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Power Rankings (week 14)

December 08, 2010 by Steel Haven

1.1.New England Patriots10-2Clear AFC favorites after having beaten the Jets, Steelers, Ravens, Colts and Chargers.
2.3.Atlanta Falcons10-2Weems franchise record 102 yard kickoff return for a TD with 10 minutes remaining got them within 3 and led to the win.
3.4.New Orleans Saints9-3Riding a 5 game winning streak. Losing to the Browns was clearly a wakeup call. Same as with the Patriots.
4.6.Pittsburgh Steelers9-3Polamalu is back making big plays.
5.2.New York Jets9-3Blowhard Ryan was embarrassed in primetime.
6.7.Chicago Bears9-3Cutler hasn't throw an interception the last 2 weeks. Makes them tough to beat.
7.9.Philadelphia Eagles8-4Can't afford a letdown against division rivals in Dallas.
8.10.Green Bay Packers8-4Getting healthier.
9.5.Baltimore Ravens8-4Flacco showed glimpses of why recently fired Pitt coach Wannstedt picked Palko to start over him.
10.11.New York Giants8-4Doing a good job of overcoming injuries.
11.12.Kansas City Chiefs8-4Cassel isn't expected to miss any time despite having an appendectomy this week. Modern medicine is amazing. He is needed after throwing 23 TDs with only 4 interceptions this season.
12.16.Jacksonville Jaguars7-5Easy schedule should make it hard for the Colts to overtake them.
13.17.Oakland Raiders6-6Physically dominated the Chargers while rushing for over 200 yards to sweep the season series.
14.8.San Diego Chargers6-6Lost in December for the first time since 2005.
15.13.Indianapolis Colts6-6Manning has thrown 11 interceptions including 4 returned for TDs during their 3 game losing streak.
16.14.Tampa Bay Buccaneers7-5Need to put the creamsicle throwbacks back in the freezer/closet.
17.19.Cleveland Browns5-7Mangini is making it hard for Holmgren to fire him.
18.20.Minnesota Vikings5-7Does Jackson actually give them a better chance to win than Favre? Seemed like it against the Bills.
19.21.St. Louis Rams6-6I am drunk and tired. I just don't care about the NFC West enough to come up with a good comment on the Rams.
20.24.Seattle Seahawks6-6My comment about the Rams also applies to the Seahawks.
21.26.Dallas Cowboys4-8Garrett improved to 3-1.
22.15.Miami Dolphins6-6Is Sparano on the hot seat with Parcells out of the picture?.
23.18.Houston Texans5-7Can Kubiak survive? Will he be the next coach of the Broncos?
24.22.Washington Redskins5-7Hard to win when turning the ball over 6 times.
25.23.Tennessee Titans5-7Return of Collins should help.
26.25.San Fransisco 49ers4-8A loss combined with wins by the Rams and Seahawks was disastrous. Chance of winning the division with 4 games remaining when 2 games behind a pair of teams is minimal.
27.27.Buffalo Bills2-10Finally hit a wall in Minnesota despite continuing to play hard for Gailey.
28.28.Denver Broncos3-9McDaniels is currently videotaping unemployment offices in an attempt to formulate his game plan for next week.
29.29.Arizona Cardinals3-9Expected to give Skelton a shot. Why not? Anderson and Hall are clearly not the answer.
30.30.Cincinnati Bengals2-10Losers of 9 straight.
31.31.Detriot Lions2-10Lost their league record 19th straight divisional matchup.
32.32.Carolina Panthers1-11Took a 14 point lead before giving up 31 unanswered points.

*Last week's ranking
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