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Power Rankings (week 8)

October 23, 2013 by Steel Haven

Rnk LW* Team Record Comments
1. 2. Seattle Seahawks 6-1 Imminent return of Harvin makes them that much scarier.
2. 1. Denver Broncos 6-1 Would be the fifth seed in the AFC if the season ended today.
3. 3. Kansas City Chiefs 7-0 The last undefeated left standing. The '72 Dolphins have the champagne ready.
4. 4. San Francisco 49ers 5-2 On a roll winning their last 4 by double digits.
5. 5. Cincinnati Bengals 5-2 Know how to win close games.
6. 8. Indianapolis Colts 5-2 How will Luck handle the loss of Wayne?
7. 7. New Orleans Saints 5-1 Panthers and Falcons chipped into their big division lead while they were on bye.
8. 9. Green Bay Packers 4-2 Caution, throwback uniforms induce vomiting.
9. 6. New England Patriots 5-2 Injury riddled defense pounded on the ground by Ivory and the Jets.
10. 14. Dallas Cowboys 4-3 Was defensive resurgence legit or just a product of poor play by Foles?
11. 10. Detriot Lions 4-3 Megatron has returned to health, did everything he could in defeat.
12. 17. San Diego Chargers 4-3 Whisenhunt has resurrected Rivers.
13. 22. Carolina Panthers 3-3 Coming on with Newton and improving defense.
14. 11. Chicago Bears 4-3 Cutler again fails to make it through a season healthy suffering a torn groin that will cost him 4 weeks. Losing Briggs on the other side of the ball for 4 to 6 weeks doesn't help a defense that was torched in Washington.
15. 23. Atlanta Falcons 2-4 Bucs make everybody healthier.
16. 24. Pittsburgh Steelers 2-4 Kept their season alive by beating divisional rival Ravens at home for the first time since '09.
17. 25. New York Jets 4-3 Jekyll and Hyde.
18. 12. Baltimore Ravens 3-4 Harbaugh is under .500 after 7 games for the first time in his career.
19. 27. Buffalo Bills 3-4 Lewis has been their savior.
20. 13. Miami Dolphins 3-3 Offensive line woes so pronounced they sent a conditional pick to the Ravens for 34 year old McKinnie.
21. 18. Tennessee Titans 3-4 Rushing back Locker didn't help.
22. 20. Arizona Cardinals 3-4 Hamstrung by Palmer.
23. 29. Washington Redskins 2-4 RGIII and the offense rounding into form, need to score a lot to offset abysmal defense.
24. 15. St. Louis Rams 3-4 A mess after loss of Bradford for the season. Rumors they had interested in Tebow were quickly denied.
25. 16. Philadelphia Eagles 3-4 Lost their 9th straight home game.
26. 26. Oakland Raiders 2-4 Rest of the season is about deciding whether Pryor is the answer.
27. 19. Houston Texans 2-5 Help wanted sign up at Reliant Stadium. Again lost Cushing for the season. Then after the game waived Montgomery, Woods and Jefferson for violating team rules.
28. 21. Cleveland Browns 3-4 There is no correct decision when choosing between Weeden and Campbell.
29. 30. New York Giants 1-6 An ugly win is still a win. Just wish I hadn't watched in prime time.
30. 28. Minnesota Vikings 1-5 Rushing Freeman into the lineup failed miserably. Should they seriously consider trading Peterson?
31. 31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-6 Martin's torn labrum makes an awful season worse.
32. 32. Jacksonville Jaguars 0-7 Travel to London as the home team to be sacrificial lambs for the Niners.

*Last week's ranking

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