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Best Bet (plus two)

November 02, 2011 by Steel Haven

I did not think the Giants would take the Dolphins lightly after their home debacle against the Seahawks. I was wrong. I was shocked by the Saints collapse in St. Louis. What can you do? At least I was saved by the Bills. Or maybe by Shanahan's QB evaluation skills.

Big post bye favorites have not been kind to me. Big favorites in general have not been kind to me. I wanted to change my tact. I did take all favorites, all single digit, a pair of road teams and a home team. Only one pick coming off a bye. We'll see what happens.

home team in bold

Best Bet

Kansas City Chiefs (-4.0) over Miami Dolphins

Could the streaking Chiefs have a letdown after last week's big divisional victory? I guess. The Dolphins have continued to play hard for dead-man-walking Tony Sparano, especially on the road. This line just seems very low given the current trajectory of the teams involved.


San Francisco 49ers (-3.5) over Washington Redskins

Travelling east for the early game is never easy. Playing against QB John Beck makes it easier. I went to the well last week against Beck and company and was rewarded with the first shutout of Mike Shanahan's head coaching career. I will go to the well again.

Atlanta Falcons (-7.0) over Indianapolis Colts

The Rams got their first win last week in a similar scenario with AJ Feeley at QB. And the Saints weren't even coming off a bye. I took the Saints -14. But the line here is only a single TD and I don't want to become paralyzed by my recent failure. So let's roll the dice.

Last Week

New York Giants (-10.0) over Miami Dolphins LOSS

Buffalo Bills (-6.0) over Washington Redskins (in Toronto) WIN

New Orleans Saints (-14.0) over St. Louis Rams LOSS

Year to Date: 11-11-2   Best Bets: 2-5-1
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