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Best Bets (plus two)

December 08, 2010 by Steel Haven

I broke even mostly thanks to Eric Weems kick return touchdown for the Falcons. The Saints won thanks to a ridiculous defensive encroachment when they were clearly not going to run a play on fourth down in the final minutes. It directly led to a touchdown and 4 point victory. Just not a cover. Gotta love the Bungles in any case. The Bears got a push. Probably a fitting end considering how late I jumped on their bandwagon.

Back on the road teams this week. I actually like five road teams and could have also taken the Pats -3 in Chicago or the Ratbirds -3 in Houston. I am a little paranoid about the Pats on the short work week and don't want to pick against the Bears again. I am also not sure how the Ravens will react after their brutal loss on Sunday night. All the teams I liked this week are road favorites except the Browns. And the Browns are my best bet. Oh, the humanity.

home team in bold

Best Bet

Cleveland Browns (+1.0) over Buffalo Bills

The Rust Bowl. Browns continue to play hard for Eric Mangini and win more often than any normal human being would expect. Not that the Bills have given up under Chan Gailey. They just don't actually win as often as the Browns.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-2.5) over Washington Redskins

The Bucs have yet to beat a team with a winning record. They have won 7 times against teams with a losing record. The Redskins have a losing record. You do the math. The Albert Haynesworth debacle can't help.

Indianapolis Colts (-3.0) over Tennessee Titans

The Colts have lost 3 straight. Peyton Manning has thrown 11 interceptions including 4 returned for touchdowns. They are still better than the downward spiraling Titans. Even if Kerry Collins returns as expected. Time for Peyton to right the ship.

Last Week

Atlanta Falcons (-3.0) over Tampa Bay Buccaneers WIN

New Orleans Saints (-6.5) over Cincinnati Bengals LOSS

Chicago Bears (-4.0) over Detriot Lions PUSH

Year to date: 21-16-2   Best bets: 7-5-1
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