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I TOLD You Flacco Sucks

November 20, 2011 by Palmer Sucks

I TOLD You Flacco Sucks

I TOLD You Flacco Sucks

Part Two of a Series by PalmerSucks

November 16, 2011


Joe Flacco, Average Joe, the guy who couldn�t beat out Tyler Palko, the guy who looked like garbage against Tennessee and Jacksonville, has outdone himself now by losing to Seattle. A week after basking in all the praise, Flak Jacket followed up his elite-status-confirming win over the Stillers with a dud against the Seahawks, about as bad a team as there is in the NFL.


While the dumb sports media were fawning all last week over Flacco, yours truly put out a commentary that told it like it was: that Flacco didn�t beat the Stillers so much as the Stillers handed him the game on a platter. And that the win, being touted all over ESPN as some great achievement, didn�t change the fact that Flacco is nothing special. No doubt that sounded like the words of a bitter loser, but after Sunday�s stinker � how you like me now?


Needless to say, expect a couple less �Flacco is god�-type comments on TV this week.


Even Baltimore Sun sportswriter Mike Preston, who last week declared Joe the equal of Ben Roethlisberger, changed course, saying: �please, no more talk about Flacco being an elite quarterback.� I guess Mike makes a habit of talking to himself?


Anyway, I understand the dumb sports media spewing the Flacco hype � and the dumb fans buying it -- but here�s the amazing thing: apparently the Ravens bought it, too. Last Sunday, Baltimore hopped the Flacco express to the tune of 52 passes attempted, putting the game firmly in their QB�s hands. And how did the gunslinger respond? With a moldy-cheese-smelling 67.4 rating � getting thoroughly outdueled by Tarvaris Jackson (who put up an 88 handle).


That�s right: not only can�t the great Flacco beat out Tyler Palko, apparently he can�t beat Tarvaris Jackson, either. (By the way, look for Mr. Palko to be taking over the QB spot in Kansas City this week thanks to an injury to Matt Cassell. Wouldn�t it be a hoot to see a Flacco vs. Palko duel in the playoffs?)


Now, I understand when Suggs and Harbaugh brag up Flacco in public � that�s just being a good teammate or coach. But in the film room and team offices, you need to be honest about your player�s skills. More importantly, you have to be realistic about your player�s limitations. In private you CANNOT afford to buy the hype. That�s what blows my mind about Sunday�s game � the Ravens treated Flacco as if he were Dan Marino. Flacco�s not the worst QB out there, but he isn�t the guy you want throwing it 52 times, either. Meanwhile, Ray Rice carries the ball a whopping 5 times � 5 times � any wonder the Ravens went down Sunday? (Maybe you should�ve spent more time watching film of Flacco last week, Coach, instead of worrying about what music they were playing at Heinz Field.)


As I said last week, Flacco looks good against the Stillers because only the Stillers are dumb enough to play him the way they do. Seattle didn�t press whenever Flacco went shotgun, and they sure as hell didn�t play 8 guys up when they needed to drop guys back � or let receivers get behind the defense late in the game. It�s a lesson the Stillers need to learn should there be a third meeting between the teams come January.


I also said last week, barring a Ravens collapse, the Stillers could only hope for a Wild Card berth. Thanks to Harbaugh buying the Flacco hype, however, even the division crown is still a possibility. There is no way Baltimore should�ve dropped this one � now everything changes. So thanks Ravens, for playing it as dumb this week as the Stillers did last week. The road to the Super Bowl may yet go through Pittsburgh again.





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