q.On a 3d & 3 toss sweep in the 4Q, he applied a brutal, teeth-rattling hit on Greene to stop the RB a good 2-feet short of the sticks.��� This was how you fill n� kill as an ILB.��


���� Harrison, like last week, spent a good deal of time in coverage, rather than ransacking the QB.�� He did have 5 solos and 2 As.He astutely sniffed out an end around in the 2Q, dropping it for a 4-yard loss.He had a good, mauling stop on a plunge early in the 4Q, and on a 3d & 1 at 5:40 4Q, he blew it up for a stop short of the sticks.��


���� Lagging far behind, as always, was Big LaMarr Woodley.�� He did chip in a lil� bit more than a 55-gallon drum, although not in great abundance.�� He had a sack late in the 2Q.He had a bat on 3d & goal in the 4Q, although, as the ball hit him in the belly, it would have been awfully nice if he�d picked this pass.�� LaMarr was also royally caved in on the 4th & 1 plunge by Greene at 11:19 4Q.LaMarr also feebly whiffed on the QB soon later, which resulted in a 22-yard completion to Edwards.��


Timmy, Farrior, and Harrison:�� A-���� LaMarr:�� C+��


DB:The secondary looked like All Pros in the 1H, and then in the 2H looked like the Keystone Cops.��� Ike Taylor gaveth and then tooketh away.�� He had the easy, blind-size strip of Sanchez to create the Gay recovery & TD late in the 2Q.But in the 3Q, he clumsily fell to the turf, allowing Tonio Holmes to meander wide open for a 45-yard TD.��� Then, late in the 4Q, Ike picked off Gay -- similar to last week�s follies -- for an easy TD.(Gay has got to read this better, as well.)�� Ike was also flagged in the 1Q for PI.��

��� Pola was again a non-factor, although it�s plausible he prevented some passes with his deepish drops.�� He visibly contributed on only 1 play -- a applying a blistering hit on Cotchery after a short screen RAC in the 4Q.


��� Gay picked off Ike, as noted.�� Gay gradually replaced Fadden, who was hobbled, in the base tonite.He had clumsy coverage on Edwards late in the 3Q, giving up an 18-yard pass.�� He did have good coverage on Eddie early in the 4Q on a deep ball that fell inc.�� Gay also had the presence of mind to scoop up the Sanchez fumble and take it in for what turned out to be the winning points.��


��� Clark had a nice game last week, and then quickly returned to his rabid roots of sub-par mediocrity.�� On the Holmes 45-yard TD pass, Clark, moving as slow as molasses on a bootleg to his LEFT, offered no more help to Taylor than tossing a monkey-wrench to a drowning man.�� In the 4Q, ever the tough guy on defenseless receivers, he got trucked by Greene on a 2nd & 18 draw play, resulting in a 17-yard gainer.�� Also late in the 4Q, Clark was beaten by Keller for an easy TD pass in the EZ, but Keller clumsily dropped the pass.��� Clark was flagged for an illegal contact in the 1Q.


��� Fadden was flagged for an illegal contact late in the 2Q.Hobbled coming into the game, he gave way to Gay in the base defense.�� Overall, facing a mediocre 2nd-year QB and a so-so corps of WRs, the secondary struggled like banshees.�� They�ll need to play 9 times better in 2 weeks.���� B-��


Spec teams:Surprisingly enough, there were no glaring, hideous boners by the STs.�� The KO and punt coverage was pretty solid.��


�� Suisham had a shitty squib KO in the 2Q that promptly went OOB, giving the Trippers the ball at the 40.�� He made his lone FG try, which was basically a PAT.��


��� Krapinos nearly had a punt blocked in the 3Q, thanks to no one blocking an edge rusher.�� He had a shitty 37-yard punt that was FC�d at the NY 19 late in the 3Q.�� Piss poor.


���� Randle El muffed a punt in the 3Q, but luckily the ball rolled OOB for a 3-yard loss. ���Brown did a nifty job on the late KOR, weaving his way for 27 yards to the PIT 41 despite the Stiillers being lined up with a �hands team� in case of an onsides KO.��B.��


OC:Arians started out nicely.�� True to his nature, he shit the bed in the 2H, with his offense bogging down and doing jack shit, scoring ZERO points. ��Arians, true to his nature, was totally unaware of how the Jets had JAMMED the LOS after halftime in order to stop the running game that had been so successful in the 1H.Facing 8 and 9-man fronts, Arians continually tried to pound a square peg into a round hole, and was puzzled when he was unsuccessful.��


���� I�ll give Arians a small bit of credit for learning from the infamous Arians Abortion that sabotaged the playoff loss to Jax back in Jan. �08.�� As you will recall, Arians faced a 3d & 6 late in that game, and called a chickenshit, dumfuk running play by Ben that had ZERO options to pass the ball.�� Time meant nothing; the 1st down was everything.�� Flash forward to tonite, and with the outcome of the game balancing on a cliff thanks to a defense entirely incapable of containing a toddler inside a phone booth, the Stillers twice converted PASSES to move the chains and run out the clock.�� Ben hit Miller on a rollout for 14 yards on 2d & 9, and then, on the 3d & 6 at the 2MW, Ben scrambled and then hit Brown for 14 yards to ice the game.��


���� I was pleased to see some boots and rollouts, which have been as rare as a 2-headed elephant. I despised the 3d & goal pass -- after a PIT timeout, no less -- which was a slant into a FOREST of defenders that was nearly picked off.�� This was all too reminiscent of Chan Gayboy�s ordering of a slant by Kordell Stewart in the Jan. 1998 AFCC vs. Denver, which was picked off.�� The slant into a FOREST is a shitty, low percentage play in that congested of an area...!!Just because it may work at the 40-yard line doesn�t mean it�ll be open from the 2-fuking-yard line.�� ��And, 56 total yards in the 2H is entirely unacceptable.�� 1st Half:A���� 2nd Half:D


DC:The defense totally smothered the Jest the first 29 minutes of the game.�� Pressure.��� Harassment.�� Heat.�� Dictating terms.�� Ransacking and plundering.And then, it just went to shit as LeBeau went soft n� cheesy, nearly pissing away a 24-point lead with some of the most brainless, chickenshit defensive football scheming since the sport was invented.��


���� You could just see the entire thing unravel like a ball of twine, starting at 1:08 2Q.�� The Jets had just been ransacked for the strip-sack-TD, and took over at their own 31, albeit not before starting WR Jerricho Cotchery was injured on the KO and had to be helped off the field.Dick immediately called off the dogs and went into a Softee Prevent, allowing the rattled, hobbling Sanchez to start the pumpkin carving.�� 5 yards.16.9.9.Just like that, the Jets booted a 42-yard FG right before halftime and they came off life support, all thanks to The Dullard, Dick LeBeau.��


��� The 2nd half was a sheer nightmare.�� The Jest opened at their own 11, thanks to a bobbled KO by Brad Smith.�� The crowd was roaring.A 23-yard run.8 yard run.On 3d & 4, an easy pitch n� catch for 16.Next play, a 45-yard bomb to a WIDE open Holmes for a TD, and suddenly, a team that was all but dead was back to within 14 points.��


��� Dick forced the lone NY punt of the 2H on the next drive.�� The Stiller offense then gave his defense PLENTY of rest, chewing nearly 5 minutes of clock and punting to the NY 19.From there, Dick sat fallow and allowed a long, laborious 17-play march, which should have resulted in a NY TD on the 15th play, but TE D. Keller dropped a simple 2-yard pass in the EZ.�� The Jets turned the ball over on downs at the 1.��


���� After the safety KO, the Jets took over at their own 42 and marched with all the ease of a skycap wheeling a suitcase through an airport, going the 58 yards in 10 plays for a cakewalk TD.�� The TD was highlighted by a pick-play, the same as LAST week, showing how slowly Dick is to grasp the obvious and reinforce basic learning and adjustments.


���� Thank goodness Ben completed 2 clutch passes to run the clock out.Had the Stillers punted, all of America would have anticipated the Jets casually slicing, dicing, and carving Dick�s vaunted �#1 defense� for yet another cake-walk TD march.��


���� In all, the Jest out-gained the Stillers 239-56 in the 2H, no thanks to the supreme almighty lord deity of defensive football, Dick LeBeau.�� Medical trainers for the Jets ran out of tape and gauze, as they tried to patch up the feet of the NY offensive players who�d suffered a rash of blisters from the long and constant marching the entire 2nd half.


���� Today, once again, proved that there is no more OVER-rated Def. Coordinator in the NFL than the great supreme lord deity, Dick LeBeau.�� NONE.Nobody does LESS, with more, than Dick LeBeau.��All together now --Dick LeBeau -- he�s just so clever......he�s such a mastermind....he�s just so brilliant.....and he�s such a grandmaster at defensive football strategy.����� 1st 29 minutes:A��� Last 31 minutes:�� F


HC:You�d think Tomlin would have had the sense to keep his foot on the throat of the Jets when they were down and gasping for any tiny bits of error.�� Instead, he allowed Dick to completely remove his foot, and allow a struggling Sanchez to gain massive amounts of confidence thru equally massive amounts of time in the pocket.�� It�s incomprehensible how Tomlin could have allowed this goat-fuck to go on the entire 2nd half and Tomlin just standing there like a bump on a log.


�� I also have no idea why Tomlin refused to throw a challenge flag on the 22-yard sideline �catch� by Edwards at 7:38 4Q.�� Edwards clearly landed with his arm OUT of bounds well before his knee or feet landed.�� There�s only 7 minutes left in the game....!���� Sure, last week, it was no-brained of Tomlin to piss away a challenge on the OPENING kickoff.�� But again, this was deep into the game, with only 7:30 remaining.�� Tomlin had used ZERO challenged at that point.�� He finished the game with 2 (two) unused challenges in his hip pocket.�� At which bank does Tomlin deposit his 2 unused challenges ?�� What kind of interest does he earn ??��

��� The failure to step in and rectify the 2nd half bleeding, particularly on defense (supposedly Tommy�s specialty), is both appalling and unacceptable.What should have been a cakewalk turned into a nail biting cliffhanger.1st 29 minutes:A���� Last 31 minutes:D


Officiating:�� Along with the aforementioned botched call on the Edwards reception, there were 2 other notable plays.�� Miller clearly caught the flag pass, and the ruling on the field was a CATCH.�� Where, praytell, did the review booth find �indisputable evidence� that this was not a catch ???���


����� Then, similar to last week, we got fucked when trying to rush to the LOS for a 4th & 1 quick-snap in the 2Q.�� Redman had just run for ZERO yards on 3rd down and one, and Ben quickly mobilized the offense to get off a snap against a disorganized defense.�� Instead, after spotting the ball, and with the Stillers offense lined up for a snap, dumbfuk Head-Ref Ed Hochule calls for a measurement....!! ���The Redman plunge was so short of the 1st down marker that Mr. Magoo, sitting in the top row of the stadium, could have determined it was well short of the sticks.��� This kind of assaholic bullshit enrages me to no end.��


Synopsis:We in the house !!��� Da Stillers in the Super Bowl !!��� In Dallas, no less....the land of queers and steers !!������ It�ll be a long evening facing Aaron Rogers and the Packer offense, but we�ll fret about that next week.In the meantime, I�m enjoying 12-year old DeWar�s and rejoicing and gloating !!�� Stillers !!���



(Still Mill and -- when it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close�.)



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