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Hard Hat Award (Game #12, @ Balt )

December 07, 2013 by Still Mill

Hard Hat

Hard Hat Award (Game #12, @ Balt )

In the game 12 loss to the Ratbirds, Stiller OLB Jason Worilds is again the winner of the weekly Hard Hat Award, given to the Stiller player who best embodies the iron-tough, hard-as-steel attitude of the steel workers inside the blast furnace of a still mill.

Starting at LOLB in place of Big LaMarr Woodley, Worilds was again mad bull in this game, grabbing 2 sacks, 6 solos, 4 assists and a forced fumble. He continually harassed Joe Jacco and applied the kind of heat that hasn’t been seen from the LOLB spot since Kevin Greene once roamed the position.  This, my friends, is what the OLB spot should be doing in this defense, and it’s what Hard Hat football is all about. 


Honorable mention goes to RB Leveon Bell, who displayed Hard Hat toughness and courage.   Running a critical goal-line running play late in the game, with the Stillers desperately needing a TD, Bell put his head down and plunged for the goal line, getting whacked in the head by not 1, but 2, Raven defenders.    Bell’s helmet came flying off as his bell was rung (no pun intended), but he was able to get the ball into the EZ for an apparent TD.  Only a bullshit NFL rule that stops all forward progress the second a helmet comes off, prevented the TD (via replay review).   With any hope, this bullshit rule will be adjusted in the offseason so that the ballcarrier gets a continuation of the play & reasonable forward progress. 


Kudos to Worilds for winning the Hard Hat Award.   Wear the Hard Hat proudly, Jason  !


Previous 2013 Hard Hatters


Week 11, @ Clev:  Jason Worilds

Week 10, vs. Detroit: Ben Roeth & Tonio Brown

Week 9, vs. Bills: Tonio Brown

Week 8, @ N.E.: Jerricho Cotchery

Week 7, @ Oak: No one

Week 6, vs. Ravens:  Larry Timmons

Week 5, @. Jets:  Larry Timmons

Week 4, vs. Vikes (London): No one

Week 3, vs. Bears:  Antonio Brown and Jon Dwyer

Week 2, @ Cinci:   No One

Week 1, vs. Titans:   No One

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