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Hawkins Gets Old Jersey Number from Burress

July 15, 2000 by Still Mill

Hawkins Gets Back Old Number; Burress moved to #85

Hawkins Gets Back Old Number; Burress moved to #85

In a bizarre move, Courtney Hawkins got his old number (88) back, while rookie 1st rounder Plexico Burress, who had been issued #88 months ago, settled for #85.

This move smacks of Bill Cowher�s love affair with the shrimp receiver. Frankly, I find this move embarrassing and appalling, especially if Burress was cajoled into coughing up #88. Burress was drafted in the draft's eighth pick --- our highest since Woodson in '86 --- to be The Man for a sagging, sorry offense. If this is the number he wanted --- either due to numerical liking or even the fact that Lynn Swann once wore that number --- then so be it. Burress is supposed to be The Man, and as such, he should wear any available number he sees fit to wear.

It's easy to quibble, and say, "Oh, it doesn't matter what jersey number...", etc. To me, the symbolism of such a move speaks volumes for what ails this team. Lil' Twerp Courtney --- who should, but probably won't --- have to scramble to just MAKE the final cuts --- gets the jersey number of the man drafted (and soon to be paid accordingly) to be the savior of one of the sorriest offenses in pro football. The signing of Lil' Twerp Courtney was annoying enough. Now this sickening jersey-number charade. What's next --- Cowher's going to let Courtney call some of the plays in place of Kevin Gaypride??

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