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Stillers Sign 13 Undrafted Free Agents

April 17, 2000 by Still Mill

Stillers sign 13 free agents

Stillers Sign 13 Free Agents

A quick synopsis in order from most upside to least...

- CB Sedrick Curry, Texas A&M (6-1 193) Big, fast CB with excellent measurables. 3 year starter, but a workout warrior whose physical attributes did not translate well to the football field. Not a big hitter. Lacks confidence.

- DB Ainsley Battles, Vanderbilt (5-10 190) 3 year starter, undersized, but tough. Can blitz off the corner, but not fast enough to be a pure CB or big enough to be a SS. Has toughness and intangibles to contribute on special teams.

- LB Jonathon Foster, Louisiana Monroe (6-2 242) A tweener who played at DE in college. Speed blitzer with a burst. Has trouble coming off blocks and finding the ball against the run.

- RB Destry Wright, Jackson St (5-11 208) 3 year starer. 4000+ career rushing yards, 3000+ rushing yards the last two years. Tough, aggressive, productive. Lacks burst. Not fast, quick or elusive. Has only above average power.

- FB Dan Kreider, New Hampshire (5-11 242) 3 year starter after knee surgery in '96. Tough. Faced low level of competition. Needs to learn better blocking technique.

- FB Joey Goodspeed, Notre Dame (6-0 240) Tough, runs hard, good size. Adequate blocker and receiver, but nothing special. Will have to excel on special teams and improve blocking to stick.

The rest of these guys are bodies for training camp:

- P/K Kyle Atteberry, Baylor

- WR Demetrius Brown, Wisconsin (6-2 1/2 209)

- OL Hank Fraley, Robert Morris (6-2 300)

- DE Johnny Mitchell, LSU (6-4 312)

- LB Mike Sands, Harvard (6-4 235)

- CB Timothy Strickland, Mississippi (5-9 183)

- LB Donnell Thompson, Wisconsin (5-11 234)


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