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Power Rankings (week 13)

November 30, 2011 by Steel Haven

1.1.Green Bay Packers11-0Haven't lost since December 19, 2010.
2.3.New Orleans Saints8-3Finally won a coin toss after 11 straight losses.
3.4.Baltimore Ravens8-3Can't afford another letdown after a big win this week in Cleveland.
4.2.San Francisco 49ers9-2Offensive line's performance against a tough defense is troubling.
5.5.Pittsburgh Steelers8-3Lucky to face Palko in sluggish post bye performance.
6.6.New England Patriots8-3Cruised to victory outscoring the Eagles 38-3 after falling behind early by 10.
7.9.Atlanta Falcons7-4Playoffs appear to be within their grasp as the main rivals for a wild card struggle with inconsistency (Lions) and injuries (Bears).
8.8.Houston Texans8-3Down to third string QB Yates.
9.11.Dallas Cowboys7-4Romo remained undefeated on Thanksgiving.
10.12.Oakland Raiders7-4Janikowksi kicked a franchise record 6 field goals.
11.14.Cincinnati Bengals7-4Needed a big play by Green late to overcome the Browns.
12.10.Detriot Lions7-4Suh got a well deserved 2 game suspension for stomping on Dietrich-Smith.
13.7.Chicago Bears7-4Mr. Hanie played more like Arnold the pig.
14.15.Denver Broncos6-5The Tebow! train continues to churn out victories -- Ian Eagle.
15.17.New York Jets6-5Former Bills first rounder Maybin had a pair of sacks against his former team, he had none in 2 seasons with Buffalo.
16.18.Tennessee Titans6-5A different team with Johnson firing on all cylinders.
17.13.New York Giants6-5Brutal schedule taking a toll. Can Coughlin survive?
18.16.Philadelphia Eagles4-7Hard to begrudge the fans their chants of Fire Andy Reid.
19.19.Miami Dolphins3-8Gave the Cowboys all they could handle on Thanksgiving.
20.20.Buffalo Bills5-6Johnson metaphorically shot his own team in the foot by pantomiming shooting himself in the thigh ala Burress in celebration of a TD. The ensuing penalty gave the Jets a short field for the final drive of the first half and changed momentum.
21.21.Tampa Bay Buccaneers4-7Came out on the short end with a -1 turnover differential in a contest that featured 3 interceptions and 6 lost fumbles. The game ended in apropos fashion with Freeman fumbling the snap (and recovering for no gain) on fourth down during the final drive.
22.26.Arizona Cardinals4-7Rookie Peterson scored his fourth return TD of the season.
23.25.Cleveland Browns4-7Hard to envision McCoy being the answer unless the question is whose the backup.
24.23.Kansas City Chiefs4-7Palko is not going to be the next Warner.
25.24.San Diego Chargers4-7Losers of 6 straight and counting after the bye.
26.30.Carolina Panthers3-8Newton's 10 rushing TDs are the most by any QB since Culpepper.
27.31.Washington Redskins4-7Helu!
28.22.Seattle Seahawks4-7Lynch has scored in 7 straight games.
29.27.Jacksonville Jaguars3-8Del Rio, only the second coach in franchise history, has been mercifully fired. His fate was actually sealed when Garrard was unceremoniously released less than a week before the start of the season.
30.28.Minnesota Vikings2-9No need to rush back Purple Jesus.
31.29.St. Louis Rams2-9Gashed for 268 rushing yards at home by the Cardinals.
32.32.Indianapolis Colts0-11Firing defensive coordinator Coyer is akin to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

*Last week's ranking
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