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Power Rankings (week 5)

October 05, 2011 by Steel Haven

1.1.Green Bay Packers4-0Rodgers continued to excel with a career high 408 yards and 6 TDs, 4 passing and 2 rushing.
2.2.New Orleans Saints3-1All the more explosive after replacing Bush with Sproles.
3.3.Baltimore Ravens3-1Scored 3 defensive TDs in a game for the 1st time in franchise history.
4.5.New England Patriots3-1Welker is on pace for 160 receptions, 2464 yards and 20 TDs.
5.6.Detriot Lions4-0Impressively came back from 24 down on the road in Dallas.
6.7.Houston Texans3-1Even if Johnson misses 3 weeks it is better than what most thought when his leg gave out and he went down untouched.
7.9.San Diego Chargers3-1Winning ugly which is better than their normal trend of finding creative ways to lose in the early season.
8.12.Tampa Bay Buccaneers2-1More effective when they get Blount the ball and allow him to wear down opponents.
9.14.New York Giants3-1Erased a 10 point deficit in the final 4 minutes in part thanks to an awful call by the refs that Cruz gave himself up without being touched before leaving the ball on the turf in the final drive. It was a fumble. Period.
10.19.Tennessee Titans3-1Could be scary with a rejuvenated Hasselbeck once Johnson gets in gear.
11.17.Washington Redskins3-1Torrian subbing for an injured, struggling Hightower again proves anyone can rack up yards on the ground in Shanahan's offense. Well, anybody but Hightower.
12.20.San Fransisco 49ers3-1Won consecutive games in the eastern time zone.
13.4.Buffalo Bills3-1Air let out of the balloon in Cincy. Especially considering they had a 14 point halftime lead.
14.15.Atlanta Falcons2-2Defense couldn't stop Jackson in the 2nd half. How are they going to deal with Rodgers?
15.18.Chicago Bears2-2Hester broke the career record for punt return TDs with his 11th.
16.10.Oakland Raiders2-2Not in the same league as the Patriots which is not a disgrace by any means.
17.8.Pittsburgh Steelers2-2Injuries and age taking a toll. Really up the creek if Batch has to fill in for Roethlisberger given the current state of the offensive line.
18.11.New York Jets2-2Lost by double digits in consecutive games for the 1st time under Ryan.
19.13.Dallas Cowboys2-2Romo giveth and Romo taketh away.
20.16.Philadelphia Eagles1-3Hard to fathom blowing a 17 point halftime lead at home against Smith and the Niners.
21.28.Cincinnati Bengals2-2Dalton was impressive leading them back from a double digit halftime deficit against the previously undefeated Bills. Palmer retiring may prove to be a blessing.
22.21.Cleveland Browns2-2Got behind and threw the ball a mind boggling 61 times which is not their game even though McCoy was reasonably effective.
23.22.Carolina Panthers1-3Newton topped 350 yards passing for the 3rd time in 4 starts. Of course his sub-200 yard passing game was their only victory.
24.24.Jacksonville Jaguars1-3Gabbert looked a bit better in his 2nd start sans monsoon.
25.25.Denver Broncos1-3Not much reason to waste more time on free agent to be Orton even if Tebow turns out not to be the answer.
26.26.Seattle Seahawks1-3Playing hard for Carroll.
27.27.Arizona Cardinals1-3Have blown 2nd half leads in all of their losses.
28.23.St. Louis Rams0-4Needed an early bye to try to regroup.
29.32.Kansas City Chiefs1-3Haley and Cassel getting into a heated disagreement on the sidelines seems to be the spark they needed.
30.29.Miami Dolphins0-4Speculation that Sparano could be replaced over the bye week appear to be unfounded. His surviving the season remains unlikely.
31.31.Indianapolis Colts0-3Painter showed some flashes on Monday which is more than could be said about Collins.
32.30.Minnesota Vikings0-4Playing McNabb over Ponder is a waste of time.

*Last week's ranking
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