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Power Rankings (week 10)

November 07, 2012 by Steel Haven

Rnk LW* Team Record Comments
1. 1. Atlanta Falcons 8-0 White (577) passed Mathis (573) for the most receptions in franchise history.
2. 6. Chicago Bears 7-1 Have now produced a league best 28 turnovers on the season with 5 more on Sunday including 4 forced fumbles by Tillman. Defense has already scored 7 times.
3. 3. Houston Texans 7-1 Foster has scored a TD in 10 straight games.
4. 4. Green Bay Packers 6-3 Ran the ball 39 times, their most rushing attempts in a game in three years.
5. 5. San Francisco 49ers 6-2 Home game against the Rams shouldn't provide much of an obstacle coming off the bye.
6. 7. Baltimore Ravens 6-2 Flacco improved his record against the Browns to 10-0.
7. 9. Denver Broncos 5-3 Manning engineered the 38th fourth quarter comeback of his career.
8. 8. New England Patriots 5-3 Dolphins loss kept them alone in first in the AFC East during their bye.
9. 10. Pittsburgh Steelers 5-3 Roethlisberger won the first duel of multiple Super Bowl winning QBs from the same draft class.
10. 2. New York Giants 6-3 Streak of scoring in the fourth quarter ended at 26 games.
11. 13. Detriot Lions 4-4 A different offense with a running game. Leshoure is the first player in franchise history to score 3 rushing TDs in the first half of a game.
12. 14. Seattle Seahawks 5-4 A top 10 team at home, a bottom 10 team on the road.
13. 15. Indianapolis Colts 5-3 Luck broke Newton's single game rookie record with 433 passing yards.
14. 11. Minnesota Vikings 5-4 Purple Jesus topped 100 yards rushing in a game for a franchise record 31st time. More amazingly he went over 100 for the 12th time in the first half.
15. 12. Miami Dolphins 4-4 Tannehill just couldn't make as many big plays as Luck.
16. 19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-4 Martin is the first player in league history to run for 3 TDs of over 40 yards in the same game.
17. 23. New Orleans Saints 3-5 Still breathing, barely.
18. 28. San Diego Chargers 4-4 Nothing like a visit from Country Club Crennel's Chiefs to make a team feel better about themselves. Even a team coached by Norv.
19. 16. Philadelphia Eagles 3-5 Couldn't overcome early 7 point swing when red zone interception was returned all the way for a TD.
20. 17. Dallas Cowboys 3-5 Couldn't win even with Romo having his second turnover free game of the season.
21. 18. Cincinnati Bengals 3-5 Dalton is the first QB in franchise history to throw an interception in 8 straight games.
22. 20. Arizona Cardinals 4-5 Few teams that win their first 4 games miss the playoffs. Of course even fewer lose their next 5.
23. 30. Carolina Panthers 2-6 Newton won the battle of Heisman Trophy winners.
24. 24. New York Jets 3-5 Ryan announced as most over rated coach as chosen by players a couple of weeks after Tebow and Sanchez revealed as two most over rated players in the same poll.
25. 21. Washington Redskins 3-6 Shanahan dropped to 14-27 and appeared to already give up on the season during a disheartening post game press conference. Could his job be in jeopardy?
26. 22. Oakland Raiders 3-5 Could be forced to turn to Reece at RB after injuries to McFadden and Goodson.
27. 25. Tennessee Titans 3-6 After Sunday's debacle owner Adams said his team was grossly outclassed and vowed to look at all alternatives to improve. Doesn't sound good for Munchack.
28. 27. Buffalo Bills 3-5 Only got Jackson and Spiller 22 touches combined despite being in a close game in Houston.
29. 29. St. Louis Rams 3-5 Expected post-bye return of Amendola can't hurt.
30. 26. Cleveland Browns 2-7 Paid the price of settling for 5 FGs after outplaying the Ravens for 55 minutes.
31. 31. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-7 Prime time games this week feature them on Thursday and the Chiefs on Monday. Oh the humanity....
32. 32. Kansas City Chiefs 1-7 Being an insufferable prick won't get Pioli fired. Being a loser on the other hand....

*Last week's ranking

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