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Stiller Fans: Stay Tuned for Offseason Analyses

December 29, 2000 by Still Mill


Stay Tuned to for Offseason Analysis

Be sure to bookmark this site, and stay tuned for the same hard-hitting in-depth analysis on the offseason that you see here during the season.

Some web sites will literally wither away during the offseason. Not this one. I'll soon be publishing my player-by-player, (and coach-by-coach) grades for the 2000 season. This obviously is a laborious task, so bear with me. I'll also be publishing my 2001 Offseason Outlook, which will analyze where this team needs to go in the offseason in terms of free agency, the draft, and in their own schemata. We'll also be analyzing the 2001 draft, both before and after. The other writers here will, of course, also be contributing to this endeavor, so if you can't stand my column, there are certainly a few other options. J

Happy New Year! Let's hope 2001 is a better year for the Stillers than Y2K�

The Still Mill

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