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Power Rankings (week 10)

November 09, 2011 by Steel Haven

1.1.Green Bay Packers8-0Rodgers remains unstoppable.
2.2.San Francisco 49ers7-1Gore's 5th consecutive 100 yard game set a franchise record.
3.3.Baltimore Ravens6-2Won the season series from the Steelers for the 1st time since 2006.
4.6.New York Giants6-2Forced a turnover for the 21st consecutive game.
5.4.Pittsburgh Steelers6-3Defense couldn't get off the field allowing a ridiculous 14 of 21 3rd down conversion attempts.
6.5.New England Patriots5-3Their 7 remaining players from the 2008 Super Bowl got to experience deja vu.
7.10.New Orleans Saints6-3Rebounded nicely from the debacle in St. Louis.
8.8.Detriot Lions6-2Best still hasn't practiced due to concussion symptoms and won't return after the bye. Whether he can return at all this season is an open question.
9.9.Atlanta Falcons5-3I sat Jones in my money fantasy league. Doh!
10.11.New York Jets5-3Finally won a road game, their 3rd win in a row.
11.12.Cincinnati Bengals6-2Scored 17 unanswered 2nd half points.
12.13.Houston Texans6-3Foster's 24 career rushing TDs are a franchise record.
13.7.Buffalo Bills5-3Owner Wilson watched his team live for the 1st time this season after recovering from a broken hip, he couldn't have been pleased.
14.15.Chicago Bears5-3Beat the Eagles for the 4th time in 5 tries (in the last 5 seasons).
15.21.Dallas Cowboys4-4Inducted Pearson, Allen and Haley into the ring of honor at halftime.
16.14.Philadelphia Eagles3-5Playoffs are a pipe dream with them likely needing to win 7 of their last 8. Even that might not be enough.
17.16.Kansas City Chiefs4-4Couldn't really afford to lay an egg against the previously winless Dolphins. Was the 4 game winning streak a mirage?
18.17.Oakland Raiders4-4Trade for Palmer could set them back for years.
19.18.Tampa Bay Buccaneers4-4Freeman seems to be regressing.
20.19.San Diego Chargers4-4Lucky the rest of the division sux.
21.20.Tennessee Titans4-4Failed to score in the 2nd half en route to blowing a 10 point halftime lead.
22.22.Minnesota Vikings2-6At least they�re more fun to watch with Ponder instead of McNabb.
23.23.Carolina Panthers2-6Need to start converting Newton's gaudy stats into wins.
24.28.Denver Broncos3-5A bloodied and battered Tebow came out on top with help from McGahee and Royal.
25.25.Washington Redskins3-5Highlight of the day was Gano's 59 yard field goal, the longest in franchise history.
26.26.Jacksonville Jaguars2-6Rapport between Gabbert and Lewis needs to improve to help jump start the abysmal passing game.
27.24.Cleveland Browns3-5Ogbunnaya rushed for a pathetic 28 yards on 13 carries in lieu of the injured Hillis and Hardesty.
28.31.Miami Dolphins1-7Would have been better off losing at Arrowhead. Not that the current coaching staff and players could be convinced that is the case.
29.30.Arizona Cardinals2-6Won in OT on rookie Peterson's 3rd TD return of the year, a 99 yarder that tied the league record for longest OT winning play in history.
30.29.Seattle Seahawks2-6Too far behind in the suck for Luck sweepstakes. The suck for former Carroll recruit Barkley may be just as fruitful.
31.27.St. Louis Rams1-7A pair of 3rd quarter safeties made them the 1st team in history to ever score 4 points in a quarter. It wasn't enough.
32.32.Indianapolis Colts0-9The last of the winless is now the clear frontrunner for Luck.

*Last week's ranking
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