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October 25, 2000 by Steel Tank

Steelers-Browns II

Steelers-Browns II


For the first time in a long time the Steelers actually won two games they were supposed to � and they did it in a cakewalk. The Steelers easily whipped a hapless Brown team who suffered under the guidance of Pederson all day. There isn�t too much to take from this game except a victory. Once again, those nagging questions centered on the offense go unanswered this Monday morning. A few points about Sunday:

  • Jerome Bettis is having a great year behind an offensive line that was not supposed to be too good. The line, as I thought it would before the season began, is playing very well and appears to be stable - regardless of injuries.
  • Having said that, how well can the Steelers expect to run against the Baltimore Ravens? This is an absolutely critical game for Pittsburgh. Their division record, 3-3, is poor � especially compared to that of the Ravens 5-1. This is the first must game of the year.
  • Should the Steelers win Sunday, they will be vying for a playoff spot with Baltimore, KC and Denver. After the first three weeks, it is hard to imagine the Steelers could be mentioned with those other teams.
  • Were talking playoff possibilities � this team has come a long way.
  • Kordell Stewart looked descent yesterday but is still unrefined and still has those ugly marks of someone who has not been taught the NFL QB position.
  • Graham is simply terrible and not a winner in any sense of the word. I can�t imagine keeping his worthless ass after this year.
  • Brad Johnston will be available in the off-season next year. He is a quality NFL QB that could lead this team quite effectively. Since the Steelers have mustered 4 wins � they will not be able to draft a franchise QB next year. It is time for them to consider getting someone like Brad Johnston or Trent Green in the off-season. They will have the money.
  • The defense is awesome but vulnerable to big plays. This fact may hurt the Steelers bid to get in the playoffs more than a lack of offense.
  • Looking at the teams the Steelers must face the rest of the way � only two teams that have big play potential are the Redskins and Radiers.
  • The Steelers will finish anywhere from 11-5 to 6-10 this year. With such a wide range of potential wins and loses, the Steelers cannot think they�ve arrived. Still too many questions surround this team as I keep saying. One thing is true, Cowher has done an excellent job in rebuilding his defense, I wish he would give the same consideration to the offense.
  • Seeing Cowher all smiles and joking Sunday with Graham and Stewart is disappointing. Somewhere along the line, Cowher has learned or started to believe that QBs should be treated with kid gloves. Perhaps this is a response to the way Oddonnel left town and went to the Jets. If you recall, Cowher did not support his QB after the Super Bowl loss and off went Neil. I�m not sure if this is a bad thing, but something more needs to be done rather than just being buddies with the QBs.

One last thing, I would rather have a beer with Josh Miller than Kordell or Graham. What does that mean?

Steel Tank
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