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Stillers-Colts Postgame Analysis and Grades

September 26, 2011 by Still Mill

Stillers 23, Colts 20 ���Sep. 25, 2011
Stillers 23, Colts 20 ��. Sep. 25, 2011 ����Game #3


Stillers-Colts Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers dominated the Colts early, cruising to a 10-0 lead and seemingly in command.�� Then, midway thru the 2Q, carelessness and slop took over, and the Colts jumped to a 13-10 halftime lead.�� The Stillers clawed back and took what appeared to be the game-winning lead on a Pola fumble return for a TD.��� But Curtis Painter casually marched the Colts 80 yards to tie the game with just over 2 minutes remaining.�� Ben and Moore led a march for a Suisham FG to narrowly win the game.��




QB:Ben had a statistically superb game, throwing 25 of 37 for 364 yards.�� But he was often as careless as the drug addict with a fistful of cash.�� He was far too careless with the ball on the 1st fumble, which Mathis poked out from behind even as Ben was expecting it.The strip-fumble wasn�t Ben�s fault, as it came in a flash as Scott never even got a finger on Freeney.�� But on the next play, Ben threw a horrid, way-high seamer to Sanders that was picked off.�� There was a poor 3d & 8 out pass to Sanders that was nearly picked off in the 4Q, on a throw that did not lead the WR.Soon later, Ben took a needless sack on 3d & 13 from the Indy 36, on a gimpy play in which Ben seemed to cave in and give up a second after the ball was snapped.Rather than a FG try inside the comfy dome, the Stillers had to punt amidst a tie game.��


There were some clutch scrambles and completions.Ben also threw a perfect bomb to Wally for an 81-yard TD.To be fair to Ben, the injuries to the O-line and the pitiful blocking by Scott and Kemo made his life hazardous for much of the game.��� B


RB: Socrates Mendenhall got blistered on some early runs, and it seemed to rattle him, as he ran far too tip-toey and timid.He finished with a paltry 37 yards on 18 carries.�� Take away the 15-yard run he had, and he obviously had 17 rushes for 22 yards.�� He slipped a few times as well, on bone-dry Astroturf inside a dome.�� It took the dim-bulbed coaching staff forever to figure out how poorly he was running, but they finally did, and on the game-winning drive, it was Redman and Moore getting the ball, with Mendy sitting on the bench.��


�� Redman, of course, wasn�t allowed to touch the ball, until a carry at 8:16 3Q.��� He had 3 rushes for 6 yards, none more important than the superb 3-yard plunge on 3d & 1 late in the game to set up the fairly easy FG.


��� Mewelde Moore, who was all but forgotten and banished to Siberia, came on late in the game and made 3 clutch plays.�� Lined up in the slot, he caught a short out, eluded a tackler, and gained 22 yards to spur the game-winning drive.�� He then had good power runs of 5 and 4 yards, seeing small creases and hitting them with authority, unlike Socrates.��


��� Socrates:�� C-���� Redman and Moore: ��A


FB: Seldom used.�� Inc


WR:Wally was on fire early, tooling the Colts on short, intermediate, and deep routes, including an 81-yard TD bomb.�� He nearly allowed that pass to slither thru his hands, however.�� Of course, after the 1Q, Wally was basically written out of the playbook.����


��� Brown had 4 grabs for 75, and Sanders 2 for 21.Sanders dropped a perfect seam pass on 3d & 8 in the 1Q.Sandy also enraged me on the Ben INT, as he literally vaulted over the interceptor -- a la Roger Kingdom in the high hurdles -- and avoided Lefeged rather than simply touching the man down at the 50.�� Instead of a somewhat harmless INT at the 50, the Colts returned the ball (along with a �low block� flag) to the PIT 12.�� Very lazy and unacceptable at this level of football.�� Sandy did make a good pluck on the 3d & 18 in the 4Q, getting 18.


��� Ward was basically written out of the offense today.�� Thru 50+ minutes, he had 2 grabs for 6 yards.He ended up snagging an 11-yard pass late in the 4Q.Yancey Cotchery did not play.��


�� Wally:A+���� Brown:A��� Ward:B+��� Sanders:�� C��


TE:Miller had a big game, finally being involved in the offense.�� He had 5 grabs for 75, including a nice grab on a deep flag for 30 yards in the 4Q.He whiffed on Mathis on a dump-off that he dropped early in the game.His run blocking was also less than stellar.��


�� Dave Johnson had all sorts of struggles.�� Lined up in the slot for no apparent reason, he meekly whiffed on an easy block on Conner, who then leveled Mendy on a toss sweep for a 3-yard loss.�� He also had problems with blocking at the POA (point of attack).���


Weslye Saunders came out of nowhere to be a focal point of the passing attack in the 2H.�� He bobbled a quick slant on 3d & 6 in the 3Q, popping the ball 8 feet up in the air like a circus clown before corralling it.�� The juggling act minimized what may have been a 1st down, to a meager 2-yard gain.He was also thrown another 3D pass (inc) in the 4Q.����


��� Miller:A-�� ���Johnson:C-���� Saunders:Inc.


OL: The line started out ok, giving Ben plenty of time.�� The run game sucked ass right from the get go, but the offense was moving.�� Then, 4 minutes in the 2Q, the roof caved in, and the Colts were ravaging and pillaging the pocket much the way the Roman legions did 2,000 years ago.��


��� Probles cropped up all over.�� Pouncey was marginally mediocre.�� Legursky got little push in the running game, aside from a good pull and block on Mendy�s 15-yard run.�� He was injured at 12:00 4Q and replaced by Foster, who did okay.


��Gilbert had some problems, although the 1st sack by Mathis was nowhere near the fault of Gilbert.�� Gil hurt his shoulder in the 3Q, and was replaced by Trai Essex, who did okay.When Scott got injured late in the 4Q, Gilbert had to come back in.���


��� Jon Scott was a wretched pile of shit.��� When he wasn�t getting tooled and abused by a rusher simply dashing right by as though he were traffic cone, Scott was getting bull-rushed so badly that he was getting thrown into the QB�s face like a blocking bag.�� We�re seen some awful O-tackle play over the years, in particular Pis Conrad.�� This was every bit as bad.��� Simply wretched and barf-laden.The strip-sack for a TD was on a play in which Scott -- who is supposed to be protecting Ben�s blind side -- didn�t even get a finger on Freeney on a simple, basic speed rush on the outside corner.�� To add insult to a horrific evening, Scott drew more flags than a 4th of July parade, getting flagged for a hold on a run play; a hold on a pass; and an illegal formation.Scott got injured late in the game when he got mauled and pancaked onto his back, forcing Gilbert to get back onto the field.�� With any kind of luck, Scott will be eligible for IR by Monday afternoon.��

��� Piss Kemo, who was injured and did not dress last week, got his starting job handed back to him on a silver platter, and he showed his gratitude with a shit-laden effort the entire evening.��� His run blocking was meager and soft.�� He had a good mini-pull and block on the late 4-yard run by Moore, but otherwise Kemo was getting manhandled.��� He worst boner, however, was on the Freeney strip-sack and TD.On this pass play, Kemo fires out and pursues a blocking attempt at a LB, some 7 yards downfield !���� Unbelievable !��� Had Ben thrown the ball, it would have been an easy illegible man downfield flag by the refs. ��Obviously, the dumbass totally botched his assignment, as he must have thought a running play was called.�� What a fat-assed stooge.���


���� Scott:F-��� Kemo:�� F���� All others:D+��

DL:A really sub-standard effort.��� Aaron Smith continually got mauled and manhandled in the running game.�� On 3 (three) runs on the 4Q, Smith got thoroughly manhandled, as Addai gained 8, 7, and 11 yards right up RG/RT.�� Yes, Smith was double teamed on some of these maulings.�� That�s precisely what a good, competent 3-4 DE is supposed to be able to handle....not Smith spending more time on his back than a Las Vegas whore.��It�s as obvious as a cockroach on a billiard table that this guy is washed up and DONE, but the idiot coaching staff not only starts this stiff, but keeps him on the field for 98% of all snaps.���


�� Hood started in place of the injured Keisel, and had a good pressure on Collins to force an errant pass on 3D.��� He did little else.Fat Casey Hampton was savagely mauled by Saturday on an Addai 8-yard run in the 1Q and did very little �clogging the middle� that he supposedly is dominant at doing.Hayward had a good stop on a 3 & G plunge, which was negated when the Colts were flagged for a hold.�� ���Smith:D-���� All others:C+


LB:James Harrison returned to prominence, and was a huge reason the Stillers eked out this win.�� He was a demonizing terror early on, ravaging the Indy running game as the imbecilic Colts chose to keep running at him.�� He repeatedly shed a blocker (or TWO) and made good stuffs.�� He threw Dallas Clark around like a rag doll every time the Dolts tried to run left behind Clark.��


Taunto Farrior did very, very little.�� His only impact, in fact, was not 1, but 2 cheap shots that could have easily been flagged.He hit Collins up high, LATE, after a pass, which is apparently the hit that knocked Collins out of the game.�� Then, late in the 4Q, he needlessly hit Garcon after the WR was well out of bounds, which should have given the Colts 1st & goal at the 3.�� Of course, on the very next play, Taunto meekly flailed and whiffed on an easy tackle on Addai, who scored the tying TD.��� Very, very pitiful.�� ��Foote played a fair amount, and as usual, did very little.��


Larry Timmons had far too quiet a game, getting only 1 solo and 2 As.He did have a good bust-up of a short pass early in the 3Q, but clearly this sagging, sorry defense needs more from this playmaker.��


�� The Dogger, LaMarr Woodley, had another weak-assed, shit laden game.�� Sure, on the stat sheet, he looked like a big he-man, with 2 solos and 3 assists.��� In reality, the stats were slop stops, and his impact was abysmal.��


���� He whiffed and had a weak-assed ankle-grab of Garcon on a WR screen in the 1Q, getting credit for a solo tackle.��� Big LaMarr did have a very rare shed of a block and teamed with Hood on a stop of Addai at 11:58 2Q.He got his 2nd and last solo on an Addai run up LG later in the 2Q, in which Big LaMarr was totally untouched and unblocked.�� Big LaMarr had a whiff on a WR quick-hitch late in the game on the play Farrior should have been flagged.He was constantly SOLO blocked in pass protection the entire game, and never once harassed or even sniffed the QB the entire game.��


���� Harrison:A+����� Timmy, Farrior, and Foote:C����� Woodley:D-�� ���


DB:Facing 2 of the most inept QBs in the NFL, the DBs had a fairly easy evening.�����


�� Pola finally came out of his shell, with a spectacular game where he was slashing and flashing like a blood-thirsty killer.�� He busted up a 3d & 2 with a near INT in the 1Q.He blitzed and blew up a play in the 1Q.He also had good press coverage on Clark and busted up a lob on 3d & G in the 2Q, forcing a FG.He had some good blitzes in the 2H, and scooped up Harrison�s FF for the easy TD.He nearly blew up the play on the late Addai TD run.


�� Ike had good coverage for most of the game.Then, in the 4Q, with Curtis Painter coming into the game, stone cold, Ike fell asleep (as is his penchant) and got totally bamboozled on a double move by Garcon, who was WIDE open for an easy TD.�� But Painter overthrew Garcon to save Ike�s bacon.���


�� Clark had an extremely rare pass bustup, this on a short pass to Addai on 3d & 6 in the 3Q.Clark was trucked by Addai at the end of an 8-yard run in the 1Q.��


��� Gay was picked on a goodly amount, but played okay in place of the injured Fadden.�� Lewis saw some PT in the nickel, and had 5 tackles.�� ���


�� Pola:�� A+����� All others:�� B-��


Spec teams:Mostly good.��� Brown had 2 stellar punt returns in the 4Q.�� Aside from soft coverage on the opening KO of the 2H, the coverage teams were solid.�� Suisham made 3 of 4 FGs, with the 1 miss hitting the left upright.��


��� Daniel Shitpulveda had a total shit game.�� He boomed 1 punt to the 2 and with the quick bounce, caused a touchback.��� He then had a bag o� barf 37-yard punt to the Indy 26 in the 4Q.��


�� The Great Arnaz Battle feeble missed a tackle in KO coverage in the 1Q, which was returned to the 25.��


�� Sepulveda:D���� All others:�� A-��


OC: What a colossal disaster.�� This is what happens when you have a coordinator with no system, no game plan, no scheme of maneuver, and no plan of attack.�� Arians was totally unprepared for the Mathis-Freeney rush combo.��


��� Arians started off okay, with a nice playcall on 2nd and 5 to fake a counter and then go downtown to Wally.�� After that, Arians went to sleep, and the Colts countered with an avalanche pass rush that Arians had no answers for.


���� Where to start?��� It was obvious Mendy was having no success, mostly due to loads of dancing and tip-toeing.In fact, he may have set an NFL record for # of negative rushing plays.�� Yet Isaac Redman, who has run with so much vigor and authority, was firmly planted on the bench, getting into the game once as a slot receiver through the first 37 minutes of play.��


���� We�ll never know why Piss Kemo was rushed back into the lineup, just 1 week after not dressing due to a severe ankle injury.�� Foster played well last week, and has always been every bit as good as Piss Kemo, regardless of whatever tripe this coaching staff will peddle to the media.�� Other than plain stupidity, there is no reason for Kemo to have started this game over Foster.��


���� Then there�s the way Ward was written out of the script in a game that screamed for the Stillers to capitalize on Ward�s guile and short pattern ability.Combine that with the outrageous stupidity of making rookie Weslye Saunders -- a guy who�d never caught a single NFL pass coming into the game -- THE focal point on 3rd down plays in the 4Q, and you�ve got a real shit sandwich in your hands.��


��� Then there were those clever screen passes to Heath Miller on 1st & 20, each of which netted 2 yards.Miller is a terrific downfield receiver; a mismatch down the field against most LBs and many SSs.But standing dead-still at the LOS for some lame-fuk screen pass, Miller is as easy to topple as a house of cards.�����


���� All in all, a shit game plan and in-game strategy from a shit coach.�� D��


DC:Dick and his defense were their usually vanilla selves, doing nothing, getting gashed on the ground, and making Collins as comfy as a new-born baby.�� They were headed toward their 3rd consecutive game with no turnovers, when Harrison got the strip and Pola returned it for a TD.�����


�� At that point, with only 5:13 left in the game and the Steelers in front by 7, all the ugly sacks & turnovers and the OL injuries were water under the bridge.�� All the Stillers had to do was stop Curtis Painter -- a guy who hasn�t even thrown an NFL pass since 2009 -- with 80 yards between Painter and the end zone.�� Instead, as usual, Dick got shredded and picked apart like a dead carcass, allowing Painter to casually march 80 yards in 10 plays for the tying TD.�� Utterly pitiful, and unacceptable.���


�� Of course, it wasn�t just scrubeenie Painter who had his way with Dick.Kerry Collins -- as shitty a greybeard QB as exists in the NFL -- casually marched 12 plays from midfield to give the Colts a chip-shot FG in the 2Q when they were left for the dead.��� Collins, as slow and mobile as a traffic barrel, was never sacked in his 44 minutes of PT.�� He was hit only once, that on the late hit to the chops by Taunto that should have been flagged.


��� Then there was the near fiasco on the 3d & 10 at 7:49 4Q.�� The Colts went hurry up (gee, there�s a surprise for an offense that does that about 87% a game!) and lined up for the snap, while Dick�s defense was just milling about as though the Colts were still back in the huddle.�� The Stillers dodged a bullet when Painter�s pass was (surprise!) off target.�� On a defense that plays ZERO 2nd-yaer men, much less any rookies, this is patently UNACCEPTABLE by any standard.���


����It all starts at the top, and the top of this defense is led (sic) by a clueless buffoon who would have difficulty finding his way out of a phone booth without assistance from a GPS.���� D-


HC:We�ll never know why Tomlin didn�t challenge the spot on the 3d & 3 pass to Collie with less than 5 minutes remaining in the game.�� It was a horseshit spot, and you have a chance to CLOSE OUT the game, right there.�� Instead, Tomlin The Imbecile refuses to challenge it, and the Dolts go on to march 80 yards for the tying score.�� Where, exactly, does Tomlin deposit his unused timeouts and challenges ??��


���� I wasn�t pleased at all with the goatrope that occurred with less than a minute left in the game.�� Redman had just converted a 3d & 1 with a 3-yard plunge to the Indy 18.�� When the play ended, there were about 50 seconds remaining.�� At that point, all you have to do is KICK THE WINNING FG !�� That�s it.�� Instead, the Steelers called some grab-ass play, and lined up to run it.�� Remember, this is an offense that committed more penalties and negative yardage plays in the 2nd half than any team in the last 20 years of NFL play, and now they�re toying with the idea of actually running a play instead of booting a 35-yard FG.With the playclock running down under 4 seconds, Ben called a TO at 0:12.��� Upon that T.O., Ben came out and ran a backward minus-2 yard run, presumably to put Suisham on the hash.�� But it left only 8 seconds.�� To me, I�d just as soon have enough time to run 2 plays, just in case a bad snap has to be smothered.��� At any rate, it was a needless botch-fuck that should never have occurred.�� ����C-


Synopsis:A real uninspiring, stinker of a game against a lousy Colts team missing its star QB and a host of other starters.�� The way this team allowed the Colts to take it to them -- especially the Stiller defense -- was every bit as depressing as it was vomit inducing.�� The ignorant will gleefully cheer that �a win is a win�, but this win showed an immense number of warts, many of which were in full display in the horrific season-opening loss to Balt and show no signs of being addressed, much less fixed.There are clear under-performers who have no business being on the field, much less playing 99% of all snaps.There are discombobulated schemes and confusion on both sides of the ball, which is reprehensible for a team with this much experience.��� The leadership has 2 choices:either gloss over and ignore the hideous problems, or address the acute problems and get some of the fixed.��


(Still Mill and -- when it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close�.)




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